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      Claire Clarke

      Sat ride-I think there were 10 or 11 of us ready at the ‘G’ at 8 o’clock eager to try out Nick’s new magical mystery tour. We split into 2 groups with my group setting off a few mins after the first, supposedly faster group! In my group were: John C, Simon V, Keith C, Neale N, Jim N and me. We headed straight up Old Hill and then on to Downe Village where we turned towards Keston before we headed along Jackass Lane and Nash. So far so good, I still recognised where we were. This didn’t last for long as we headed along some lovely new lanes to me before magically popping out on the Ridge, just before Gangers. This nice unknown section did include a short off-road bit through the middle of a golf course, see photo below courtesy of Neale. It was very scenic, luckily we didn’t encounter any stray balls! We were then back on some more familiar roads for a while which took us up the lovely Trevereux Hill, I think that was my first experience of this climb, quite tough! Unfortunately the faster group had already experienced a couple of mechanicals/punctures by this point and maybe were powering on rather fast, but missed the turn up Trevereux Hill and ended up taking a rather different route back. Well, they told us they missed the turn!! Thanks to the guys with me for strong efforts on the front, and good navigation skills! We enjoyed a nice coffee and cookie in the sun at the new Cycle42 cafe. Thanks to Nick for a great new route, even the off-roading!

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      G4 made Tonbridge at last (despite the rain) I could not belive that the rain decided to return exactly 7 days later to threaten our ride to Tonbridge.
      Fortunately not as heavy as last week, with the forecast set at zero precipitation by mid-day the five of us moved out at a brisk pace, with me on the front. 15.5mph to the bottom of Ide Hill. I then handed over to the climbers who soon disappeared to the top. We reconvened and decided to knock back the pace, which I think we did. Turning at Penshurst Village (at the Fleur de Lee we slowed down to enjoy the scenic beauty of this delightful smooth tarmacadam lane to Tonbridge. We experienced the “Rush Hour” traffic of the High Street, before enjoying the comfort and refreshments of the Cafe. We took the Shipbourne route home, including a severe climb shortly after we left the High Street. This shortened route quickly took us to the bottom of Plaxtol. Ian Soper duly demomstrated high cadence cycling as he, Dave and Charles ascended to the top. I joined the melee to “Piddlers Gate” but lost out to Dave by a bike length or two. The ride home was uneventful, apart from the traffic we all have to endure on a Sunday. We finished 15 minutes earlier than advertised, so Sunday Sports on television could be enjoyed in the afternoon. 46 miles,13.7mph Elevation not recorded.

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      Martin Rowling

      G2 cycle to Cliffe – also known as the spot Bill ride…

      At the G I was joined by Dave, Hamish, Gary, Chris M, Matt, Nolan and Andrew. We set off with light rain but as we navigated the detritus along the lanes towards Eynsford, it soon cleared and the temperature increased. We made good progress through New Ash Green and Longfield into villages only Matt Whale can name, until finally we spotted Bill thundering towards us in the opposite direction. Pedalling like a man buoyed by recent coffee and cake Bill was past us in a split second with warm greetings exchanged by all.

      Two separate encounters with nervous horses were the highlights of the outward journey and both riders were very complimentary with the groups handling of the situation.

      Aidy was at the cafe to greet us and we all tucked into some well needed coffee and cake with Dave barker ordering something fancy…. he has to have fluffy milk as it’s lighter apparently…

      Aidy joined us for a few miles on the way back with everyone looking refreshed and strong from the coffee stop. At the approach to Longfield Hill the decisive attack was made by Nolan, Andrew and Chris and they were not seen again. I hope you all got back safe and enjoyed the ride.

      In truth the spit was all caused by fluffy milk Barker, his lack of navigational skills when on the front and a puncture. New tube in Dave’s rear wheel we made our way back to the Five Bells at a good pace for celebratory beers, mud water and burgers.

      Its a shame there are so many people fly tipping along our lovely country lanes but the group worked well today, towing me around for most of it and it was nice to see everyone being so patient with the horses.

      My ride was 67m, 4300ft climbing at 16.5mph

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      Steve Rodgers

      Please write up your club rides for Bastile Day weekend.

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