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    Steve Rodgers

    doh – it was cancelled!

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    Steve Rodgers

    no sunday write-ups?

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    Neale Napier

    Cheers for the ride guys. When it’s that cold Belmondo’s is a bitter sweat experience. It’s great to enjoy the cosy atmosphere and top class coffee, but putting back on damp garments is most unpleasant for the journey back to one’s castle 🙁

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    Steven Butler

    Yep Nick, there is a lesson there for banana fans – leaving half of it in your pocket for later is not a good idea as it turns to pulp even in the coolest temperatures. Aide memoir: No Banana Splits… Easy one to remember for those old enough!😁

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    Nick Patow

    Hi all,

    With Saturday this week wrestling the best of the weekend’s weather back from the Sunday ride calander, 11 assembled (seemingly wearing enough clothes for 22), to bask in the 1 degree temperatures offered up.
    For the record : John C, Steve B, Paul B, Neale N, Lee S, Simon C, Claire C, Sam D, Dave B, Julian S. It was good to see Paul again for the first time in a while, happily riding against his consultant’s wishes !

    After a dry day yesterday the hopes were high we’d be able to avoid any icy surfaces, and that proved to be the case as we set off on a route along gritted roads. Whilst providing the safest surfaces, the route didn’t provide for the most social ride we’ve ever had as the busier roads necessitated lots of single file riding, and a degree of splitting to smaller groups. So with little chat going on there was time to dwell on the thoughts that the fingers and toes might have started tingling, as we set about the A21 to Polhill, the A225 from Otford to Farningham and up the A20 London Road past Brands Hatch to the roundabouts at the top of Wrotham.

    A quick refuel stop after the climb along the A20 was taken, although Steve maybe chatted a bit too much and ate his banana a bit too infrequently for a few given the underlying temperature. We’ll need to get him back on the lanes next week where he can ride safely alongside folk and chat on the move !

    Thus, having cooled slightly during our stop, we had a chilly descent down into Wrotham village, before the warming climb along the A25 to work our way back (just a rumour we left the published route briefly). The road surface on the way up to Seal isn’t the best, and makes it tougher riding but then it was at least clear of ice. By now the sun was shining along the valley, so you can imagine from our shaded vantage point Pilgrims Way was looking really appealing.

    Down from Seal to Dunton Green and an executive decision was taken to head for the sun, and Polhill. The climb itself had Dave set the pace closely followed by Julian as the rest of us trickled in for a final regroup of the day. From here all that was left was the scamper down to the double round of coffees in the warmth of Belmondos before heading home.
    The ride today was 55km at a little over 26kph with 650m of uphill recorded.
    Thanks to all for the company on an enjoyable ride despite the cold. I hope you got to finish the banana when you got home Steve 🙂

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