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    Alan Else

    Eight of us, including new recruits Joe and Daryl, set off on a fresh but bright sunny day for the Red Rum Cafe at Lingfield. A well matched, compact group kept together on the way out via Star Hill, Limpsfield and Grants Lane to Edenbridge and Haxted Mill. Then through Starrborough Castle Park and up through Dormans Land. The long descent on smooth tarmac took us around Lingfield racecourse before a short climb to the most welcoming cafe in Lingfield, where they even put the World’s Road Race on TV for us. After lunch we headed for Pains Hill in solidarity with the pros who had to climb Holl Hill (28%!) with 240 Kms in their legs, whereas we had only 60 Kms, but still painfull. After regrouping, it was all downhill (!) and we sped along the Pilgrims Way before Keith took the honours at Polhill. 86kms at 36.1 av.according to my Lidl computer.

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    Bill Fitzgerald

    G2 – Jolly Boys & Girl outing to Tulleys Farm.

    With an impressive 20+ G2 riders at the G it was decided to depart in 2-3 groups for safety reasons.
    Graham Channon lead the front group with Hamish Brown & Chris Dines leading the last groups to leave the G.

    I’m not sure how, but my timing on Sunday morning was terrible, as I didn’t leave home until after 9am (DOH!!!). I put it down to turning a year older the day before, hopefully not a sign of things to come LOL. Missing the G2 group departures by around 10 minutes I followed the planned route and managed to catch Chris’ group at the far end of Grays Road. After a quick chat I TT’d onwards in search of the front group(s) but didn’t manage to catch them before the long flat sections of the outbound route, but thankfully managed to catch them just as we got to Tulleys.
    Chris Dines’ group arrived shortly after and we all enjoyed a nice coffee and cake at the picnic tables in the grounds at the back of the cafe.
    After a fairly brief stop the groups headed off in the order they arrived (sans Graham Channon) who turned back on the outbound journey for a family event.
    Working well together the front group reached the G in good time with some good fast paced sections to blow away the cobwebs.

    Sorry I missed the outbound chats, but great to catch-up with some I haven’t seen in a while at Tulleys over a coffee.

    Hope you all had a good ride in some great weather for this time of year.


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    Charles Lockwood

    With Dave and Jenny sunning themselves in Majorca a group of 10 G4 riders (including a few G3’ers looking for a gentle leg stretch) set off to Hadlow and back. After the usual weather w/wardrobe conversations we set off on a beautiful morning, out through Shoreham and along the Pilgrims. Quick regroup following a unscheduled comfort break and we were back on our way. Through Basted and up Plough Hill. No idea who got to the top first as I was some way behind. From there we made good time to Hadlow where coincidentally we passed the aftermath of that nasty double murder; and Hadlow always seemed such a nice place……

    The cafe at the college was pretty empty and we could pick our tables outside. Sadly the cafe’s card machine wasn’t working due to a lost signal?? Strange as there’s a bloody great telephone mast just outside. Anyway after scrabbling round for cash we managed to order and all was well.

    On the way to Hadlow we’d had a brief discussion about setting up a G4 Whatsapp group. Before we left the cafe we decided to give this a go. Given the age profile of the riders I didn’t think this was going to be easy…….How wrong I was. Lee and Sandra leapt into action, took charge and we’re up and running. If you’d like to join speak to Lee P as I have no idea how it works….

    Headed back via Plaxtol and Polhill, again no idea who took the honours on either of those. Back home by 1.30 so a nice early finish. G to G was about 40 miles at 14mph with 2900 of up. Thanks to all; no mechanicals, no dramas. A very nice ride.

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    Nick Patow

    The early Saturday attracted 11 this morning, and there was a pretty wide spread of attire on show ranging from a rather lightweight shorts, short sleeve top and open finger glove combo, right through to leggings, thick jackets and winter gloves.
    In the end, those arriving at the G feeling slightly cold probably had it closest to “right”, as we rode mainly in the warming sunshine on a lovely morning.

    Those assembled formed two groups before setting off. My group of five was Graham C, Adam D, John C and Grant R.
    Claire Clarke lead the second group on the road of Paul B, Steve B, Lee S, Ashley P and new member Tom Salter – Welcome Tom.

    The route took us out East, so was sympathetic to us on a cold day, as it had us riding on the sunny side of the road pretty much all the way out to Offham, and the turning point.

    My group made speedy progress under the stewardship of Graham C, who was happily pulling us along without too much effort himself. Having needed to ask for the pace to ease a little up Rushmore, I was then able to settle into the role of “leading” from the middle/back of the group quite nicely !

    The signature climb of the day (Swanton Road), just after half way saw the first real split in the group, as we all picked a pace to suit. Not sure who was up there first, as my suitable pace wasn’t going to afford me the luxury of seeing that.

    Down to Plaxtol, before the climb up to Ivy Hatch, then Dunton Green and Polhill. With no regroup required after Adam’s pace setting up the hill, we continued on along the A21 and down to Belmondos in record time, arriving just after 10:30. Thanks to Grant for his efforts on the way down from Polhill, as Graham and Adam broke away once the coffee could be smelt !

    A pacy affair, but enjoyable for all, with a pace that kept us all together round the route, finished off perfectly with a couple of cups of fine coffee (plus bread pudding for some).

    I had 66km’s with 830m of climbing at an average of 17mph (27.2kph).

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