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    G4 waited until 9.30am on Sunday to welcome more riders to our Fathers Day spin to Horley. Unfortunately the light rain (unannounced) frightened them away. Jenny and Rita joined Dave and I with the well rehearsed “see how we get on” routine when the weather is changeable. Stopping at the commencement of Pilgrims Way to remove our cycle capes (we were getting very warm ) Jenny had a moment with a fast descending cyclist, who, fortunately swerved and missed her by inches. Gunfighter reactions, no time to brake, well done sir ! We carried on to Westerham Hill, where Jenny decided to call it a day. We three stopped at Blindley Heath and chose the Red Rum Cafe at Lingfield as a suitable alternative to Horley. After re fueling Dave took the front, as we turned for Oxted the tail wind helped us pick up our pace. Indeed we were 10 minutes early to the finish.
    50 miles at 14+ mph.

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    Michael Coulton

    Saturday after the first aid course I looked at the website to see G2 leader required.Feeling brave said I would lead this ride but decided to do the Wednesday classic route on the flats around Yalding.But ive never done it at 17.8 mph av.
    Sitting in the garden having coffee and porridge Sunday morning seemed wet cold and grey so on whent Knee warmers,base layer,flanders long sleeved top n cap. over heated very quickly from the start. I was on the front most of the way out with Toby who’s custom named Avanti shorts make you a little bit faster so it was quite quick. Sorry about my striptease at East Peckham but I was cooking.
    Along Pilgrims we were joined by the might of Steve R who pulled us at speed through the lanes, I had to ask to knock down the pace a bit (still boiling).We sat at Pittland lakes for eats its a nice place but the Scrambled egg was soggy (sorry Claire).
    The return journey was fast and I blew a bit up through Plaxtol having to stop and remove more clothing. Afer the first aid course I thought of lying down with my legs raised! Simon C was pulling us most of the way home.Steve R said I’m going to press on a bit and just disappeared into the lanes.
    After all that cheers to everyone for a great ride and good to see two more possible new members who joined us, Ross and Stephi.
    Grooup Toby m, Simon and Claire C, Neale N, Russ K, William T, Steve R, Ross, Stephi and myself.
    My ride 68 miles 17.8 mph 2700 ft climbs.

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      Claire Clarke

      Thanks very much Mick for stepping into lead the G2 at short notice, and for the nice route. I thought it was quite a fast ride, but then I’m a newbie to G2, I hope a more hilly route won’t be that pace!! I hope you’ve cooled down!

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      Steve Rodgers

      So many eggs!

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        Steve Rodgers

        Thanks to Mick for the adapted route out to Marden – I don’t recall any hills of any note at all – amazing!
        The cafe stop was nice and relaxing too – but I had a quick chat, watched everyone tuck into big plates of cooked breakfast and I decided to head on as I was aiming to ride first and eat later and it was making me hungry 🙂
        I set off to Marden and then not long before Yalding I saw some Avanti colours – it was the others!
        Looking at the strava flyby they had skipped the Marden section and headed straight for Collier St – they were as bemused to see me as I was them.
        I tagged along whilst we cleared Yalding and then pushed on for home solo just after Hale St.
        Thanks to Mick for the lead and it was good to enjoy the ride with the rest of the group – 2 new prospective members who fitted in perfectly too.

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    Keith Cooper

    Sunday’s G3 group comprised of just five rider’s.. as we have lost just a few to the G2.. which seemed to have a lot of rider’s .. well compared to our small group .. but nothing to the G4.. that only had a lone rider all on his lonesome as we pulled away.. the weather was drying up.. so we pressed on with our leader Alan who set a steady pace to Perryhill Tearoom.. where it was busy we anticipated a long wait..but it was not long and out come good food.. a steady ride back with Fathers day some roads where as busy as the cafe..
    Enjoyable ride.. thanks to our leader.. Alan..

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    Claire Clarke

    Thanks Nick for a lovely route, but sorry for the confusion and our group pushing on. Well done to Anand-great effort on quite a tough little route. William came out today, and was still talking to me!!

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    Dave Barker

    9 riders gathered at the G for Lee’s Team Ride #2. Guidelines for the ride: high tempo, aim for about NP=250watts, slower riders get dropped. With too many for a single group we organised into two groups, with the second group comprising GrahamC, MartinR, JohnnieE and yours truly. MartinR had the route loaded on his new Wahoo bike computer and so did I on my new garmin 520plus on its maiden ride.

    Not entirely confident with the route on our new bike computers, we set off down the A21 trying to keep Lee’s group in sight. As we ascended Rushmore Hill Lee’s group had eased away and we did not see them after that. We settled into a tempo pace with all four riders taking turns on the front with Graham, Martin and Johnnie doing most of the work on the flatter sections and me taking the lead on the hills/more undulating sections where being a bit lighter helps. We realised quite early on that we had strayed off course and missed our turn, which I think was after being cut up by an irate driver, who clearly didn’t like sharing the road with cyclists. We stopped soon after to reattach Johnnie’s seat bag that had come dangerously loose and was hanging over his rear wheel, and I took the opportunity to reset my garmin too to coax it into providing turn by turn directions again.

    No more dramas after that and life was good again. Even practised our on the bike feeding and I demonstrated how not to do it by wearing a chocolate flapjack bar rather than eat it. Martin kindly pointed out I was scaring pedestrians with what looked like chocolate war paint all over my face. After a grinding climb up through Plaxtol we took the left for Igtham and started on the pacey road down from the Snail and onto Seal and in the process missing another right turn on the fast bit. We were in known territory now and enjoying the ride so rather than turn around we just kept the flow of the group going and headed home via Poll Hill.

    JohnnieE peeled off at Sevenoaks for early Father’s Day festivities, leaving Martin, Graham and I to push onto the G.

    An enjoyable but quite tough Fathers Day ride. Thanks to all for great company. Stats for the day 41miles, 19.7mph average and just under 3000ft climb.

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    Steven Butler

    Alps episode 3. Only one Avanti member on the so called recovery ride from the previous two days efforts in a group of crazy8 headed out from Bourg de Oisin out to Col d’Ornon at 1371m back down and turn of to climb up to Chalet Raymond at a similar height. Lunch in mountain top auberge, before going over the top and down a shepherds type gravel path to connect with a tarmac gallery road – all with one side as sheer drop back down to Bourg, including unlit tunnels cut into rock face. One incident where our cat2 racer hit the brakes too hard and connected with a car on the hair raising descent, luckily no harm done. 4700ft in 30 miles with incredible roads. Yesterday we conquered the Galibier (one in Avanti livery) but that is another story: episode 2.

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      Chris Dines

      Wow – sounds like an amazing (and challenging) trip Steve. Better find a massuesse!

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      Claire Clarke

      Well done Steve, great photo. Enjoy rest of the trip.

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    Nick Patow

    The Early Saturday Ride – A roll round the lanes to Hubbards (or Carters depending on a couple of turns).

    13 were at the start today as we set off up Worlds End Lane towards Chelsfield. A comfortable pace ensured we all kept together on what proved to be some lovely quiet lanes.
    The first test of the day as such was up Bower Lane, and we got a bit strung out. Little did we know, but the regroup at the top was the start of a series of moments/decisions that would see the remainder of the ride ridden as three separate groups of 8, 3 and 2 respectively.

    The suggestion of splitting into a quicker and slower group at the top of Bower seemed (from my perspective at least), to have been turned down for now. However, that was not the case, and shortly after the top of Tinker Pot the splits all took place.
    The eight had continued on towards the top at Exdown, and with Phil having missed the right turn, I sent William and Anand up along the route expecting the faster to guys still to be regrouping at some point near the top. Simon and I set off after Phil, and ended up going along the A20 to get to Exdown, and although I’d tried to make contact to get us back together at the top of Exdown, there was no welcoming party for us when we got there !

    No knowing, but assuming there were 10 in front of us, Phil, Simon and I continued round the route. Across to Crouch, then down to the bottom of Plaxtol and on towards Carters we went.
    A executive decision had us cut the Hubbards corner of the route and set off straight up Carters, thinking it might help bring us back together. It didn’t work.

    Seal, then Dunton Green and Polhill came and went before the first contact from the other group came through just by the Rushmore roundabout. My phone was ringing, it was John Caine, they must be at Belmondos now !

    The three of us rolled in, and it was quickly established neither group had been with William and Anand since the turn for Exdown. So they were still “ out there somewhere “ Whoops !

    Without means to contact the guys, we had little option, but to enjoy our coffee in the sunshine 🙂

    Just as the last of us were about to leave however, I’m pleased to say the missing men arrived, having stuck to the route. We stayed for a chat, whilst William and Anand caught up on the coffee front, and were pleased to learn both had still enjoyed their morning’s efforts.

    Well done to new member Anand, who pushed a few boundaries on his ride today, and thanks to William for looking after him.

    So in the end, we could account for all who started. The days stats being 66km, 940m up at 24kph give or take a little rounding/GPS source.

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