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    Michael Coulton

    Today I have spoken to the director of CBS Construction who was not happy about the BBQ sauce event. He asures me he will look into it and phone me back. See what happens.

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    Chris Dines

    Being the last day of the Football Season (and another CPFC victory) I couldn’t ride on Sunday – early Pub Lunch beckoned. However, I enjoyed helping people sign in at the car park on Sunday. Some guests were there as early as 8.20 – and what a friendly bunch of people.
    I’d just like to say a special thanks and well done to Charles, for leading what turned out to be a very big G4 group – the last group off. Delighted that the only real mishap was a puncture.
    With the Grain TT cancelled (roadworks, but not for re-surfacing of course) I did a hilly 55mile route on Sunday afternoon, solo. Blighted by potholes, rain and really aggressive drivers in the Darenth/Bexley area. I don’t know what it is about Swanley, but I suspect rates of BC membership are quite low 😐

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    Charles Lockwood

    It seems G4 was the place to be. 13 including 9 guests. The large group was a bit unwieldy but we got most of the way to Speedgate with the only incident being a puncture. However near Hook Green a gap had opened and the rear group lost sight of us, missing a turn. Not a problem as they made their own way to the café and arrived before us. After refreshement Amit (guest) joined G3 and the rest of us made our way back without incident via Crocken Hill. I’d like to thank the Avanti members for helping out and especially the guests who were a pleasure to ride with and had no trouble at all in keeping up with the pace. Hopefully see you again soon. Oh, I nearly forgot the broken shifter cable. One of our guest (sorry terrible with names) broke his rear shifter before arriving at Speedgate. Stuck in the smallest cog at the back he somehow managed to grind up the hills without visible signs of discomfort! Chapeau.

    PS. Slight issue with the Garmin route. Longfield Avenue in New Barn (17.6 miles) is an unmade road (very unmade in places…..). Might be better to turn right along Walnut Hill Road -> left into Downs Road and left into Broad Ditch road and then re-join the original route. Not sure I’m able to edit the route on RidewithGPS. Let me know if I can. Cheers

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    Michael Coulton

    A great turnout at the G Sunday morning loads of new faces and hopefully new members. Our G2 ride was joined by Matt and James who enjoyed the ride and I am sure they will probably join our club. Quite a few puddles and potholes on route to Speedgate cafe where the mass of G3&4 riders were just leaving after their cake. After our stop we saw them all again at the top of Crockenhill by the M25 bridge where Lee Staples was taking some action shots of the groups riding. After a great day and saying goodbye to fellow riders I set off to home along Sevenoaks way where I passed Macdonalds. Excuse my french but my day was spoiled by two ARSEHOLES in a CBS Construction van who decided to throw their tubs of BBQ sauce out the window covering me in a sticky mess. Rather riled by this a few choice words were shouted at them (in my club kit) but could not catch them for some confrontation! I have spoken to Mac D’s since and the van registration number is on their cctv camera, they were very helpfull. I was going to report this to the Police but thought whats the point, they won’t do anything anyway. So I got home with the hump and quickly washed my kit.
    If you see a CBS Construction van please fell free to brick the windows!!!

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      Lee Staples

      Hey Mick,

      Sorry to hear about the BBQ Gate, but please do report to the police, although as you say likely no action would be taken at this time due to no injury, there is still a maximum £150 fine for littering from a vehicle.

      Even if not fined the incident would be recorded in the National Database, so may be future repercussion for CBS Construction Vans being stopped and searched for dangerous burgers and offensive BBQ Sauce.

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        Chris Dines

        Perhaps we do a formal letter of complaint to the Directors of CBC Construction? I quite enjoying writing such letters.

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    Bill Fitzgerald

    As per Steve’s comments, it was great to see such a busy car park this morning.
    G2 split into two smaller groups, then merged a little later with much chatter between riders.
    Great to meet Matt and James who joined us for a ride today, both riding well and hope to see you back soon in an Avanti jersey 🙂
    Not too lumpy today but lumpy enough, so the coffee was much appreciated at SpeedGate.
    A great event today and I am sure our guests today had a great ride.

    Kind of glad I rode my commuting bike today, as the 32mm tyres were much appreciated in some of Kent’s finest lanes with many shouts of hole.

    Cheers all


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    Steve Rodgers

    Great turnout at The G this morning for this year’s Spring Open Day.
    Yesterday’s weather was awful and I thought it would put people off – but no! plenty of guests turned up today 🙂
    We had a lot of riders looking to get into group riding – 8 I think for G4!
    2 in G3 and 2 in G2.
    The G2 ride was a lot of fun – very social with some bursts of activity. Only one puncture in the group and a bit of muck on the bikes to detract from an otherwise great day out on the bike.
    Hopefully we’ll get some new Avanti!

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    Nick Patow

    The Early Saturday ride was well attended this morning with old timers ( by membership longevity), Roy, John C, Steve B, Colin P, Russ K, Tony LV, Richard S, Julian S joining me along with our newer members Simon K and Adam D.
    Along for the first half of our ride were Graham Channon and Dave Barker, who were heading beyond our turn at Fordcombe to roll round Bewl before coming back.

    All was good as we started, with Russ just making the start. Rushmore, down Star Hill and through Dunton Green and on to Back lane for the climb to the top of Ide Hill was our route to the top of the second of the mandatory two hills you have to ride anytime you leave Orpington. At the regroup the ride leader did announce we’d be taking the left towards the York’s Hill road, but perhaps not loud enough, as our numbers dropped at this point. With Graham holding back to bring the second six along, we pushed on taking the left to Chiddingstone Causeway before heading over to Penshurst.

    Having waited a while in Penshurst, only Tony and Julian arrived and shared the news the others were now no longer on our
    route 🙁
    With little option, we pushed on up to Fordcombe believing that was the last we’d see of them. However, just as we were popping out into the village we came face to face with them. It turned out they’d taken an earlier right and from that point had been riding the route the wrong way round.

    Graham and Dave left the newly reunited group to head for the rain of Bewl, whilst we continued ours or retraced our steps depending on who you were. Next Roy went missing for a while, although he found his way back to us, and Richard S punctured. Richard waved us on, and in the end his impressive pace saw him catch us at the bottom of Rushmore Hill.

    So despite an element of drifting apart at different points, in the end all who started made it safely back to the finish, with eight heading for the well earned coffee. Thanks to all for the company “on and off” during the journey, and glad we all got back together by the end. The ride today was 68km @ 25.4kph with 1015m of climbing.

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