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      G4 to Tonbridge ? not a chance ! Ian Soper was pleased to greet me at GSG, otherwise it would have been a hard slog with G3. I reassured Ian that with an on / off rain forecast we should go somewhere local for a coffee. We both agreed the cafe at the top of Ide Hill would be perfect.
      We were about to disrobe at the bottom of Back Lane when the rain came on again. Two “Americanos” were the order of the day, with the Kent Weald providing a magnificent view as the rain eventually stopped. Unfortunately we had stayed to long to venture any further. Putting our capes on for the long decent to Sundridge, reminded us both of an earlier visit to Italy, when Fellici (our Cycling Guide) always insisted on us donning our capes on the long decents from mountains such as San Marino to the coast at Gabbice, even though the weather was reasonably warm. Some technical Admin was completed in Ian’s car, before he drove home to Grain, while I peddalled back home. A brisk but short ride was accomplished, including two climbs.

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      Claire Clarke

      Sun G3 ride – well, it certainly didn’t start off nice and sunny like yesterday’s Sat ride. It was rather damp and slightly chilly. I arrived at the ‘G’ having done a short little loop on my own, not such a good idea as I was rather wet and got quite cold while we waited to head off, even had to put my wind proof on! After the G1 and G2 contingents left there were still a few eager cyclists ready to take on yet another of Alan’s magical mystery tours! The roads did begin to dry off after a while and I managed to remove the wind proof, but not until we were well along Pilgrims Way, I’ve lived in the south too long before you all make comments about me being a tough Scot!! Pilgrims took us to Borough Green, Crouch, across the top and then a nice roundabout route along Hildenborough Lane, past Hilden Golf and back to Teal Cafe, very near the roundabout at the bottom of River Hill. Quite a big cafe that I haven’t been to before, which was very busy. A rather long wait for food but it was very nice, can recommend the avocado and poached eggs, 3 of us had it so something must have been good! From there we went through Weald village and up Baileys before returning via Ide Hill Village and Polhill. Thanks to Alan for yet another lovely route, hope you enjoyed the TdF. And thanks to all in the group for the good company and strong riding.

      G3 were: Ian G, Keith C, Sadie B, Tony LeV, Joe S, Toby M and me.

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      Nick Patow

      The Saturday offering attracted 15 riders yesterday, all out to enjoy the sunny morning.

      Two groups were formed and off we went, with the second medium paced group not seeing the first again until coffee had been served back at Belmondo’s This of course was only because of the tractor hindering our descent from Speedgate 🤣

      The route sent us straight up Worlds End lane on our way over to Eynsford before onto Crouch for bananas. Everyone was riding well, and as usual enjoying the hills !

      To get home we headed Brands Hatch way via Old Terry’s where John Caine broke away at the bottom with Jim N chasing him down. The eventual winner remains a mystery to me however.

      Next was the aforementioned tractor to rob us of victory on the road, before hitting Eynsford for the second time and heading up to Crockenhill. The final climb took us up to Well Hill before the roll down from Chelsfield to coffee.

      A lovely morning, decent pace, great company and very enjoyable ride. Thank you to you all.

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        Claire Clarke

        Thanks Nick for yet another lovely Sat route, and all in the ‘medium’ group for the good riding and company.

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      Steve Rodgers

      G1 today – Bill, Gary, Heato, Martin, Shorty and myself.
      Trevereux hill route – lovely combo of hills and lanes – but today the rain had washed lots of flint, gravel and mud onto the road – so we had to take more care than usual. Despite that, we still had 2 bikes with punctures – and I managed to bust a spoke near the end.
      Great riding today by everyone – some great digs all round – thanks guys – and looked like plenty of PBs all round on Strava.

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