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    Johnnie Owen

    Lovely day for it on Sunday – splits everywhere but everyone had company so wasn’t an issue. Graham C was nursing himself back to fitness and being incredibly strict with his heart rate – an excellent lesson in self-discipline.
    On the return it all started getting a little frisky from Carpenters Lane onwards towards Plaxtol and the climb to Ivy Hatch. Marek & Ian D kept accelerating at will which for lesser mortals like myself meant staying at a steady pace until you got their wheel.
    Really enjoyed the ride so thanks to all.

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    Ian Soper

    G4 had 10 takers assembled at the Green but only 8 set off with Brian and Peter not fancying Ian’s choice of coffee stop. The other 8 set of at a steady pace through the lanes to Eynsford and then up the hill to Speedgate. As this was also the final destination of G3 we managed to cross paths with them on two occasions. The road up to Speedgate had a flooded section so ian decided to avoid the back lane route to the top of Longfield hill and so we took the main road through longfield instead. We arrived at Shorne country park at around 11;30 and it was fairly empty so we were served promptly and settled down to eleven’s. by the time we were ready to leave the lunchtime rush of walkers had arrived and the place got really crowded, probably the reason Brian and Peter didn’t fancy going there!
    The ride home proved to be much harder than the ride out as we were battling into a strong northerly headwind. We took the A2 cycle path down towards the cyclopark and we were brought to a halt as Dave B’s bottom bracket ceased up. We managed to get it moving and we limped to the cyclopark and the bike shop, hoping they could fix it.
    They said it was unrepairable but they would see if they could find a replacement. Dave said not to wait so Jenny and Rita stayed with him and the rest of us set off. However we did’nt get beyond the entrance as Lee lost the key to his bike lock. Everyone was standing there watching him empty his pockets and get ever more concerned when ian looked down at the ground by his feet and there lay a small key. It was his so after re-loading his pockets we set off.
    The ride home was a continuing slog into the wind but it remained sunny and the remaining five of us got back to Orpington by 2pm.
    Ride distance: 44 miles.
    Ride average speed: 12.7 mph
    Total altitude climbed: 2080 ft.

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    Chris Dines

    Having not been out since mid September, couldn’t decide whether to head off with G4 or G3. The latter was my pick on the basis that almost anywhere on the route was less than an hour home for me.

    Great to finally get out, and really enjoyed it. Great leading by Phil H on an intricate route with Speedgate sitting in the middle. Good group riding all round and great company and chat. Birthday celebrations for Claire at the cafe (well, Tony L paid for Claire’s breakfast roll!).

    Great fun cycling with Adie for the first time in many years.

    Felt pretty good – fab weather helps!

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    Bill Fitzgerald

    G2 met today slightly later with a posted 9:30 departure time, eventually heading off just after 9:35.
    After a chat with Lee Staples and Sam Dorkings we headed off down the A21.
    Shortly after the first roundabout some 100 yards away Sefi pulled over with what we later realised to be a busted rear hub, bad luck Sefi.
    The group held together nicely through Otford and along Pilgrims, with a split forming towards the end of Pilgrims.
    With a 50/50 split Steve Rodgers first made the move to bridge the gap with myself and Ian Daley doing our best to follow once we started the ascent of Bates. The front group were far enough ahead to make it to TeaPot Island before we caught them, very shortly followed by Graham, Dave etc…
    After a much welcomed coffee we headed back home, with an unintentional split with the group reforming near Brookside garden ctr.
    The rolling road leading towards Plaxtol lead to a split in the group with few of us a bit further up the road.
    Ian Daley (the mountain goat) made Plaxtol look easy, with myself, Rob G, Johnnie Zero and Steve Rodgers following closely behind. Just as we got to the sharp bend by the church Marek rolled by as if he was on the flat (chapeau).
    By now my CX bike gear ratios and lack of long winter rides was telling on my legs, so by the time we got to Stone Street it was a struggle to stay with the guys. Apart from Steve Rodgers hanging back for a chat near Seal I didn’t see the front group again. Strong riding guys.
    Cramp held off until the A21 at which time it bit hard, so I rolled in slowly with Graham, Dave and Hamish catching then passing me at speed.

    A good day out with temperatures not as low as advertised, with a hard lesson learned reminding me I need to get more miles in.

    Thanks for the company and good ride today chaps.


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      Steve Rodgers

      A great day out to teapot island!
      The weather was hotter than expected – warm in the glorious sunshine 🙂
      I had to stop and shed some layers at the top of Polhill so I missed the start – but thankfully I found the G2 gang shortly after G4 passed!
      Thanks for the company today, guys.

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    Lee Staples

    Tour Of Cambridge group training ride – Paul D, Sam D and I took off from the green with 80s hi-nrg “Push it to the limit” on the playlist before embarking on a one hour hill loop. From the first loop it was clear all the riders had purpose, heart rates up to 197 bpm, legs screaming and a distinct lack of oxygen. For the descent back down each took a short turn on the front to ensure rest time was keep to a minimum before smashing out another repeat.

    Great riding, with bigger and better to come

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    Nick Patow

    14 starters, two groups :
    Yvona, Claire C, John C, Paul B, Steve B, Andy Mc, and Neale N plus me
    Graham C, Dave B, Julian S, Russ K, Simon V, Alistair D.

    With overnight temperatures below freezing and recent rain likely to be affecting the lanes, we opted for a slightly shorter safety first ride on the A roads. It’s not the most sociable of rides due to the traffic, but it did provide surfaces free from ice, bar the odd frozen road side puddle, and presented the opportunity for a longer social over coffee at the end… have the conversations denied to all on the road. Fingers crossed it’ll warm up soon and we’ll be back in the lanes.

    The route was up the A21 to Polhill, then down it and a left to Otford, along the A225 through Eynsford and into Farningham. After this it was up the A20 past Brands Hatch and the push to the top of the TT course before descending into Borough Green. The post ride coffee confirmed how much everyone enjoyed the A25 back into Seal, where the road seems to go up for longer than it should given other known routes into it from Ightham. The rough road surface only adding to the joy of the lengthy creep upwards. Down then to Riverhead, and unbeknown to each other, both groups siezed the opportunity to turn at Dunton Green and head for Polhill with the fingers and toes maybe suffering a little at this stage.

    The A21 brought us back down to the finish and the warmth of Belmondos, luckily with enough space to accommodate us all, just as the very first spots of the day’s rain were starting. A couple of coffee’s later, and once warmed up we headed for home.

    Well done to everyone who ventured out today, and thanks to all in my half of the ride for working together and providing support across the group on a route that doesn’t make looking out for each other easy. I’m sure it was the same for the other group too.

    Points of Note :
    Graham C and Dave B completed a ride that didn’t go to Tea Pot Island
    Dave B didn’t have any punctures (unless it was after he left Belmondos ?).
    There was a rumour Russ K ate about 10 bananas during the ride ?

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