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    Steve Rodgers

    Sunday’s G2 KK recce ride had a good turnout thanks to the weather.
    Quick roundup of the riders: I met Russ, Richard B and Alastair at Otford, then we were soon joined by Moss, Bill, Martin, Jo, Andy, Heato and Sefi. Johnny E was nowhere to be found so we set off – only to find him doing hill-reps on Row Dow!
    Cracking day out and a reminder to all that this is a punishing route!
    We met up with Rob+Claire at the ice cream van at the top of the Ashdown Forest – they had finished their HOTA duties.
    Hills, hills, and more hills. Even the flat bits are hilly on this route – loved it!
    Hoping that the weather stays dry for next Sunday for the main event – it’s looking cold.

    Here are some videos I put together of the ride:

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    Tony Le Vey

    Julian, sorry to hear about your crash. Hope you (and Keith) both recover quickly. Take care…

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    Chris Dines

    Oh dear…..that’s an eventful Saturday. Keith, really sorry to hear about the fall – hopefully it’s a clean break, and that you can avoid surgery.
    Bottom of Baileys is a bit hazardous at the best of times (speaking from experience!).

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      Ian Soper

      G3 consisted of 9 riders leaving the green but we soon picked up Lee on the climb to Polhill making 10 heading out to the Isle of Grain. We took the main route out via Otford and along the main road to Eynesford to avoid any ice on the back lanes. Ian thought he was going well sharing the lead but this illusion was soon shattered on the climb up to Speedgate when almost everyone came sailing past and were almost out of sight by the top, Lee kindley kept him company. The group stayed together through the back lanes to the top of longfield hill then on through Sole Street to Cobham. Garmins were already reading 22 miles so this ride was looking like it would be a longer one than usual. We reached the cafe at Cliffe Lakes after 32 miles with some asking if the ride home would take a shorter route!
      The cafe was busy with another cycling group already in attendance, it was probably a vintage bike group as all their bikes seem to be steel classics from the 60’s and 70’s. After a hearty lunch we set of for the painful climb up from the Thames marshes through lower and upper Higham and up to Shorne Ridgeway before taking the cyclepath past the cyclopark and on to longfield. The group was naturally splitting into two with the fitter riders showing themselves on the climbs but we all re-grouped on the descents so a good group ride home with everyone sharing the pacing at some point.
      Distance: 61 miles.
      Average speed: 14.5 mph.
      Total climbing: 2766 ft.

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    G4 to Hilden Golf went as smooth as silk.7 riders in total, fortunately no mishaps. Warm sunshine meant several of us stripped for lunch (winter jackets only) Refreshments a little delayed due to staff shortage, but we kept to the schedule as Dave in black had to get home for family lunch. No boasting from me this week as I had not recovered my bike from Cyclopark workshop but found the chunky rental not to my liking. Jenny going well, towing Rita to the Polhill bridge, before the new lady once again climbed well, just missing out on catching the front runners before the top. We all went our different ways after agreeing the ride was a success, including the weather. Approx 40 miles usual pace (except me !)

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    Sefi Dakar

    With all the experience I have ever had, knocking out two difficult rides back to back should be a doddle. Whilst I was always last one up a hill, only when I got to Church Hill my legs failed me completely. 21 mins to climb that πŸ™ I did all the hills but from Ide Hill to home, I had to stop 3 or 4 times to let the waves of crippling cramp pain pass before I could continue.

    Thanks to everyone that I held up for waiting! I hope that’s my bad ride out of the way this year! :/

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    Steve Rodgers

    wow – thankfully Keith + Julian are not too badly hurt – wishing you both a speedy recovery.
    On today’s KK recce ride, the only incidents we had were a kamikaze squirrel that I narrowly avoided, and us having to nurse a bonked Sefi back from Ashdown.
    I’ll write up more later – but it was a great day out – knackered now!

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    Julian Small

    Thought I had dodged a bullet by deciding to ride HOTA instead of Saturday this week, especially given that it was on the way to the KK taster on Saturday this weekend last year that I had a small incident and fractured my left thumb.

    Anyway HOTA was going well with better weather than expected until 20 miles in – not sure what happened/can’t remember as was knocked unconscious but came off at about 20 miles an hour it would seem. Main damage to me seemed to be cuts and scrapes to left side of face and a sore right thumb (had to be the other side). Off to Redhill hospital in an ambulance (having turned Garmin off) to be checked out where Mrs S came to meet me – X-Rays and CT scans show skull and brain all ok, grazes cleaned up and a cut above my eye glued and thumb seems ok, albeit a bit sore still (unlike last time has not swollen up and bends still). Now to retrieve the bike and see how it is!

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      Chris Dines

      Julian, thank goodness are you are basically OK. Sounds like quite an accident – will be in touch separately.

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      Claire Clarke

      Crikey Julian, hope you’re OK. What a weekend of incidents. Bad luck and hope you mend quickly, and hope the bike’s ok. Sounds like it could have been a lot worse. Take care, Claire

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    Sam :D

    Oh man, that sounds like a bad one. I hope everyone heals up quickly, especially Keith- get well soon!

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    Tony Le Vey

    Quite a morning then…hope everyone recovers quickly. All the best to Keith for the op… see you out there soon.

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    Nick Patow

    The Early Saturday:

    Unlucky 13. one group of 7, one of 6.
    We had a big faller in one of the groups this morning, with Keith Cooper coming off in a section of road out the bottom of Baileys Hill, just after Simon Vaughan had slipped over on ice ahead of him.
    Simon was ok, except for a badly grazed forearm, but Keith was not so lucky, with an obvious shoulder injury, and a badly damaged helmet causing concern to all.
    Fortunately, I’ve heard from Keith this afternoon, and can confirm he was discharged from hospital this afternoon, with no significant head injury but a broken collar bone. He will need to return to hospital on Monday either to have surgery, or for an assessment ahead of that surgery.
    I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing Keith well for that surgery, and the rehab period beyond that.
    Best wishes to Simon too. Hopefully it’ll not be too painful for you.

    The ride itself can be summarised as follows:
    One abandon following a high speed wheel fouling mudguard.
    Four crashes on ice.
    Two injuries.
    One A & E visit.
    One broken collar bone.
    No head injury (thankfully).
    Then two punctures as we limped home, just to cap it all off.
    It could have gone better, but thankfully it was not any worse.

    Keep safe on the roads tomorrow morning one and all.

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