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    G4 + G3 After Phil Hookway (G3 ride leader) had a serious mechanical at Badgers Mount RAB Andy and Keith Cooper joined us for the ride to Brookside Garden Centre. All went well until Ivy Hatch where the serious freezing fog engulfed us all. My full light set saved us from any hairy moments with oncoming traffic, but didn’t help with the temperature, as mentioned in Maracks write up. After descending Plaxtol the fog was getting thicker and colder, so we turned for Hadlow College. Seating was available for our group, too early for “Ladies that Lunch” but word quickley spread ” there are gloves for sale to withstand -30C. at a very sensible price” Rain returns at 1.00pm was the forecaste so we reluctantly left our warm abode and headed home.With warmer temperature and little fog the journey back was uneventful.Not sure of exact distance or average speed I arrived home at 1.30pm suitably wet and tired. The rain actually started at 12.50pm.

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    Marek Sasura

    In G2, six riders (GrahamS, DaveB, SteveR, RichardB, JohnK and myself) decided to brace a mix of climate conditions (fog & cold on wet roads) which I call a freezing sauna.

    We were supposed to ride on the Winter Gritting Route but after a mini Icelandic-style referendum on the roadside (have a good time in Island, Steve) we decided to go to Teapot at (what some may call) a “snail pace” in an attempt to see more than 10m ahead in a dense fog and trying not to crash on wet slippery roads with icy patches (Pilgrims’ Way).

    We had a quick stop en route when the second pair of gloves and even the third pair of gloves appeared from the back pockets.

    Teapot couldn’t come soon enough. It was only between -2C and 0C with no wind but it was very humid (95%) which made it one of the most challenging environments I have ever ridden in.

    Teapot Cafe is closing today so we celebrated with two helpings of drinks and cakes. Gloves, caps and headbands created a towering pile on a nearby radiator.

    The ride back was a piece of cake with temperature jumping to massive 1-2C.

    It was very cold but it was a chilled and relaxed ride.

    Many thanks to all for the company and a good banter!

    My ride was after rounding 100km, 26km/h and 1000m (for statisticians 97.63km, 25.74km/h and 1004m).

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      Steve Rodgers

      Today was my first club ride in about 6 or 7 weeks.
      It was great fun. Apart from losing all feeling in my hands.
      I was supposed to be leading but after potential initial Teapot Island withdrawal panic, we headed there to keep the Teapot junkies happy.
      Just to add to what Marek wrote – my most amazing sight of the day was Graham’s electric heated insoles on his shoes!
      Anyway – from abject misery about 4 miles from Teapot to boiling hot hands by the time I got home (only a couple of degrees warmer – but less damp) – we had a fun, relaxed ride.
      Thanks for the ride guys – great to catch up.
      Happy Christmas everyone – see you in the new year!

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    Steven Butler

    As you can tell, it was a good job we had Doctor Dave onboard this morning as I recall the assertion of man-flu was actually based on a second opinion that differed from the initial diagnosis of ‘jinglly knees syndrome’. You may have heard of this – it is a part of the seasonally adjusted dis-order prevalent at this time of year. The recovery period can be shortened by similar convalescence techniques to those that Doc Dave recommends for man-flu. Lee is living testament to the theory and proved the accelerated recovery time is possible in mild cases of jingle bell knees… Which you will be glad know is not contagious.
    Thanks for the coffees Doctor Dave and the holistic medical advice and Lee for the technical tips on plastering this morning (Both alternative experts in their fields).
    We mustn’t forget to mention the fourth rider who showed up this morning – Yvona, who did probably the most sensible thing and headed for home after seeing us three amigos just before sunrise in the Royal Oak car park and realising that the ice was everywhere. Once again, proving that it is best to go with Doctor Dave’s recommendations.

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    Dave Barker

    Lee aborting his ride due to man-flu led me to do some thorough and in depth research on the subject, and whether the concept of man flu (as commonly defined) is potentially unjust. An exhaustive trawl of the internet (5 minutes) confirmed my suspicions that men may not be exaggerating symptoms, but have weaker immune responses to viral respiratory viruses than seen in women. This might manifest as perceived excessive energy conservation when men are ill. Lying on the sofa, not getting out of bed, or receiving assistance with activities of daily living, could also be evolutionary behaviours that protect against predators. Perhaps now is the time for male friendly spaces, equipped with baristas serving quality coffee, enormous 4K televisions and reclining chairs, to be set up where men can recover from the debilitating effects of man flu in safety and comfort.

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    Dave Barker

    Three riders: Lee Staples, Steve Butler and yours truly arrived at the G just as it was getting light, wondering how sensible it might be going out in the icy conditions. Winter gritting route agreed the intrepid three set off. 5 miles in Lee pulled up and confirmed a virulent strain of man-flu had invaded his body and that he was aborting. Just Steve and myself then down to Otford, Wrotham and heading for Borough Green where Steve pulled up. I feared Lee’s earlier contagion had spread and taken out another rider but it turned out it was just banana-depletion syndrome. Steve must have one banana at least every hour apparently and the climb up to Crown Point Inn had taken it’s toll. Fully restored we pressed on and made it safely back to Belmondos for a well earned coffee in the warm. Oddly Lee had made a miraculous recovery and joined us just after we arrived so the ‘nobody gets left behind’ club mantra had been adhered to.

    Average 16mph over 35ish miles and an average temp -1degC dropping to -3degC in places. Gritted roads essential and a note to self to stay away from the ice puddles on the inside of the road. Might be sensible to start a bit later in the coming weeks to allow it to get light and warm up a touch too.

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    Nick Patow

    Early Saturday ride;
    Not sure if any of the maybe’s went out in the end. For my part I was walking down to Orpington high street at 10am and nearly fell over on some ice. I hope you got round safely if you did go out.

    That’s it for me until the 30th now. For those attending, I hope you enjoy the club dinner, and beyond that Happy Christmas to you all.

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