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    Martin Rowling

    G2 – all roads lead to Teapot Island

    With the forecast staying dry and the prospect of a coffee stop at Britain’s premier food spot, Teapot Island, there was always going to be a good turnout at the G!

    Hamish, Graham, Dave, Matt, Rob, Adam, Jim, John and I set off in two groups along the A21, before joining up and riding as one group once traffic had died down. We made good progress to Marden where we were joined by Sam who had been chasing us after arriving late to the G. Everyone shared the workload and we arrived in Yalding averaging 19.9mph…. clearly everyone was feeling fresh!

    Coffee, cake and conversation at Teapot before a nice spin home.

    A very uneventful ride but sometimes they are the best given the chaos of Thursday evening. I hope all who were involved in accidents are on the mend.

    My ride was 69 miles, 18.7mph with 3.1k of climbing.

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    Charles Lockwood

    G4. I was a late substitute for Dave B who unfortunately couldn’t ride due a nasty accident on Thursday at the TT. Get well soon Dave.

    I posted a ride to go to Brookside with a caveat that we could extend to Tea Pot if the mood took us. 5 riders; Laura, Steve, Keith, me and new rider Liam.

    Well paced ride out via Shoreham, Pilgrims Way and Basted. Liam told us he’d completed a triathlon on the Saturday so we thought he’d be worn out. No such luck. Showed me a clean pair of heels up Plough Hill. Not sure if he got to the top first as I was miles behind. At the top I checked to see if people wanted to do the extra loop (really hoping they didn’t) but all voted for extending to Tea Pot. Arrived at TP only to be told there was 30 minute wait for food 🙁 . Not one to point fingers; but probably the fault of the large group of G1/2 guys who were already there :-). I suppose we could have cycled faster…

    Anyway, refreshed on muffins and banana cake, we set off and got a least 50 yards when Laura realised she’d punctured. Fortunately, Steve took charge and performed magnificently in front of the crowd and we were on our way in no time. Back on the usual route via Plaxtol and thanks to Keith for taking the wind on the return.

    We made good time and were back at Polhill by 1.30 (Dave would be pleased). A really enjoyable ride without serious incident where we all stayed together well. Thanks all. I had 52 miles at 14s with 2700 of up.

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    Keith Cooper

    G3 ride to Curtisden Green the Pittland lakes. 10 rider’s were at the G to start what turned out to be a good flatish ride in ni on perfect conditions considering the wet days we have had Saturday’s. Sunday escapes yet again don’t speak too soon you say anyway off we went towards Otford for Pilgrim’s way then over to Heaverham down to Dunks green it was qwite a long ride with lots of chatting about the TDF. But as we pulled into the cafe we realised that it is a great destination tranquil with never a complaint about the food the fish is fresh our photographer cut my sandwich for me and Carl has sent the images over to G3 WhatsApp . The route back took us via Lovely Teapot its self it was a fulfilling route with Thanks to Alan again and it was all smiles at the top of Pothill rider’s were Claire W. Carl B. Alan E. Andrew C. Jo Sm. Subhash C. Joe s. And myself Martin D. And Dave turned early .. i noticed the avg was slightly up at 16 ish
    Probably forgot a few things and remember later like you do.

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    Dave Barker

    Ride reports here guys …

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