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    Simon Lumsdon

    Hi Claire, have sent you a PM, get well soon

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    Claire Watson

    Hi All,

    Thank you for concern and kind wishes.
    I finally arrived home from Pembury hospital late last night. I’ve broken my arm which has been plated and pinned and had also dislocated my wrist. Arm is now in a full cast which will be on for the next 6 weeks so no riding for me for a while!
    Just wanted to say thank you to G3 for looking after me whilst waiting for the ambulance and especially to Tony who went with me to the hospital.
    Also wondered if anyone has the address for the man who provided the blanket/teas? I’d like to send him a thank you card.
    Apologies for any typos, on very strong pain relief!
    Claire ️xx

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      Tony Le Vey

      Hi Claire, All part of the service – glad you’re finally home. Bit disappointed I didn’t get any gas and air before you used the lot, but i’ll let you off this time (I guess you needed it more…). If you miss your cycling fix, I’m sure Rob will be able to set the turbo up in the living room for you… changing gear could be fun… Take it easy – see you on the road soon…

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    Richard Liston

    Sorry to hear about your accident Claire, wishing you a speedy recovery

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    Richard Short

    Well Marek – to truly put it to bed we should agree ground rules. Stats from Garmin or Strava (aka public record)? But hey, what’s a few metres between friends?! 😁

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      Steve Rodgers

      Stats are great for those of us that care about the tiny detail 🙂
      But rounding up/down to present the most numerically/visually pleasing result is acceptable.
      For those of us that like bigger numbers – the dilemma is do you go for km distance and ft elevation for maximum points?…

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    Steve Rodgers

    PS – I created a Strava segment – top of Bates Hill to the bit before the lights at Yalding:
    Dave Barker – no surprise there – has done that section more than anyone.

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    Steve Rodgers

    I skipped the club ride today and headed south to the coast to meet up with my mates from south Kent.
    They had started at Herne Bay and headed to Rye – I started at home and aimed to head them off at the pass.
    I headed out on the reverse of our usual Rye route and ended up in Appledore with 2 hours of riding.
    Waited around a bit, then headed out meet them on the route they were coming. Found them shortly and then headed to Rye.
    It was odd riding along the Military Canal Rd the other direction 🙂
    After a lengthy cafe stop – at the same place we usually stop – we headed back at a leisurely pace – great chat with my mates that are headed out to the Alps in a few weeks without me for the first time 🙁
    We climbed up Charing Hill – it was a cracking climb – then they headed back to Herne Bay via Faversham.
    The rain was starting so I decided to head back directly ( I had ambitions to head back via Whitstable ).
    It was a grind along the A20 from Lenham – flashbacks to TTs there, through Maidstone and back home.
    Distance close to our Camber-Lydd ride but with 2/3 of it solo. Serious headwind heading out to the coast.
    For most of the ride home I was in a trance-like state. Fuelled only by a slice of Victoria Sponge and can of 7-up for the return I had to keep it steady. The A20 wasn’t appealing but I just wanted to get home. The ride up until that point was great fun – the remainder a lesson in just hunkering down and getting on with the task at hand. Took me a while and a couple of beers to return to normality when I got home.

    Note to self – the fun stuff involved riding with others 🙂

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    Steve Rodgers

    Sorry to hear about the crash, Claire – hope the op goes well and you recovery quickly.

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    Richard Short

    Bit of rounding up vs Strava Marek 😉

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      Marek Sasura

      Indeed, guilty as charged!

      Exact numbers for you: 94.293km, 28.854km/h, 961.374m.

      I hope this puts it to bed but I totally agree that we should root out this evil of rounding!

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    Marek Sasura

    There were just five riders in G1/2 today – Jo, ChrisD, Graham, RichardB and myself. Instead of the scheduled hilly fiesta we decided for an easy run to Yalding to the Teapot Island cafe.

    It was a very steady and a relaxed ride. A lot of chatting en route and we covered many interesting and even saucy topics at the cafe (what is discussed on tour, stays on tour).

    A very pleasant ride, thanks everyone for a great company!

    Numbers are 95km, 29km/h, 1000m.

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      Chris Dines

      Really enjoyed the ride and the (nearly) three mugs of coffee at the stop. Despite it being very relaxed, something of a strava PB festival for me.
      Really sorry to read of Claire’s accident though – hope the operation goes well.

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    Richard Short

    Four of us at the G this morning in weather better than expected: Bill, Rich Wilson, Nolan and me, with Ian D to pick up in Otford. Ahead of us the mighty Invicta Grimpeur route – 100km+ of the tastiest hills the local area has to offer: Row Dow, Timker Pot Lane, Hubbard’s, York’s, Bayley’s and Exedown (with some smaller bumps in between). A mouthwatering prospect made even more so with the usual G1 and G2 chasing groups – more of which later.

    Nolan and Rich declared their half pint intentions and off we headed to find Ian at Otford Station as promised (impressive since he’d got back from holiday in France at 1am). Nolan in fact then binned it shortly after Row Dow feeling he didn’t have the legs so we were down to four.

    We took it steady and, damn, does that route feel easier late in the season than it does near the start! We were nearly half way through before we knew it when Ian, a little grumpy through lack of sleep, decided he didn’t fancy York’s so headed home to Turtle Wax his new Jag. Now three of us.

    Up York’s and safely back to Otford. Happy not to have seen G1 yet (which would have been embarrassing). We waved goodbye to Rich and we were down to two.

    Back round we went and it all felt pretty good. Decent steady pace and the kilometres (or miles) ticked by. Much debate about why we hadn’t seen the others yet and we were at Exedown before we knew it. Up and over and a fairly rapid run back to Otford. A quick handshake then on home – Bill and I live in the same neck of the woods so we took the traditional route of Polhill then London Road to the G. I’m more of a Star Hill man usually but it wasn’t quite as appealing today.

    We TTTd it back to base and ticked up the average speed a bit (but not by much!). Still, a great day – quite possibly my ride of the year, couldn’t have enjoyed it more. 126.5km, 2,149m and 25.8km/h av. Some discrepancy between Bill’s Garmin’s elevation and mine (to the tune of about 300m – so let’s split the diff and call it 2,000m).

    And G1 and 2? Apparently they met at the G, had a collective attack of the jessies and decided on a nice little jaunt out to Yalding for some coffee and cake. Don’t know what the world’s coming to.

    Very sorry to hear about today’s G3 incident – get well soon Claire.

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    Tony Le Vey

    Just heard from Rob that Claire is in plaster and scheduled for an operation tomorrow.

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      Simon Parker

      Best wishes Claire for a speedy recovery.

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    Tony Le Vey

    Rob arrived just as Claire was being taken way to X-ray, so nicola and I went to collect the bikes and came home. The doctor was pretty sure there was a break, but I have no further updates yet. She was obviously in a lot of pain but consumed a whole bottle of entonox in the ambulance without even sharing… At least I managed to avoid Bailey’s. Miguel- hope you’re ok too. These things happen… hope to see you soon.

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    Simon Lumsdon

    G3 ride was to the llama park with clare, greg, andy, alan, tony and miguel. Greg turned off early and we met Lee at the llama park after a steady run out. After a fast descent through the asdown on the return we headed through Hartfield village where a crunch and cries from the back of the line signified a bad crash. A touch of wheels and Miguel and Clare went down badly. Unfortunately Clare suffered a suspected broken wrist, an ambulance was called and eventually after a long wait was despatched to hospital with Tony kindly going along also. Some kind neighbours provided blankets, tea and support which was gratefully received. The remainder returned via Baileys at a decent pace in cooling conditions.

    Best wishes to Clare for a speedy recovery

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      Nick Patow

      Hi Claire, Sorry to hear about your crash and injuries today. Best wishes for your op tomorrow and a speedy recovery thereafter.

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    Nick Patow

    The mystery surrounding the JC Saturday tour (with just snippets of the route released to the public before hand), proved to be quite a draw. 13 lined up ready to be taken for ride !
    Numbers again necessitated the splitting of the group to six and seven on the road. John Caine set off in the company of Russ K, Gary P, Julian S, Grant W, Colin P and Steve Butler, whilst I took the six (due to the fact I was the only other person privy to the route), Simon C, Simon V, Paul B, Mick C and Devan S. John set off first, and by his own post ride admission put himself under pressure to keep a pace going at the front for his speedy bunch, with the wisdom of the mystery tour tactic now being questioned. A shared route for everyone’s Garmins = sitting in the middle quite nicely I’ve found. My group, happily assembled at the start, from those proclaiming to want a slower ride duly set off at a decent pace, and it became clear quite early on that we’d be capable of riding quickly ourselves (for us Saturday folk that is). Indeed, we seemed to have a collective resolve to match the other group, although no words to that effect were spoken. Stonehouse, then Fackenden took us to Pilgrims before continuing East to Wrotham. Regular checks confirmed the group were happy with the average speed, and with Simon C coming to the front, the unspoken push to match the boys ahead was in full swing. Simon’s pull continued right through to Chiddingstone Causeway, and by now we were rolling along quite nicely. The approach to Bailey’s slowed us a little, but not enough to stop me leading us all up the dead end to Bore Place ! So, with that, any unspoken hopes of catching John’s group on the road where neatly parked. The steady climb up Bailey’s itself and a short regroup set us up for our push for home. Down to Dunton Green and up Polhill become our route, with the option of Star Hill conveniently forgotten (for now). A final scamper back down the A21 brought us to Belmondo’s before John’s group had got their coffee’s, so we knew we’d more or less matched them. In fact, our little group initially took the honours as gamins were compared, although we had that glory reclaimed by John’s lot once our honesty offered up our little Star Hill dodge 🙂 A really good ride on a lovely morning, at a pace that whilst being a push was enjoyed by all. Many thanks to all today, well done to John, and great to sit in the sunshine for the well earned coffee to finish. My ride G to coffee was 70km @ 27kph with 860m of up.
    Please don’t be put off if this week’s pace is faster than you might normally ride, as Saturday rides will always ride at a pace determined by the ability and fitness of the riders present each week (as well as the hills on the way ! )

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