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      Alastair Wood

      The other Saturday group comprised SteveB, WasiqR, ClaireC, GrantR WillT, Ian? and myself. The morning was colder than we had expected and with dampness in the air that became quite foggy at times and we did commeent on other riders who were running stealth lights (ie none at all) despite the conditions. It was a steady climb out and we made reasonable progress before dropping down into Westerham then what seemed like a loop specifically so we could go “up” Toys Hill. Having not experienced it I was not looking forward to it and Grant disappeared off and was waiting towards the top to take some action shots of us arriving, although it did not feel particularly dynamic by that stage. Will was suffering from jetlag (apparently) but perhaps more from rising late and not fueling adequately and stopped just out of sight of our waiting group until Ian went back and found him. After that an enjoyable descent of Ide Hill and in deference to Will’s state a slower run through to Charcott, Hildenborough and Underiver in anticipation of Carters. I made a good start but lagged as everyone passed me, and after a brief pause 1/2 way made it to meet the others, followed by Will a few minutes later. After that a nice downhill recovery section and flattish to the bottom of Chelsfield Lane where we finally allowed Will to follow on behind, but he was not many minutes behind us for coffee at Belmondos. Although a slower pace than normal it was probably the most social run I have been on, with lots of chat, and nice to see familiar faces at the AGM aswell as other members whose profiles I have seen but not met.

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      Neale Napier

      Good turnout for the Saturday ride. Two groups were formed. In my group were Andy Mc, Simon V, Adam D, Russ K, Julian S, John C and me. After 3 days of preceding days of mizzle, it eased a bit for Saturday with just a general feeling of dampness in the air. Russ did his normal party trick of meeting us by coming in the opposite direction down the A21 and doing a U-Turn to latch on to the group. We all clocked pretty quickly that this was not a fast and furious route and had a couple of bigger hills, together with overall “lumpiness”. First we started on Hosey for a leg stretcher, then came Puddledock (avg 9%) then Carters (avg 7%). The group was keeping together pretty well with only small waits at the top. I even managed to bag some PRs on those hills 🙂 I had assumed we were coming back up Polhill, which you can always take a bit easy if required, but then found out we were coming back up Chelsfield Lane. As soon as we’d left Shoreham my head, heart and legs said no. I eventually crawled to the top of Chelsfield Lane where the group were waiting. Then just as we had home in sight, Simon thought it would be good time to have a puncture. We all waited to give morale support before rolling down to Belmondos for a very well earned coffee. Oh and I don’t know what happened to Andy, he was leading from the back for the first half but then turned on the turbo and lead for most of the 2nd half at a pretty nifty pace. Must have been something at the fuel stop?

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      Simon Lumsdon

      G3 has quite a few riders Clare C, claire w, ian g, carl, john (simon p’s son), chris (welcome back), keith, myself and led by Alan to The Red Rum cafe at Lingfield. Mucky roads and low cloud suggested rain but it did brighten up. A good pace was set by Claire and Carl. Unfortunately yours truly had a slow puncture after Hever, soon mended but it did reappear again before the cafe. Coming into Lingfield we had an angry woman yelling at us from her car that we weren’t spread out along the road (hmm) and then another driver decided to overtake us as we were turning right, not good. Leaving the cafe Chris also had a puncture but again swiftly fixed and all swiftly home. It just started to rain as we topped Polhill so good timing there.

      Thanks to all for a great day out

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      Martin Rowling

      G1 today was an old open day ride through Shoreham, Noah’s Ark, Ivy Hatch, Ightham, longfield and Eynsford.

      At the G I was joined by Dave, Hamish, Matt, Jomo, Alan and Richard. We set off a little late, having waited for Henry who never showed, with big grey clouds above our heads and wet roads. Fortunately the rain didn’t come but we were all very muddy from some lovely dirty lanes.

      Our route was a bit stop start but we were all having a good time and enjoying a few chats in between some little climbs. Richard was on good form, too good up a climb just before Ightham as he rode off the front and into the sunset missing a left hand turn. We sent Dave after him but he came back on his lonesome after reaching the next T junction. Hopefully Richard got home safely but as we didn’t have his phone number and he hasn’t uploaded a ride to Strava, he could still be smashing his way up the Kent hills in the dark for all we know….

      Having reached the top of Old Terrys Lodge we diverted off the route and settled on a more main direct return in the hope of some more flowing roads, which we got all the way back to the G. Punching through Hartley we even had Dave, Jomo and Matt picking up some winter cups… good work boys.

      A great ride given the dark day with lots of strong riding and turns on the front by all 😁👍🏼

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        richard edmonds

        Hi Martin,
        Sorry just seen this.
        Yes, must have taken wrong turn and ended up in Borough Green hung around a bit then decided to go into Offham to see my sister, coffee and home.
        Thank you for your concern in any case, ended up taking a well trodden route back to Bromley.
        Hoping for some dry weather, there seems to be so much shite on the roads…

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      Dave Barker

      Write ups here please …

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