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      Chris Dines

      7 of us did a ride out to Box Hill early Bank Holiday Monday. 8am start and out via Downe to the ridge above the M25, then through places like Purley, Coulsdon. Traffic not too bad – but a few nutters (more below). Nice lead in to the bottom of Box Hill, and a great ride up. Best road surface south of London, and much quieter than normal.

      Route back was via part of A25 (we were in a rush) and then all the way along Pilgrims. At the bottom of Brasted (?) Hill we encountered a Porsche driven by someone seriously unpleasant. Was determined to rev his motor and squeeze past where there was not the space. Really aggressive and done on purpose. We have car details, pictures and video so we are now planning to report. He/She must have scratched up the side of the car as well.

      The seven were me, Graham, Bill, Neale, Chris M, Dave, and Sean. Good riding by all, in windy conditions. Lumpy stuff – from home I did 82 miles, 17mph and 5,300ft ascent.

      Good company, and all doing turns on the front. We were certainly shifting along the flatter stuff – but that area south of Croydon has a lot of long hills! Thanks Graham for putting the route together and leading when needed.

      I’ve done a lot on 8 days – 12hr TT, various trips out mid week, 25 mile TT on Saturday and then the above. Over 400 miles at decent pace, so I need a rest:-)

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      G4 new the score ! Jenny revamped the original ride and kept the route close to home. 7 of us started in fine spirits, but our first bale out was on the A244 just after Knockholt Station(you couldn’t make it up ) We headed through Halstead, Knockholt etc. until the top of Westerham Hill. Three more abandond when the revised route took us back to Badgers Mount and onto Eynsford and Knatts Valley Golf Course. With early rain drops tinting our Garmins we turned for home, very fast with a tail wind to help. At the top of Crockenhill we only had 7 miles to Orpington.We caped up in case the light rain turned into something else.At 11.55am we opened the garage doors, at 1200pm the heavens opened, at 1210pm we were enjoying our first coffee in the warmth of our lounge. Chapeau Jenny ! a well planned non stop route of 35miles 2,190ft climbing, 13.5mph No wet feet, body or legs.
      Charles Lockwood is your ride leader next week, await his route.

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      Steve Rodgers

      Not many people at The G this morning – the bank holiday and incoming rain put paid to that.
      G3 were amassing as G2 headed off with 5 riders – John, Roy, Graham, Martin and myself.
      Quick stop off at Martin’s place to drop off his portable sauna – everyone had plenty layers out today – mostly shedded within the first half an hour though πŸ™‚
      We had a pleasant ride out on very quiet lanes – hardly any bikes or cars to see – bliss!
      Enterdent and Trevereux hills were the main course today, with a pudding of Ide Hill before a quick cafe stop and home in the rain.
      Relaxed ride today – lots of chat but also some good efforts all round.
      Glad we all made it back before it got even wetter – I had more than a litre of water sloshing around my person and kit by the time I got home.
      Cheers gents!
      Sitting watching the vuelta now and amazed that summer has gone already.
      A mate of mine is bike-packing in Japan and he posted a ride today 41C!!! There’s a pic of him lying in a river to cool down.

      90km, 1200m climbing at just shy of 27km/h.

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      Neale Napier

      The Saturday crew consisted of Grant, Graham, Dave Barker, Roy, Simon P, Lyle, Alistair and me. It was a lot colder than of late. Many people having diva like wardrobe changes during the ride, as the sun battled with the lower ambient temperatures.

      It was quite a lumpy route which clearly caught Graham and Dave by surprise, who were hoping for a leg stretch before their full on rides tomorrow and Monday (glad I could help πŸ™‚ ). Having said that, we did take it easy, most of the time. It is one of those routes where it is very hard to stick together.

      The route to Meopham and back consisted of mostly quiet country lanes, but the rain yesterday had washed some unwanted debris onto some of the roads, which was the cause of a puncture for Grant, actually more of a split. With an able crew of mechanics at hand, it was soon(ish) made good with a bit of re-enforcing. Shortly after we had another stop, for a minor mechanical. At this point, I’m not quite sure how it happened, but Roy toppled of his bike whilst stationary, nothing injured except pride thankfully.

      We made a couple of adjustments to the route on the way back to avoid moss and gravel.

      Belmondo’s was a very welcome stop when we eventually rolled in πŸ™‚

      Thanks all for the great company and great team spirit as always.


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