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    G4 really were G3.5, hence Jenny took one look at the riders and left to do her own thing. Eventually we settled down and changed our destination from Tulleys Farm to Horley. Similar mileage but no Turners Hill to climb. Good eatables as always in the Italian Cafe where we arrived earlier than expected Average speed 15mph(that used to be the target speed for G3) The return home was begining to bite on my extraordinary 5th day of extreme excercise. Common sense prevailed with Charles and Ian setting the pace. Ian finally tapping out a sensible speed up Polhill. 54 miles, 14.2mph

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    Chris Dines

    Thanks for leading Bill. Some quick paced riding down to Tulleys, as you say – and a great group of five. Good to cycle with James, Simon and Andy – our paths rarely cross! Heading home solo (into a head wind) was much harder going.
    After a week of cycling in the Italian/Swiss Alps I decided to do a detour up Hog Trough – surely I’d find it easy?! Er… Think I went slower than up the Mortirolo. Our “little” hills in Kent can be pretty harsh!

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    Claire Clarke

    Sun G3 to Goudhurst. 11 of us set off on a very warm day, great to have had 2 consecutive rain free days of cycling! Today we had: Simon L, Jim N, Keith C, Andy S, Simon P, Ken I, Denis M, Toby M, Alan E, Jade B and me. Once again Alan had set us a lovely route on some nice quiet lanes out via Otford, Noah’s Ark, Plaxtol, some flatter sections but then some hillier sections before reaching Goudhurst. Where, sadly all the cafes were closed! Sandra P and Chris T were already in Goudhurst having beaten us there! Simon P decided to come back with them and the rest of us (minus Alan and Toby who had turned at earlier points in the route) decided to carry on until we could find a cafe, turned out to be Teapot Island! A well earned tea and sandwich before we pushed on for the last section home, back up Plaxtol, Pilgrims and the lovely Polhill! Thanks very much to all for a great ride and for sharing all the work.
    Ken-sorry we didn’t wait at the end, I needed to get back. Hope you made it home OK.

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    Bill Fitzgerald

    G2 to Tulleys Farm ended up being to Ardingly.
    10 of us met at the G intending to split G1 & 2, but with a 7/10 split we just made 2×5 G2 groups.
    Heading up the second group to leave the G our group worked well taking in some nicely resurfaced roads at pace.
    Taking slightly different routes we ended up at a very busy Tulleys farm. Quickly searching for other local cafes near Tulleys 9 of us headed off to Wakehurst place in Ardingly where we enjoyed coffee at cake at Seeds cafe in Wakehurst place garden ctr. Chris Dines heading home due to time constraints.
    Some good efforts on the front by some of the group saw us nearing home in no time at all. Well done guys.
    First group led by Martin Rowling.
    Dave Barker, Graham Channon, Matt Whale and Hamish Brown.
    Second group led by myself.
    Chris Dines, James Heppleston, Andy McSavage and Simon Vaughan.
    A very enjoyable ride, coffee and company.
    Thanks everyone.


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