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      Claire Clarke

      Sorry for a bit of a late Sun G3 ride write up. The problem is it’s now Thurs, so not only can I hardly remember where we went but also who was on the ride. I’ll apologise now for who I miss and what I get wrong! There was certainly an amazing turn out at the ‘G’ across all 4 groups, funny what a bit of sun does. With G3 were: Alan E, Claire W, Simon P, Ian G, Denis M, Pete (who was a founder member of the club but has been living in Portugal for the last no of years, welcome back), Jonathan F (relatively new member of the club out on his first ride, welcome), Ken and me. We headed off on yet another Alan magical mystery tour to the Italian/Portuguese cafe in Horley! Relatively flat route out via Pilgrims Way, Tandridge, and still flat on the return via Lingfield, before we hit the hills and Alan had thrown in Ide Hill and Star Hill to finish. Although these seemed to be as much of a surprise to Alan as the rest of us! Unfortunately Jonathan had a bit of a mechanical near the bottom of Ide Hill, an arm warmer managed to escape from his pocket and into his chain, jamming everything and snapping the hanger (amazing what lengths people go to to avoid the hills!). He managed to persuade his wife to come and collect him and waved us on. I can only assume that you did get home OK Jonathan, confirmed when I think I drove past you and possibly your wife riding up Rushmore Hill on Mon or Tues morning. Either an amazingly quick fix of the bike, or you have a spare! Thanks all for a very enjoyable ride in lovely weather, and lots of big efforts on the front by all.

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      Steve Rodgers

      Bill summed up the ride nicely today. Great turnout on G1+G2 – bit of a mess early on when we overlapped groups with a puncture, but we soon made a gap at Bates Hill.
      Hot, sweaty weather – but a lot better than Saturday’s oven-like temperatures.
      I really like the Priory route – a few hills chucked in that we don’t often do, and lots of flat bits to work on pace, with some tricky single-lane bits to take care on. Plus the cafe still has to be the cheapest place we stop at. £3.30 for a massive scone and a can of coke.
      Everyone worked well together – strong riding all round – good times!
      I finished off my ride with a bonus spin up Old Polhill, to head off the others at the top, before heading home. Feeling good after a week at altitude.

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      Bill Fitzgerald

      G1 – Aylesford Priory.
      With a very large gathering at the G we headed off with 8 of us as G1. Also at the G was a very strong G2 who headed off shortly after us.

      G1 today included myself, Jomo, (Jomo’s friend Ryan), Martin, Nolan Wilkens, Paul Delves, Simon Heaton, Chris Moss – picking up Johnny Edwards and Steve Rodgers on way to Otford. Suffering a puncture along Pilgrims Paul Delves decided to go his own way.

      Taking the outbound Yalding classic route we took in Bates and managed to make the top 10 of the ‘Bates to Yalding’ Stava segment our own including the KOM. With some decent thru and off rotations we made it to the Priory in good time where we met with Matt Whale who had cycled there from home to meet us. A strong G2 group rolled in not too long after us and much coffee and cake was enjoyed in a lovely courtyard flooded with glorious sunshine. On the way home all worked well with Mr Moss diverting home near Roughway and Matt Whale somewhere close to home.

      A combination of too little fluid and eating a flapjack from my (dairy) banned food list at the Priory resulted in a drop if energy and ending up with cramp as we neared Pilgrims. Dropping the pace a bit to manage this the guys politely waited down the road and we rolled on home to PolHill. With cramp reducing movement I limped up through Otford and teamed up with Martin who was also cramping due to new shoes/cleat positioning where we met Hamish turning onto PolHill. After a quick chat we slowly ascended PolHill where Jomo had waited at the top and we all headed on for the G.

      A really good group today which made it all the more enjoyable.

      My ride – 71 miles – 3hrs 50mins – 4,091 ft climbed – ave speed 18.7mph (group ave 19.0+), NP 233w – Max 830w.

      Hope you all had enjoyable rides in this glorious weather.


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        Ian Soper

        I was leading G4 as Dave B was enjoying a belated fathers day outing. 7 turned out for the billed “flatish” ride to Spadeworks cafe in Offham. We were joined by Paul who was checking us out as a possible club to join. Steve was feeling frisky as he has signed up for a big sponsored ride around all the Quickfit outlets in early September, so he needs to get fit asap. Paul was finding the pace a bit fast so we backed off and arrived at Spadeworks at the promised average of 13.5 mph.
        It was a wonderful day so we sat outside an enjoyed a leisurely snack. Paul was feeling the ride in his legs as it had proved longer and faster than he was used to on his own so we set off at a slower pace back home via Ightham, up to Crouch and down along the un-named magic valley towards Borough Green. Four of us got to the end and waited for the remaining 3, but after 5 minutes I let the 3 go, they all claimed they had promised to cook sunday lunch, and I headed back to find the lost trio. Steve and Charles were with Paul who had cramped up and was unable to continue. He phoned home and arranged to be collected so we directed him to Borough Green, which was only a mile or so away, and the three of us set off along the Pilgrims way and home. Sorry Paul, the ride was OK for speed but a bit hillier then promised!
        Distance: 39 miles.
        Average speed: 13.4 mph.
        Total climbing: 2090 ft.

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          Claire Clarke

          Hi Ian. Paul emailed me to pass on his thanks to all the G4 group for looking after him and making sure he was OK. I’m sure he’ll be back when he feels a bit stronger. Cheers, Claire

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      Bill Fitzgerald

      Please post your ride review here.

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