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      Alastair Wood

      I had forgotten the dog incident as the weather was the most memorable part of the day, but for those who want a Christmas present, Boulting’s Velosaurus: A Linguistic Tour de France has some entertaining bike stories with a twist – I turned straight to the “Who let the dogs out” page which is below

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      Steve Rodgers

      Did JE intercept via some hedgerow in stealth mode? 🙂

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      Simon Vaughan

      Saturday 2nd Nov

      4 hardy riders turned up for the start and what seemed to be a clear and mild day. Andy, Grant, Alastair and myself. We headed off up the A21 before turning for our first warmer up Chelsfield hill. Through Chelsfield and on to crockenhill with Andy towing us along from the front as the only rider doing the short course needing to be back for the rugby. Through eynsford and up bower lane where we were chased by a loose farm dog which got the heart racing and a jump in the average speed. Straight over and down onto Pilgrims and Andy left us there to make a dash home at a much faster pace than the group. Blinked and he was gone.
      The remaining 3 made our way back through otford and up star hill. A quick bathroom break at the Esso at the bottom of Rushmore hill was an opportune moment for the banana break and with the temperature dropping the addition of the cafe jacket.

      Up old hill was the beginning of the second half and then some spots of rain up high elms road. I won’t lie l, it did cross my mind to turn around and go home from there which turns out would be a solid decision.
      Through Downe and off to layhams as the wind started to pick up and the rain getting heavier and heavier. The culmination was beddlestead lane with a driving headwind and torrential rain being the final straw to head straight home. Grant took some persuading. I think he had the warmth of the beddlestead climb coursing through his veins.

      Off through tatsfield with purpose saw my heart rate start to drop dramatically and the cold set in. A short stop for clogged brakes and a water bottle jetwash and moving again. Straight across to cuddam through a lake at Hawley’s corner. Shooting down cuddam and the shivers set in so I upped the pace and dropped the others. Got to the bottom turned round and luckily didn’t have to go far.

      A quick thanks at the end and I sprinted home as fast as I could to generate some warmth. Soaked head to toe but back in the warm.

      Thanks to Grant and Alastair for a ride that I won’t likely forget anytime soon. Andy, great choice just doing the first half.

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      Dave Barker

      Avanti G2

      This weeks hooligans in attendance were MartinR, GrahamC, HamishB and yours truly. Not long after leaving we came across JohnnyE hoping to intercept the G2 group and join the fun. A welcome addition to the G2 party.

      Was a newly stitched together ride from Martin: Out via Poll Hill to Westerham, Pootings, Bough Beech, Leigh, Igtham then home via Brands Hatch and Crokenhill.

      No stopping other than the odd gel and bar when the opportunity arose and it was a day of social chat with an occasional injection of pace at the front to test the legs and get some winter power work done to balance up the easier base miles. Good to mix it up to make the ride a little more exciting if you felt so inclined. A few hills too and Old Terry’s featured towards the end.

      Drivers generally well behaved and nearly all the ride bathed in wonderful Autumn sunshine so could not have gone better. Much better than staying at home on the turbo. A nice ending after a non-stop ride was lunch at Poppies and a relaxing pint at the Rose and Crown.

      Average 17mph over 53 miles with 3,400ft of climb, but it’s the getting out with your ride buddies that’s the best bit.

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      Dave Barker

      Writeups here please …

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