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      Nick Patow

      Thanks for the great write ups guys, and thanks to all for the good company throughout 👍

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      Alastair Wood

      I was a bit confused where he got ahead of you, had not realized it was so soon after the start!

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      Simon Vaughan

      Grants update:

      Shit I’m late. Moooore power!
      Who’s that rider waving at me, he looks a lot like Tom. Oh well, better catch them up.
      Moooore power!
      These guys are going at a ridiculous pace.
      Are they even going to stop for a banana?
      Moooore power!
      Nearly at baileys, how have I not caught them already?
      Moooore power!
      Simon, can you come and collect me please? Thanks

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      Simon Vaughan

      Saturday Group 1
      Adam, Henry, Nick, Tom, Russ, Colin & Myself

      Well, it started off eventful. Before even getting to the G I realised that still sitting at home on the side was my water bottle, which set the tone for the ride.

      The 7 of group 1 set off first having waited for as long as we could for Grant to arrive. A quick conversation with Adam and the decision to stop at the petrol station was made so that I could pick up a bottle of water. I leapt inside and in a flash had water. Not quick enough it seems as the message was that Grant had screamed by in hot pursuit of group 1 not noticing the gaggle of cyclists parked up. Tom went off to catch him and wave him down but Grant was in the zone and soon dropped Tom eager to catch an imaginary group in front of him.

      So we set off up rushmore at a fair pace with the lights of group 2 flashing about 400m behind us (probably also confused by why we were only 400m in front)

      The group was together again at the bottom of star and then down into chipstead. Lots of conversation up Back Lane and a slight pause whilst Russ retrieved a gel that had fallen out at the top of Ide. Down to Hever and up to Chiddingstone Hoath there was a quick regroup and enough time for me to pull the security seal off my water and down half of it before I was crucified by Colin for making everyone stop and not having had any of the water. The set off again was quick, this wasn’t an official banana break! and we had the illusive Grant to catch. Official stop came on Hale oak road before baileys. Also a quick text to grant to wait at the top of baileys.

      Set off again and 2 minutes later… puncture! That was poor timing. An F1 pit stop time in mind the countdown was set to 3 minutes, (I couldn’t have been too far off of that), meanwhile a message from Grant that the sheer power numbers he was putting out to “catch” us meant that his bike gave out before he did. A sheared spline on the bottom bracket was the diagnosis. Another 5 minutes up the road and we’d found him, maybe the puncture had been due to metal shards in the road?

      We stopped to make sure everything was OK, it was definitely terminal and luckily Simon Clarke had answered the call (maybe just to get away from the relatives). Legend

      At this point group 2 caught up and after some nattering both groups set off up Baileys. Reaching the top in dribs and drabs colin cycled through and Group 1 separated themselves and headed for Coffee first. Smooth sailing on the way home once again pulled along by Henry till poll hill where no-one could quite keep up although Russ gave a good effort.

      In to Belmondo’s and relax.

      Thanks to all for your turns on the front (mostly Colin & Henry)

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      Alastair Wood

      It was a good turnout for the Saturday ride, our numbers expanded a little by some Sunday regulars keen to get out at least once over the weekend. We split into 2 groups, the faster group left, and late arriving GrantR was sent to catch them up of which more later. So the slow(er) group comprised IanG, DennisM and SadieB from Sunday G3 aswell as regulars ClaireW, ClaireC, IainB and myself. We set off up Rushmore, finding our feet and speed with a selection of us leading, then down Starhill and through Chipstead, and to the top of Ide Hill via the muddy and aptly named Back Lane. Despite the number of Garmin’s and Wahoo’s ClaireC was invaluable shouting directions despite not having the map downloaded, and we found our way past Hever to Mark Beech for the almost hairpin back towards Tunbridge Wells. We then discovered a few minor climbs on some of the “flatter” middle section of the ride before arriving at Penshurst Village Hall for a well earned banana break and selfie. Then a nice steady level section through Chiddingstone Causeway and back up the other side of Bough Beech to the bottom of Bayleys where we were surprised to meet the fast group who had an even more action packed ride than last week. Grant had eventually found the group and with his exertions managed to shear his crank off the bottom bracket, along with other hold ups in the group for punctures and buying water bottles. SimonC was clearly jealous not to be out and replied almost straightaway to the Whatsapp cry for help, offering drive and pick up bike and rider. Both groups left him there and after a brief regroup of everybody at the top of Bayleys it was a fast run down Brittains Lane in Sevenoaks with a wave at SimonC in the support car, then Dunton Green, Polhill and back not far behind the other group for coffee and chats at Belmondos.
      Looking forward to hearing from the fast group too!!

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      Alastair Wood

      Storm Ciara weekend

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