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    G3 to Horley enabled 7 of us to enjoy the flat ride as posted on the website .Although newby’s Tim & Sandra were in the wrong group, should have been 1 and 2 respectively, we settled down to a well balanced group ride to Oxted. While waiting to cross the A22 a remarkable thing happened, a mature gentleman motorist stopped his car, ensuring several petrol heads were unable to overtake and beckoned us all to cross the road. He gets the “Knight of the road” award as I have never experienced such curtesy at that junction previously Several stronger riders then took turns to help on the front as the wind grew even more gusty as we passed the open farmland. Fortunately the delightful Italian Café was now open after their recent holiday closure. Such was the warmth of the sunshine that the majority sat outside, Tim eventually coming inside as he felt himself “cooking ” under the sun. The return Journey, with a strong tail wind, was uneventful until I decided to use the Titsey Hill shortcut to reduce the increasing Sunday traffic danger of Polhill. Several riders complained of their heartrate readings at the top. However the 4 mile decent of Cudham Lane quickly eradicated any complaints. 55 miles 15mph 3,103 climbing. Dave B.

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    Simon Heaton

    Myself and Rich Short were the appointed G2 leads for today and were joined by Colm, Shaun, Alistair, Nolan at the G then Russ and Ashraf who we picked up on the way out. As a chain gang of 8 we tapped along nicely looking like a well balanced tight group. Before we knew it we were homing in on the Llama Park having made pretty light work of the journey and enjoyed some spectacular views along the way, particularly from the top of Ide Hill which takes some topping for me.  No Llamas at the cafe and G1 were mysteriously absent too, but it was a pleasant place to stop and we sampled every variety of cake and hot drink on offer while all wedged onto a single picnic table together like castaways in a rowing boat.

    Everyone was apparently feeling fresh so talk turned to making a slight detour to climb the so called ‘wall’ which was apparently nearby.  However just as we approached the turning for it we heard a twang and a yelp of anguish from our esteemed co leader. Turned out Shorty’s rear mech cable had snapped, leaving him now restricted to his smallest sprocket. Bravado around riding home fixy style understandably lasted no longer than circa 10 seconds before Mrs S and the support vehicle was summonded to what was the farthest point on the ride! Shocking luck really but full credit to his husbandry skills, I dread to think what Mrs H’s response would have been!

    Once we’d chaperoned our stricken rider to nearby Crowborough we set about piecing our way back to the planned route from there which turned out to be a nice detour in the end. The return leg was a cracking ride with some superb stretches of tarmac and fantastic backdrops. A couple of the group were feeling the pace a touch so we eased off then regrouped at the top of Baileys before rolling home from there together. The G2 remit to run at 17 mph and leave nobody behind was followed to the letter and a most enjoyable spin it was too. My garmin gizmo said 17mph exactly over 75miles with 1,600m of grinding, quite a lumpy one actually in the end. Great riding chaps, Colm and Shaun both looking particularly comfortable out there today.

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    Steve Rodgers

    The weather this morning – rain and gloom must’ve put off a lot today – either that or the Llamas.
    We had what seemed like half the riders from last week at The G this morning.
    I was leading my first G1 ride of the year – fitness slowly returning.
    We had Richard B, Sam, Ian D, prospective member Adam – out on his second ride with the club and myself.
    Sam had knee issues and turned back after Mark Beech.
    With a small group it meant everyone digging and and working hard – which everyone did.
    It was my first trip out to the Llama park – I took us on a little bit of a mystery tour after missing one turn,
    but after some reps on the A22 we made it – Richard had suggested a diversion to take in the ford at Twyford Lane.
    I’m glad we did – a great little hidden gem – lovely woodland and a steep climb back up.
    The Llama park was good – posh inside.
    Ian’s power nutrition of the day was a bowl of salty chips 🙂
    New guy Adam – has had a good start to his racing season – fitted in perfectly – very strong rider – an ex-rugby player in the Jon Harris mould – shows interest in our TTs too.

    Once we got out over the Weald area the weather perked up – it was a cracking morning and the ride took in some stunning scenery – will repeat this.

    60 miles planned became 70 miles 5.3k ft climbing – LOTS OF HILLS – at 17.3mph avg
    Thanks for the company and effort today, chaps – I felt pretty awful on Bailey’s but had perked up again on the run back up via Polhill.

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    Nick Patow

    Thanks also to Lee Staples for the Cyclopark session in the afternoon.

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    Nick Patow

    The early Saturday ride drew 11 to the G this morning despite the showery start to the day.
    In attendance were John C, Steve B, Paul B, Patrick, Lee S, Dave B, Graham C, Ashley P, Gary P, and prospective new member Philip. Given the size of the group we split into a 5 and 6 to ride up Cudham Lane, before coming together again on the flatter run over to a rather misty Tatsfield. A few rain jackets went on at this point, and we returned to the 5:6 split as we made our way down to Lingfield, where it was brighter, necessitating the removal of all the jackets, whilst also affording us a short regroup as an 11. So with the sun suggesting it was coming out and a wind to help us across we set about enjoying the smooth roads across towards Hever. With me were John, Steve, Gary and Philip, with all looking strong as we chalked off the miles before pulling over in the Hever Castle car park to wait for the six. In the end we had to set off again, unsure if they’d followed a different route or suffered a mechanical. By chance (as we popped out onto the main road at the bottom of Ide Hill ), we were re-united with the 6 who came rolling along from Four Elms and a puncture stop for Patrick ! Annoyingly the traffic lights half way up Ide Hill turned green as we arrived at them, so there was no sneaky rest until we reached the village hall. From there, and on the way up to the village I sought to reassure Philip it was downhill for a few miles from the roundabout, but failed to mention a couple of rises along the way (well it’s mostly downhill), which after his first ride up Ide hill he wasn’t thanking me for. Across the lights at Sundridge we went to work our way up towards Polhill, and a regroup at the top, where we were to find out Dave B had run over a poor little baby rabbit – I’m told it was an accident – which fortunately hopped back into the bushes, albeit with a limp. Patrick had peeled off at the bottom of Polhill, whilst Gary and Graham were needing to get home sharpish by way of a dash down the A21. With no takers to join the Channon/Peart Express the 8 of us took a more leisurely roll down the lanes to get to the coffee, and the end of a most enjoyable ride.
    Thanks to all today for the company and good humour along the way. Well done to Philip, who on his first GSA ride rode beyond 30 miles for the first time this year – Sorry the last 10 miles had the hills ! The ride itself came out at 68km, at 26kph with 650m of climbing

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