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      Dave Barker

      In attendance for the G2 ride today were HamishB, SimonH, GaryP, SamD, yours truly and a guess appearance from a masked
      man who bore a striking physical resemblance to MartinR. It was the fluoro yellow and pink overshoes that gave him away. After a bit of chat confirming that Martin wasn’t needed on the set of the latest Lone Ranger movie or that he hadn’t robbed any banks, we cracked on with the chosen Winter gritted hoping the near 0degC temperatures wouldn’t mean ice on the route.

      Toes were a bit cold but no real problems with the conditions at all. Out to Otford then Farningham where Sam’s gears starting playing up. Opting for safety Sam turned back leaving the rest of the group to motor on up Darenth Hill, another long drag out from Longfield up Ash Rd, then back via Wrotham, Seal and up Poll Hill to Poppies. A few efforts to keep the blood flowing, but also lots of good social chat and we didn’t get cold because we didn’t stop for long enough.

      A nice day out 45 miles approx, 17.8mph average and 2700ft of climb.

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      Adam Daniel

      My pleasure and sorry for keeping you all hanging around in the cold,I blame riding the winter bike for the first time and slowing me down…..

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      Neale Napier

      Oh forgot to mention that another absentee was Nick with the dreaded cyclist’s knee pain. Hope you sort it out quickly!

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      Neale Napier

      A spritely bunch turned up for the Saturday ride. Adam D, Simon V, Alastair W, Claire C, John C, Ashley P and Bert H. In the cold temps, it was all about staying safe, so the winter gritting route was a good choice.

      Andy “puncture before the start” Savage, changed to Andy “tumble before the start”. In all seriousness, hope you’re ok Andy. Sounded like some ice got the better of him before getting to the start.

      We waited a few minutes for the full attendee list, but in the cold could wait no longer, so left without Adam, with most of us commenting that he’ll catchup if he’s still coming. Sure to form, he was with us before heading up towards Polhill. The group was sticking together nicely until we got to the Brands Hatch drag. I noticed that Adam, John and Alastair had a little break away going so stupidly decided to latch on for a bit of a workout/warmup/lung buster. We soon regrouped. Next came the big roundabout. Simon was leading at this point and clearly liked it so much that he decided to lead the peloton around it twice, much to the (let’s call it amusement) of the onlooking motorists. I’m sure they were all admiring the lovely bikes and amazing Avanti train.

      Simon mentioned to me at some point that we seemed to have lost Bert and that Steve B was there. Neither Simon or I had spotted Steve at the start so we just assumed that they had done a body swap at some point. It turns out that Bert had had a flat near the start.

      With Adam sitting on the front for most of the ride and setting a sensible pace up Polhill, no one had any silly ideas of overtaking him, which meant we all finished as a nice group in a very quiet Belmondos. Great leading by Adam!

      Thanks all for a lovely ride, we even had some sunshine further out, until we decended back into the mist of Orpington.

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