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      G4 were 10 riders strong at GSG, but reduced to 8 at Badgers Mount (not due to excessive speed) We arrived at Cyclopark in good spirits and sat outside, in the shade enjoying our refreshments.About 25 miles from the Green.Our return route included bypassing Crockenhill in a no hills route home.Some undulations were inevitable, but this route was fairly quick, being only 18 miles back to the Green. One rider was not so keen but the remaining 7 enjoyed the new route home.
      42 miles Climbing on Outwood Journey 1430 ft, climbing on return 902 ft. Dave B

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      Sean Conley

      Just to echo Neales recent statements – namely that it was a brilliant ride ; only marred by Paul’s crash…..Hope you are recovering well , Paul. After Chri’i’s and Paul’s departure , the five of us continued unabated towards ‘Teapot’’…only to encounter more potholes and heavy farm machinery trying to navigate the lanes over Dymchurch marshes. On one occasion , we all had to get off our bikes and walk them back – as a Combine Harvester decided to make an appearance
      We finally got to ‘’Teapot’ , where along with Neiale’s ice cream , a delicious ice cold Blueberry smoothie was consumed , by yours truly…can thoroughly recommend..
      We then came across Jo , who returned with us , and we returned to the ‘G’ from there – with Cris and Jim doing some long turns on the front. This being my first century ride I was starting to wain a bit. Coming into Otford I found a burst of energy and made it to the front and ascended with all behind. However , from nowhere , almost at the top of poll hill , Jim and Jo caught and passed me.
      Thanks to Chris and everyone else for a great day…..

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      Chris Dines

      Great 7am turnout. I led a G2 pace group down to Dymchurch – me, Simon Vaughn (who turned half way), Neale, Jim, Sean, Nick and Paul.
      Great ride down, no stops and lots of sharing the front. We got down to the cafe about 10 minutes after G1 – all pretty stress free.
      We were joined by Chris Moss on route back. All going great until Neale hit a big pothole and punctured. That was a precursor to Paul hitting a hole at some pace, and slamming on to the ground. Battered, bruised (both Paul and bike) but no breaks in either. We had lots offers of help from passers by, including a couple who drove home to return with a first aid kit to help Paul get bandaged up. Great people! After that, Paul and I caught a train home between Ashford and Otford. Hopefully Paul is fine for his Pyrenees trip – he cycled back up Poll Hill at least!!
      Everyone was riding really well and consistently. Nice company, and being a good club group helps when incidents happen.
      As to pothole avoidance, have to say we spent much of the ride shouting “hole” . Paul was really unlucky, but at least others weren’t taken down. These things just feel a bit inevitable somehow.
      Great route by the way!

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        Neale Napier

        Thanks for a great ride all, only marred by Paul’s crash and the slightly too hot weather. I did manage to achieve my ride goal of a 99 (maple and pecan flavour with a flake), but at Teapot, not at the coast 🙂

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      Bill Fitzgerald

      Group 1/2 massed at the G ahead of the 7am grande depart.
      Already at 18c we knew we were in for a scorcher.
      Meeting Steve Rodgers, Chris Moss and Johnny Edwards along Stone Street we headed off at a decent pace.
      Now with two separate groups the front group worked well with much thru and off helping keep up the average speed.
      In no time we arrived at a great cafe just before the beach front with enough seats and bike space for both groups. Nice one Martin.
      With the obligatory beach front photos after we finished out refreshments we headed back at a reasonable pace.
      Again with much thru and off we made good progress, then Johnny had a big impact puncture along the Biddenden SERRL circuit, secretly we were glad of the rest LOL.
      Next stop TeaPot island for some water where a wasp decided to crawl under my helmet strap and sting me, little bugger!
      Again heading off at a decent pace we crested Plaxtol where we split along Stone Street with myself and Steve opting to miss out the recently laid loose road surface.
      What an epic and excellent day in the saddle, great company, riding, coffee and cake – a recipe for the perfect ride.

      121 miles, 19.1mph ave, 4,000+ ft climbed, 6hrs 21 mins.

      Well done all


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      Steve Rodgers

      My ride stats are pretty much identical to Johnny’s – except he managed another mile on top 🙂
      It was a long ride today in the heat but the amazing lack of hills made it really manageable – even for a peely-wally Scotsman!
      Great company and riding today everyone – we all earned our beer!

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      Johnny Edwards

      Fantastic club ride to Dymchurch in the baking hot Sun. I thought Id missed the groups when there was no sign of Mr Rodgers, so I started to hot foot down the route only to find SR and Chris Moss chatting in front of the old and sad looking pub. The ride was pacey down to Dymchurch with everyone taking a good pull on the front before the more formally organised 20 seconds on, through and off commenced. The route planner threw in a fantastic bit of CX into the route which was interesting (on the way back Martin found a great alternative) and then we stopped at the Sudden Stop cafe in Dymchurch that appeared out of nowhere. 50 mins later we were refuelled and a little more baked by the sun as the temperature increased, before we set off to take in the sea views (Dymchurch has a lovely sandy beach). The ride back was fun for the first half, aside from a pot hole out of the blue that gave me a double snake bit (4 slits!) and the impact was such that it broke my Garmin holder and catapulted it across the road. After a shady repair, we set off and I soon reaslised I made the beginners error on not taking enough water, which came back to bite me as I started to expire for the last 25miles or so. The rest of the group were very kind with hanging around for me whilst I popped into teapot for some H2O and then towed me along before I finally managed trundle up to the Final Killer Bend in the 34C heat. Great ride and great company as usual.

      My stats 103 miles, 5hrs 23mins & 19.1mph (moving)

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      Steve Rodgers

      please post your weekend ride write-ups here

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