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    Johnnie Owen

    Having not been on a Sunday club run for some months I was astonished by the number of riders amassing at The G.
    I decided to go with Steve Rogers posse, the G1 bale-outs who were claiming to be suffering from hangovers. It felt good to be back in the game and thoroughly enjoyed sitting behind Lee Staples & Graham Channon for much of the morning. Thanks to Steve for running a tight ship, good to put Pat ‘The Gap’ Norman away up Mote Road and lovely to catch up with familiar faces.

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    G4 to Speedgate Café helped several members to link exactly where the café is in relation to several of the routes we use. I had described the route in detail on the club website, but you still need to know the lanes to turn into. This route was intended to help our two new riders from last week, however neither made a showing ! It turned out a little shorter than advertised 34 miles GSG to GSG. However I can add an extra loop if necessary. We arrived at 11.15am to an empty café much to the delight of the ladies who served us promptly. Making a choice of where to sit caused a laugh. The route had as many descents as climbs, with Crockham Hill being a lot quieter than Polhill to bring you out of the North Downs. 34 Miles, 13 mph 2,230ft climbing.

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    Simon Lumsdon

    Thanks to Alan for organising a new and interesting route to the favourite Lingfield cafe. I did order a salad, trying to be good but it was enourmous. Yes, there was a but of a burn up along Pilgrims way, i suspect i may have had something to do with that although i wasnt first up polhill, must be losing my touch. Good ride, 51m at 15’s

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    Alan Else

    Eleven riders, suitably wrapped up for the cold conditions, took on the G3 tour of the Eden Valley, the tourist version that is, not a Grand Tour race. We were to cross the River Eden six times on our way to Lingfield. A steady start away from the Green, and forgetting to turn into Watercroft Road, took the right turn from Polhill roundabout into Halstead and Knockholt to descend Star Hill. After going down it is inevitably up, so a climb of Ide Hill and drop down and around Bough Beech reservoir and bird sanctuary took us into the Eden Valley and the first river crossing at Chiddingstone bridge. Passing Chiddingstone Castle and lake, we crossed the river again and returned to Bough Beech and another castle at Hever ( crossing 3) and on to Edenbridge for crossing 4. Out of Edenbridge and a right turn took us into Crouch House Road, passing some stockbroker mansions, and Honeypot Lane, where a large group of Dulwich Paragon had stopped for a mechanical incident. Looping back to Haxted Mill and Museum, we crossed the river, now only a stream, twice more and then into the grounds of the Childrens Epilepsy Hospital. A gallop past Lingfield racecourse took us into Lingfield and the Red Rum Café, where we were made most welcome as usual by Luigi, for a substantial early lunch snack, although Simon’s salmon salad would have fed us all! After watching the train go around inside the café, we returned via Crowhurst, site of many a road race finish, to cross the railway and follow a sinuous but beautiful lane that led us into Oxted. From there the way home was the usual and well known run through Limpsfield, Titsey and Pilgrims Way, so the usual burn up unfolded to Polhill, although Andrew decided to tackle Sundridge Hill instead. This had been a compact and disciplined group in pairs most of the way giving a chance to chat as we went, a most enjoyable and good old fashioned club run, with an average speed of 15mph led by Alan Else

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    Chris Dines

    Big Turn out for a G2 ride today – all rides actually. As we had at least 12 for G2 (grew to 15 eventually I think), we followed our guidance and split in to two groups – benefit of having plenty of people willing to ride lead. Steve Rodgers took one (bigger) G2 group and I took a super-six looking for a potentially slightly slower ride. We had Sergei (strong rider who needs some more endurance in his legs), John (about to join us – very strong rider), super-tall Martin (recovering from illness, but looking good), Mick (moving up from G3 and fitting in very well) and Sefi (looking in great shape).
    We did one of my favourite routes – lots of lanes, short climbs and great views taking us through some of the oldest villages in Kent (Basted, Nettlestead, West Malling etc). Some great teamwork on the flat stuff between East Peckham and Tonbridge – 7 miles of Team TT!
    We met up with the other G2 group at the planned stop at the Plough Pub at Ivy Hatch. It’s a really good stop for coffee if you get there by 12.00. Creates a nice short run home.Picture attached.
    Thanks for the great company – really enjoyed today, despite suffering from a really frustrating lung infection. Including the home return, I did 73 miles at 15.5mph and a fairly lumpy 4,700ft of ascent.

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      Steve Rodgers

      G2 – or G 1.9 as Nolan posted today on Stava was formed out of necessity.
      I think we had a few tender heads after over-indulgence last night – so some of the regular G1 riders jumped ship and looked for a more soothing ride at G2 pace.
      We started with LeeS, Graham, Patrick, Nolan, JohnnyO and myself and very shortly picked up Ash, ChrisM and Jo.
      Good to see new member Anthony who has moved up to G3 from G4 at The G.
      G1 had set off around the same route but in reverse – was fun to pass them – similar numbers around half-way – and wave at ourselves 🙂

      Chris’ G2 group closely followed us – as you can see by the Stava time gap chart – they even passed us as we took a brief bio-break at Brookside – when they also had to do the same a mile down the road and we went past them again 🙂
      We finally met up at The Plough at Ivy Hatch – and was good to get everyone together and chat.
      I even bumped into my mate Greg there – and he exchanged stories of Majorca with the Avanti crew that have also been out there regularly.

      The ride itself was through glorious countryside – past orchards, vineyards, fields of veg and flowers – Spring has truly sprung.
      Only a few climbs – Bower Lane, TinkerPot and Plough Hill going out and Mote Rd on the return. Everyone stuck together nicely the whole way, nice chat and a relaxed atmos.
      ~60 miles at 16mph avg.
      Good riding everyone.

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        Sefi Dakar

        Really enjoyed this route. Lots of lanes I don’t seem to have been on before so that was good. Had the added bonus of being in 3 different groups = all of which are G2. Graham kindly lead me home so I could get home in time for the cinema. See ya guys in a while….

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        Richard Bingham

        G1 ride was the same very nice route in reverse. Many thanks to Chris and Steve for this. Gave us a relatively smooth first 40 miles to a coffee stop at Spadeworks in Offham with only the even but modest gradients of Hall Hill and Red Hill slowing progress. Exedown was a bit of a shocker after heavy cake intake, so everyone went up at own pace. Some of us a lot slower than others! But a smile was soon to return to our faces as we enjoyed the seemingly endless descent of Bower Lane. I had 66 miles at 18mph
        Riders were Russ, Sean, Andy, Tim, Colin and me. Thanks to all

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    Nick Patow

    Seven set off this morning, Lee S, Lee P, Martin, Steve, Ashley, and Patrick making the group with Me. The good news awaiting all riders was a 15% bonus was to be paid in the form of extra miles today (resulting from a missed turn at Longfield Hill).The ride was planned (not well enough), to take us into the wind for the first 20 miles or so, then bring us back with a bit of a tail wind. The first 20 miles went ok as we headed across to Southfleet via Eynsford and Longfield, with just the “minor” matter of Lee P’s handlebars coming loose on a bumpy descent to be negotiated. With a quick turn of the allen key Lee was ready to roll in less time than Steve B could finish his banana. So when brunch was finished we headed onwards to our turning point just shy of the Cyclopark, and the start of a 14km creep uphill towards Ash and Exedown. The memory of a left and right kink in the route stuck in my mind, but in the end the 4km I allowed between my left and right was to be the downfall of the published ride, and the cause of the bonus miles ! (the “kink” was just that, with about 400m between left and right). Having reached Meopham, and by now conscious of the ride leader’s failure, Patrick was good enough to take control at the front for the continuation of the uphill push and “course correction” to get us back on piste. With a steady pace set, the group rode well together over the long drag, and were rewarded at the top as we were lead through some quiet lanes before popping out near Ash. At the A20 and with his salvation job done, Patrick headed off home as we turned down to Brands Hatch, before retracing our earlier route to make our way back to the finish, and the Belmondos coffee. Hopefully the group enjoyed the ride, including the detour. Many thanks to you all for the good company, and good humour today. I’m not sure though that the extra miles will account for all the calories in Lee’s monster post ride breakfast ?
    In the end, My ride came out as 47miles @ 15.2mph, with 820m of climbing. Back to regulation 40 miles next week as there is Cyclopark training in the afternoon !

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    Steve Rodgers

    Please write up your rides from this weekend – Sardinia or otherwise…

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