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    Chris Dines

    What a great day to be out on a bike. It was a big group that gathered for the G2 expedition to Bewl Water – and new territory, the SOUTH side of Bewl. I can confirm that hills exist in that area.
    Absolutely fantastic route through epic scenery in stunning (hot) weather. English countryside at is very best, though the same cannot be said about the road surfaces (more below).
    As Bill mentions below, we split in to two roughly equal groups (I am guessing 17 or 18 people in total, ALL in Avanti kit I believe). Great company and support – with the weather and terrain effecting us differently and at different times.
    Anyway – the route. Until 50 miles in (and a little sprint in to Yalding), this really was a voyage of discovery. Endless ups and down through secret little valleys and silent hamlets. Lambs (and Lamas!) enjoying Spring etc. I’ve rarely done so many <100ft climbs, almost all on rough surfaces - well, it was the downs that you have to be careful with. Was a bit like Flanders in some ways - but no one toppled over, and it was great fun. Does make you wonder whether we all need to be on X Bikes the way things are going with small lanes becoming rough tracks).
    Also good fun bumping into the (supposedly) quicker group every few miles. Our navigation was better ๐Ÿ™‚
    On route back, we stopped at Tea Pot Island. A number had already set off/turned early, but nice picture below.
    Everyone riding well - and not surprising a bit of cramp set in!
    For me I did 90 miles, 6,500ft of climbs at 16mph average - but speeds were irrelevant.
    Club cycling as it should be.

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    Bill Fitzgerald

    Sunday’s G2 Bewl loop ride was well attended, resulting in a split into two groups to keep it simpler.
    Chris Dines set off leading one group followed by our group lead by Graham Channon.
    Through a puncture and detours due to missed turns we often overlapped and eventually rolled into Teapot island as one big group.
    Chris’ group departed first followed by our group not long after.

    My ride fell apart on the foothills of Plaxtol, where a lack of miles and intense heat started a case of cramps.
    From Seal onwards I spent most of my time trying to stop cramp coming back then stopping to release my locked up legs several times.

    I eventually got home around 3:15 after passing Dave and Graham outside the Queens Head enjoying a well earned beer.

    A great ride with great company – a very hot and lumpy route with some great form being shown by my riding companions.

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    Simon Lumsdon

    Phil led G3 to Horley with myself, Claire W, Sadie, Alan, Andy, Dennis, Ken, Keith + 1. Phil said we could pick the pace up so we did and Horley was arrived at in double time. Bumped into Mick Farla at the cafe who was looking well and said hello. Refueled on bacon and egg sandwiches and we were soon off again for a fast return, I must admit to causing trouble by going off the front (sorry) and we arrived back about 1-30pm which must be a record. Alan was going very strongly and has clearly recovered, well done. 55 miles at 17’s. Glorious weather.

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    Charles Lockwood

    6 attended for the G4 ride to Brookside. Usual route out to Crouch where Brian took over and led us through West Peckham, Mereworth and Wateringbury and on to the garden centre. Very pleasant ride only marred by a couple of punctures. One going up Polhill which presented an interesting dilemma of where to carry out the repair. Solution โ€“ cross to the downhill side, climb over the barrier and wedge the bike against a tree. My Garmin showed 50 miles at 13.3. Seemed faster!

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    Dave Barker

    Out for a social Saturday ride to Teapot, Graham, Gary and myself and passed both Avanti groups (Rye and 40 mile) just before Hadlow College who had started 10 minutes before our ride. Not wanting to interfere with the pacing we pressed on to Teapot and realised we had picked up Roy who must have thought we were a faster planned Avanti group and jumped on our back wheel. We made sure he was well fed and watered and brought him back to the G ๐Ÿ™‚ 45 miles at 18+mph average.

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    Nick Patow

    Saturday seaside special

    Attendees for the trip to Rye and the regular 40 mile ride came together at the G this morning. 18 in total I think.
    It took a bit of working out, with too many to mention by name but we all set off (split in two groups), to cover the first 20 miles of the Rye route.
    We collected Russ and Richard in Seal to take our number to 20.
    With three Rye riders leaving Seal first with the 40 milers the idea was to ride a couple of hundred metres apart over and down to East Peckham. With such large numbers it didnโ€™t go too smoothly, leading I fear to Keith turning early due to the pace. Apologies to Keith that this happened, thanks to Grant for dropping back to check with him.
    Thanks also to Grant who led the 40 milers back after they turned for home. I hope you enjoyed your ride this morning.

    So 12 pushed onwards to the coast. Apart from the odd driver or two who was affronted by our existence the journey down was all very easy and enjoyable. In what seemed like no time we were settling down to lunch at Rye Watersports

    By the time weโ€™d eaten, it had got quite hot under the sun and it was nice to get moving again, and with the coffee machine in Rye broken we planned a stop at Tea Pot Island on the way back to provide the caffeine fix.
    A steady pace with everyone working well together (and in two groups as the roads necessitated), brought us to Tea Pot before we too long. However itโ€™s popularity prevented us getting coffee here too. The queues at the counter were too long, and we all opted for the shorter ice cream counter offerings.

    Recharged with sugar, all that was left was the final push for home. Having climbed through Plaxtol and up Pollhill we were rolling down to the finish, and toward a well earned beer.

    A great day out today, with great company throughout. Thanks to everyone for their contributions to the group. Well done to Neale who rode his first 100 mile ride today
    For the records the ride was 180km 1300m of up and 27kph give or take a bit of rounding.


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