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    Alan Else

    Six of us, including new guest Cliff, set off in search of the promised sunshine and warm weather on the G3 ride to West Malling.’ Why are we heading West’ was the question from the bunch as Alan and Simon led the group to Ide Hill. The roundabout route took us around Bough Beech reservoir before joining the road towards Leigh, only to turn off onto the quieter, and prettier, undulating lane to the back of Hildenborough. Heading towards Carter’s Hill we fortunately turned right along the bumpiest road in Kent to Shipbourne and Dunks Green. A testing climb of Grey Ladies hill caused a regrouping stop at the top by the oast houses with slate grey roofs. Onwards through Offham to Ragamuffins cafe in West Malling, only to find that it had been rebranded to ‘Toast’ and full of Rapha club riders who fortunately preferred to block the pavement outside rather than take all the places inside.After sampling the new menu, we headed back through Offham, Basted and Ightham to join the Pilgrim’s Way. Simon tried a last gasp sneaky solo breakaway by taking a short cut, but we reeled him in at the top of the hill out of Shoreham where his legs had emptied! We didn’t find much sun but Simon L, Simon, Ian, Claire W.and prospective new member Cliff (after Ian’s hard sell) joined me for a pleasant 52 mile cruise in the Kentish lanes.

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    Michael Coulton

    G2 Rye
    I pulled into the G at 7.50 with the eebie jeebies for the 110 mile Rye run. As the Avanti colours grew in numbers with the usual G1/G2 suspects I had that I’m not worthy feeling ! After some ” come on mick you’ll be fine ” words of encouragement from the group I set of in our group of 6 led by Chris D. with a nice cruising speed up to the mount and out through Plaxtol before the pace moved up a notch or two. The group rode well together through the Rolling lanes out towards Rye, I was managing ok and fitted in well (I hope).
    Then before I knew it saw a sign post RYE 2 miles Ive made it ! After a good snack of flap Jack (thanks Claire and Simon) cornish pastie, sausage roll coke n coffee I was ready for the run home. We shared our lunch with a thieving seagull who had a taste for scotch eggs (Alistair did anyway). We met with the other group for the return journey, and set of for home along the Military Canal where the peleton reached speeds of 30 mph. A great route back at some high speeds. I really enjoyed this ride with great company and smiles all round. At our final regroup at Pollhill a recovery pint was mentioned so the speed back to the G was high with pb’s recorded on strava,cheers for the pint Chris.
    If any other G3 riders fancy stepping up to G2 give it a go I may well join you.
    Thanks to all for a great ride. Maybe we can do Rye again !
    my ride 120 miles 5000ft climbs 17.7 mph

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      Tony Le Vey

      Mick- you made the right choice! Fantastic day in the saddle and it has been documented that you made it to the front for a (little) while (like me!)! A big thanks to Chris and Simon C for doing very big stints on the front! The noise generated by the ten man peleton (all in Avanti colours) riding two abreast up the Military Road was something else.
      Can’t really add much more to the write-ups, except to say that any G3’s looking to step up to G2 now and again (or permanently), don’t be afraid. If I can do it, you can! It’s not eye-balls out… it’s quick, but its a group ride. No-one gets left behind…
      Chris – My thanks also for the recovery drink at the Rose and Crown.

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    Claire Clarke

    Sat ride. Nick had very kindly plotted a “flat” route for Sat, then at the last minute he couldn’t make it – he gave us some excuse of shutting the car door on his hand, but after I made it back from the “flat” ride I realised he just didn’t want to ride the “flat” route he’d plotted! Only joking Nick – hope the hand is OK.
    Great turn out at the ‘G’, must have been 16 or so of us. Apologies, but too many names to remember. We split into 2 groups, Simon V and Julian kindly led one group and I took the other. We gave the first group a bit of a head start and headed off – straight up Worlds End Lane, that was a shock to the legs. It turned out a beautiful day, blue skies for most of the ride, and despite all the hills, a very nice route – thanks Nick. I thought I started with 8 in the group, all riding well together. Nice to have a couple of potential new members out – Richard and Stuart – hope we see you again soon. I finished with 2, including me! To be fair to me, I only actually lost one person – very sorry Roy, I thought you were with us. Dave B and Graham C decided to take a different route and Johnnie O, Mark and Stuart headed home near Sevenoaks. Thanks to everyone for the company. Claire

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      Grant Rendle

      I found out from Roy at the weekend that he saw us making the right turn and turned around, but then his chain snapped. He had to push up the hill and rolled down, but we were too far in front. Some fine soul gave him a lift to Halfords to get a new chain. Sorry Roy!

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    Bill Fitzgerald

    Wow, from website and Strava updates it sounds like a lot of great rides were had today.
    With a free pass on the best weekend for weather I was really looking forward to getting in 70/80 decent miles, but a pesky allergy reaction since Friday had other ideas. With swollen hands/feet and other irritating stuff I missed a lot of sleep and didn’t wake up until after 9am, so missed what sounds like the G2 ride of the year so far. Thankfully some stronger tablets have me better ready for work (yayyy).
    Hoping to commute in this week to make the most of the good weather ahead of another great weekend of weather next weekend. My summer bike has been scratching at the doors to get out this weekend, I don’t want to let it down again, LOL.

    Well done everyone, especially the Open 25 TT crew.

    Cheers and hope to see as many of you as possible at the club curry night on Thursday, would be great to see you there.


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      Tony Le Vey

      Hey Bill. Sorry to hear about that… you (and the summer bike) were sadly missed. Hope you’re feeling better! See you Thursday.

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    Sefi Dakar

    The ride to Rye was great. Paced myself to Rye ok but missing out on fish and chips which was replaced by a 3 eggs omelette and a brownie wasnt going go be enough . By the time Plaxtol came round, maintaining the high speed return pace simply left me empty. Glad to get back before it rained heavily though. Thanks to everyone working on the front!

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    Chris Dines

    Avanti G2 Trip to Rye and back.

    I’m quite tired, so fairly summary write up here!
    Great turnout today, despite the weather being a bit gloomy. Think we had 15 in total (Me, Graham, Dave B, Alistair, Tony “Idol” Le Vey, Jim, Simon Clark, Simon Heaton, Julian, Mick, Martin R, Gary, Chris Moss, Sefi….am I missing anyone?). On way out we split in to two groups – Golden Graham leading one, me the other. Despite a couple of punctures and a detour at Yalding (complete closure at the rail crossing), we landed up in Rye at a similar time. Julian, Simon H, Martin and Jim turned early to do something more important than riding a bike (It happens).
    Highlights of a pretty cold cafe stop were Graham taking refuge in a red telephone box (with his coffee) and Alistair having his Scotch Egg stolen by a seagull.
    For the journey back, we stayed as one group. Honestly, some great group cycling, good speeds (nearly 19mph average on the return) and plenty of good humour. Everyone riding very well ,and nobody dropped – highish pace, but we always made sure we held together (aside from Plaxtol Hill).
    Such good fun that we had a pint together at Green St Green – very good recovery.
    Particular well done to Alistair (his longest ride – looked fresh at the end) and Mick (who has no trouble riding at G2 level). A final mention to Tony’s new Di2 De Rosa Idol. A strong rider getting the bike he deserves.
    Long ride for me – incorporating ride from home, 204km at 28.5kph average and 5,800ft of climbing. Even got a PB on the A21 run in (though it seems I am not the only one).
    One small (Ex) Chairman comment, not aimed at any individual (lots of people are doing this). If we are wearing club kit, please stop at red lights.

    Enjoy the week.

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    Sam :D

    Although not really a club ride, 6 Avanti riders took part in the KCA Open 25 down near Ashford this morning; Steve, Mark, Rob, Hamish, Marek and I.
    It was a bit misty on the way down, and completely overcast but not too cold and with a light breeze. The course was rolling with lost of potholes to avoid, but as the traffic was so light it wasn’t too hard to dodge around them.

    It was my first proper 25 in about 3 years, so I didn’t know how I was going to get on. Everything seemed to be going OK for me up until I was caught by my minute man about 2/3 of the way round. Unfortunately they ended up pretty much matching my pace right after passing which led to a series of overtakes, during the last of which one of my legs cramped up (I’m not used to sustaining that effort in the TT position for that long) and I had to back off the pace to the finish. Fortunately the wind was behind me most of the way from then on!

    Well done to Rob for being the fastest Avanti rider, and special kudos to Marek for finishing (with a fairly decent time considering) after suffering a couple of mechanicals out on the course!

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      Chris Dines

      Great effort Sam, and thanks for the write up – great to have such a big entry from the club at an Open Event. Sounds like the odds were against you, but still pulled in a good time.

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    Nick Patow

    Tell your stories of a warmer weekend here.
    I missed the Saturday ride yesterday, but heard everyone loved the flatter route 🙂

    Next Saturday I’m planning to ride to Rye and know a few others have expressed an interest (if the ride there goes well I might even ride back !).

    With not so many folk about for the regular ride, is there anyone who fancies leading the 40 mile Early Saturday ride next week ?
    Maybe someone knows of an even flatter route than this week ?

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