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    Steve Rodgers

    Graham and I had a fun pootle around the lanes and bridleways about the Darenth Valley this morning.
    Amazingly we bumped into Marek in Otford!
    I was on my cross bike and Graham on his phaaaaaat bike. It’s enormous – but super light!
    Pretty much everyone we passed that was out walking or riding commented on it – it’s a real conversation starter – for kids and dads at least 🙂
    Old Polhill was even dry and pleasant today.

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    Michael Coulton

    Sunday G3 ride
    sorry for the late post,very few at the G this sunday morning,but 7 of us were out for the G3 ride.Steve and Martin had both said they would lead the ride,the group decided on Horley. Steve,Simon,Dean,Martin,Barry Sadie and myself.Steve said we would keep it to about 14.5 mph.
    We started of up Rushmore hill at a fair pace,dropped down Brasted hill onto Pilgrims way and out through Tandridge.
    the pace seemed a bit quicker than usual!(Steves been on the jelly snakes again) at the climb to Tandridge Sadie turned back saying she was tired from her Triathlon on Saturday.The group was riding well,with all six left working on the front. The pace was high past Smallfield on the only smooth tarmac of the ride.Once we got to Horley our usual Italian cafe was closed !
    i asked who had brought the sandwiches for lunch.Steve saved the day remembering a greasy spoon next to the train station so we all headed there. Simon had a puncture to fix,but his valves were to short for his rims. once sorted we headed back,Deans newly repaired rear wheel let a spoke go at Smallfield. we came back through Oxted onto Pilgrims.
    A great ride had by all 16.9 mph av 52 miles 2500 ft climbing
    Cheers all

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    Charles Lockwood

    Four fancied the G4 ride to Brookside. Ian S, Dave C, me and first-timer Anthony. Very pleasant ride out via Shoreham and Plaxtol without incident only for my Garmin to throw a hissy fit and turn itself off. This led to a bit of a longer route to Brookside only to find that it was closed. Note to self – never assume…….. Rather than go café hunting we decided to carry on and head home. Despite the lack of refreshment and rest we made good progress back and managed 47 miles at 14.4mph.

    Well done to all those in Majorca. Looks like a tough day.

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    Bill Fitzgerald

    On call for work and family fun meant time was short for me this weekend.
    Grabbed 40 miles of loops around Cudham, Westerham and Pohlill Saturday morning.

    Hope you all have great rides, time with your families, oh, and lots of easter eggs.

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    Claire Clarke

    Early Good Friday ride had 7 takers to start with: Lee P, Lee S, Paul, Wasiq, Alex, Simon and me. We headed off up Rushmore Hill and down Star Hill to get on to the Pilgrims Way, then followed one of Nick’s Sat routes which I’d borrowed! A very nice route which ended up coming up Plaxtol towards the end. Thanks Nick for the route! Lee P turned for home early as he needed to get organised for his Mallorca trip (have fun Lee). Everyone was riding well as a group and Wasiq commented at the end that it was the fastest he’d ridden. Well done Wasiq, and hope you enjoyed it! Thanks everyone for good riding and company. No Belmondos, so Simon supplied the coffee for Lee and me.

    Sat ride – this time just Simon and me in a cold and windy North Yorkshire. Simon decided we would do a Tour de Yorkshire recce, including a nasty 17% climb which has been named “Cote de Lofthouse”! You can watch the pros riding up here on the 29th, just slightly faster than me I’m sure! We managed 40 miles at slow speed, partly due to the wind and partly due to the hills, there are not many flat sections around here! Nice ride in some beautiful countryside, if only they could turn the wind off!

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    John Caine

    There were 4 of us who turned up for the rather chilly Easter Saturday ride – Mark, Johnnie, Steve and me. As I suggested the only 40 mile route I knew off the top of my head (my Garmin isn’t sophisticated enough to give me routes or directions), I became de facto leader.

    First we headed up Cudham Lane, took the Hogtrough descent down to Pilgrims Way. We made our way via Clackets Lane to Hurst Green, Merle Common and then Edenbridge. From there we continued rather uneventfully but pleasantly to Hever and up Ide Hill where Johnnie proceeded to show us the way to the top. After descending down to Bessels Green, Johnnie and Mark left to find a more suitable way home. whilst Steve and I headed back to the G via Polhill to grab a coffee.

    As Belmondos was closed for Easter (disaster), Steve suggested The Crescent, a greasy spoon near the Buff. Unfortunately for Steve, their definition of a Flat White was a filter coffee with cold milk – rather similar to my order. Anyway, my coffee was great.

    Thanks to all for the great company and best of luck to Steve next week.

    As I’d already done a 14 mile loop beforehand, my stats were 54.5 miles, 2,800 ft elevation at 16.2mph.
    Happy Easter all.

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    Steve Rodgers

    Please write up your ride eggsperiences from this long weekend!

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