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    Michael Coulton

    A great G2 ride to Tulleys farm thanks Jim for leading, the pace started quite high we had to slow down a couple of times so we didn’t pass the “faster group”. Then at the bottom of Gangers hill we were passed by the “faster group” they made a wrong turn on route so we let them go on before us again. A fast ride to the farm with all taking front duties and all riding very well where lots of Avanti colours were in a line to be served for fuel and coffee. It was good to see some G3 riders upping their pace and joining G2 also.
    A fast return journey with all working well on the front.
    I am enjoying my time with G2 especially the traditional recovery pint at the queens head pub. Maybe thats why the sprint to the G is such a high pace! A great ride with a great group thanks to all.
    17 mph Av 3100ft climbs.

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    Keith Cooper

    Sunday G3 ride. To Yalding via magic lane .. contrary to disbelief 10 rider’s headed out up and over Poll.. towards Pilgrim’s. where we waited for Alan.. who a had a shoe mechanical no really .. he had to ride using his sock stuffed with tissue.. back home.. well done double kudos..
    And still got to Teapot.. with his misses . Treble kudos
    A Great ride started to pan out .. pace was good going down as far as sherenden lane and Mardan Thorn.. then back up to Yalding.. where I actually lead for a while.. why not. Teapot was buzzing .. on table 18.. we returned Val Peckham Dunksgreen Plaxtol..we regrouped in Pilgrim’s way ..where Clare offered her water to the needie.. the group stayed together.. with no punchers . The weather was being kind to us .. and made it a lovely day.. very enjoyable. For a long ride

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    Bill Fitzgerald

    G2 Sunday ride.
    With a very well attended ride we split into two groups at the G, with Jim Nightingale and Graham Channon leading their respective groups.
    Graham’s group (inc me) set off first along Cudham lane soon to be passed by G1 inc Lee Staples, Sam Dorkings and Paul Delves).
    Keeping the pace slow to keep the group together we soon arrived at the large pub on the corner of Ray Lane (past Tandridge) where met met Richard Bingham and his friend.
    All worked well and soon arrived at Tulley’s farm and not long after joined by Jim’s group. After much cake and coffee we headed off via Turners Hill, Lingfield and home via Pilgrims and Pol Hill.
    The pace hotted up on Pol Hill and then along past the garden ctr, so apologies to Sean for us not realising you suffered a puncture along that stretch, we didn’t hear any calls to stop 🙁

    My ride
    61.6 miles
    3hrs 26mins
    2,566ft climbed

    A great ride and group in awesome weather.

    p.s. both new members Will Tarrant & Matt Whale riding well.


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      Claire Clarke

      Yes, thanks to Jim and the rest of the other G2 group (Jim, Neale, Mick, Simon, Tony, Me, and new member William defected to our group for the return journey!) for a great ride on a beautiful day for cycling. It was my first G2 ride in a very, very long time and everyone was very kind and made sure I was still hanging on! Apologies if I didn’t take my fair share of turns on the front but on the way back it seemed to speed up even more, (I don’t know what everyone else had at the cafe but I want some for my next G2 ride!). Met the rest of G2 back at the ‘G’ where Mick persuaded some of us to enjoy a small drink before heading home. Thanks Dave B for the drink.

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      Neale Napier

      Thanks to Jim for leading our merry G2 band. It was a nice open roads FAST route. Really good for blasting along (and hiding) within the bunch 🙂

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      Sean Conley

      Not too much to add to Bill’s concise summary. Amazing conditions and weather , and good company (as always). I think , that I was dropping off the back , on that ‘steady run in’ , back to the G , ha…ha..; due to the steady deflation of the tyre ; so could not shout to be heard. Anyway , no apologies needed Bill. It was soon repaired after Claire’s group flashed by (after offering assistance). Two club runs done thus far this year – and both incurring rear wheel punctures !…luck must change soon. I must admit , that riding with Graham and Dave can on occasions take me slightly out of my comfort zone – but it is all to the good. Went out this afternoon around the Farningham Rd Roundabout area – Hawley Rd (20 miles in total) , and clocked 17.5 Ave. Two weeks ago , in similar traffic conditions , I could only manage 16.9. So group riding definitely beneficial to up fitness levels. I realise that I am preaching to the converted !
      Until next time…..

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    G4 to Tonbridge was well attended with 3 new members ? making up the the 10. One had not signed up yet. Sandra Parker was excited to do the route, which we accomplished via Leigh and Powder Mills. No hunks in trunks Sandra, sorry about that, I could have taken my Speedos, but it wouldn’t have been the same. With a following wind we were at our destination at 11.00 am. After refreshments we took the mystery route home after some confusion as to where that might be at the start. Cuckcoo Lane was soon upon us, giving us quiet country lanes to Plaxtol. Mother had left the estate gates open at Wilderness Lane allowing us clear access to Bat & Ball. We lost one rider as he turned for home at Kemsing. We split into two groups at Polhil to ensure we had a trouble free ride to the top We were 5 minutes earlier than planned, so our party time was extended.43 miles at 14 mph.
    The Garmin had been returned but lasted only twenty minutes. That’s the second repair in two weeks.

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    Steve Rodgers

    I took part in the Avanti Saturday Japan ride this week.
    Consisting of 3 riders – 2 mates from the Tokyo Cycling Club and myself.
    10km through very humid 30C Tokyo traffic to get to a train which then would pop me out in the mountains towards the north of the main island in Japan. I’d been to this area before so knew what to expect – last time I had my road bike – this time my cross bike.
    We didn’t do any gravel or trails so the extra weight and nobbles made it harder than it needed to be – both on the ups and the downs – however it was a lot of fun.
    Amazingly quiet – not many other riders braving the heat – and it’s before the cicada season starts so it was peaceful everywhere.
    65km and 1200m climbing – basically an undulating up through the trees to pop out at the top of the mountain, roll around the top of it for more stunning views and then a descent down a pass that I’d ridden up before – Shiraishi Toge.
    The temperature up in the hills was much more manageable than the sauna that was Tokyo but still every time we stopped we’d be dripping with sweat – thankfully in Japan vending machines are never very far away – much water was taken on board.

    I’d been riding around on the cross bike the past week – this was the first chance to get any serious hills in – it was great to get the lungs and legs working again. Travelling with the bike is really a great experience – you get to see more of the local area and it has really helped to combat jetlag – lots of hours out in the sunlight.

    If you’re interested in the riding in Japan – check out my friend Tobias’ youtube channel – very pro including drone footage:

    Here’s a link to my ride with plenty of pics:

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    Neale Napier

    The sunny weather continued to bring out big numbers needing another split. Fortunately we had already planned for that. We went for Mick’s slightly calmer ride on a different route and my slightly less calmer ride.

    Riding with me to Meopham were Adam D, John C, Alistaire, William, Steve and Simon K.

    My route, I admit, was quite hilly, but lots of little hills with a couple of slightly longer ones thrown in. No hills with proper names like Carters, Baileys, Toys etc, so therefore my logic was it must be classified a flat route right??? 🙂 The route was mainly quieter country lanes. There was still debris around from the rains of the last weeks, but they were passable without too much avoidance required.

    We had a stop at circa 15 miles just after Ash just to check all ok and a have a quick refuel. Steve was holding back on his banana but finally cracked and had half. We had another stop at Trottiscliffe circa 25 miles for the official fuel stop. This is where we were met by two very friendly goats. William pointed out that goats love banana skins, so that was two very happy goats! Adam pointed out that GOAT was also an acronym for Greatest Of All Time.

    It felt like a pretty decent pace with Adam doing the lions share of the leading. We were shortly joined at Belmondos by Mick’s crew and then Lee’s crew checked in.

    Thanks all for an enjoyable ride.

    Scores on the doors (according to my Strava) – 39.89 miles, 3,477ft, Avg 14.3 mph

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    Michael Coulton

    This Saturday I lead a cruising group of 5 riders Dave H, Claire W, Dennis M, Martin D and a new member Anand on the traditional 40 miles to the coffe. Up Cudham lane to the shampan along the ridge down to Oxted along Pilgrims to Chipstead then on to Otford. A nice easy paced ride at 14-15 mph av.Anand only normaly rides 25 miles so was getting a bit tired and said he’d had no breakfast! We all advised him to have some nice porridge and a banana before a ride and to keep fueld.Dave was also feeling it and didnt fancy Filston lane to Shoreham and Shackland climb. But the group gave encouraging words to push on and that its also legally binding to finish the route once rsvp’d (small joke). So sfter Shacklands I treated the group to Rushmore hill onto the homeward coffee bound decent down Cudham lane to Belmondos where outside was plenty of Avanti colours. All the group enjoyed the socisl ride and Anand was asking about next Saturdays ride and Dave enjoyed pushing on up the climbs. A good ride of 40 miles with smiles all round and a nice meet with the rest of the Saturday crew for coffee. Cheers to all.

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