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    Alan Else

    I can’t take all the credit for reserving the tables at the cyclist friendly Red Rum café in Lingfield, but the owner recognised me as we passed the kitchen window on the way to securing our machines in the bike rack, and must have immediately put the reserved signs on the tables. That’s the benefit of being a regular customer there, and the food’s good, not to mention the model train!

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    G4 to Cyclopark proved different for one of our newer riders. Let me start at the begining. 10 of us started at the Green, two disapeared at Badgers Mount, not Jenny and Rita but Peter and Brian. We kept the pace steady this week and all arrived together at Cyclopark for refreshments.Steve Chivers spotted a new Williers cycle for sale at a very competitive price. Knowing Rita was looking for a new bike I made enquiries at the Bike Shop after studying, size, weight, group set was worth a full road test on the track.I asked Steve and Denis to take the group back home after refreshments, and with a set of suitable pedals attached I took to the tarmacadum. Following my two laps on this machine I invited Rita to have a go, while I accompanied her on my bicycle. Once she had the gear selection basically soughted (she only has 7 gears on her current machine ) her amazement at the ease of acceleration convinced her to buy ! After requesting a few changes and simple extras, we left a small deposit and rode home. Well almost, Rita had her second experience of her short cycling career,” THE BONK ” Jenny and I waited and waited at the top of Crockenhill, eventually she appeared pushing her bike up the last’ mountain ‘ at the motorway bridge. Obviously spending that much money at the cafe stop consumed her final energy reserves. 43 miles was also her longest ride, ever.

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    Bill Fitzgerald

    Hi all.
    I thoroughly enjoyed my first GSA Saturday ride this past weekend, a great route with great company.
    My first 40+ miles ride and club ride since early September so I wasn’t too sure what to expect from my legs.
    Perhaps that wasn’t the best ride to choose my Cyclo-Cross bike for, but with a suitable average pace the ride and group were both kind to me.
    With my single chainset and CX gearing I started to lose contact coming up Polhill with Graham and Dave B pulling at the front, so I’ll take that for my first ride back.

    I’d just like to say thanks to Nick and Claire for organising the groups on Saturday mornings. With approx 18 riders at the G it’s clear to see why these rides are so popular, keep up the great work.


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    Richard Bingham

    G2 Cliffe: An unusually large turnout by recent standards with 10 riders at the G. Heading out North East made for a change of scenery with the bleak pylon strewn landscapes but also some surprisingly pretty villages. Warm welcome at the café. They have a decent coffee machine, the cake was very good and there were plenty of tables overlooking the lakes. Cyclist friendly but as G3 pointed out last year, the driveway is a bit dodgy.

    Nice social ride and good to catch up with a few members not seen for a while. 55 miles at 15.5mph with 3,900ft

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    Johnnie Owen

    Big thank you to Claire Clarke for being an excellent ride leader on Sunday. Claire runs a tight ship, which meant that we all kept together as a group throughout the morning.
    A really friendly bunch of riders which together with the sun shining made for an extremely pleasant ride. A nice touch at the Red Rum Cafe – on arrival it looked liked there was no space since a large part of the cafe was ‘reserved’. Little did we know that Alan Else had organised ahead of time – nice one Alan!.
    I go to meet lots of new faces and caught up with others I hadn’t seen for a while so thank you to all for a very enjoyable morning.

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    Michael Coulton

    Hi all , a big thanks to Claire for leading a great G3 ride to Lingfield today . We got to the Red Rum cafe at 11.0 clock which we had to ourselves so was served quickly a great cafe we even saw the train going round ! Had a small fryup myself with a fried slice , very nice . A nice steady pace and good riding by the group with smiles all round even at the top of Ide and star hills everyone enjoyed the ride .
    Sorry i missed your ride I was planned to come even had the route on garmin . But whatever your giving away to attract such a big Sat Crew I will have mine next time I see you !!
    Mick C .

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    Claire Clarke

    G3 Sun ride – my turn to lead today, although Alan E very kindly provided a nice route to Lingfield and the Red Rum cafe, which is very welcoming to cyclists. Another big turn out today: Yvona, Sadie, Mick, Keith, Phil, Ian, Johnnie, Neal, Ken and me, to start with (apologies if I’ve missed anyone). Alan joined us for the loop from Four Elms, Simon P found us at the cafe, having not quite made it to the ‘G’ in time, and Simon C also joined us at the cafe on his solo ride! Our route took us out to Ide Hill via Halstead, Knockholt and down Star Hill. On to Four Elms, Edenbridge and Lingfield via Dormansland and our well earned lunch. The return journey was back to Edenbridge, Hever, up Idehill, up Star Hill (thanks Alan!!) and a final blast down Rushmore Hill! Only one puncture today but the sun had come out so it was quite pleasant to wait while it was fixed. Thanks very much to everyone for some good group riding and for taking turns on the front. I think we did just over 80km at 24+km/hr average.

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    Claire Clarke

    Thanks to Nick for the route, and thanks to everyone in my half of the group for all taking turns on the front and hanging on while John fixed his puncture. Shame we got beaten to the indoor seats at the cafe but I certainly wasn’t sitting outside, we deserve extra coffee next weekend! Welcome to Andy who has joined up already.

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      John Maltby

      Thanks Clare for a great ride last Saturday. Apologies for holding everyone back with my puncture but thanks to Neal for helping me fix it (actually he did it all) when my inexperience showed.

      It was great to back in the saddle but showed me that I need to be a more regular attendee …. New year resolution!

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      Neale Napier

      Thanks Claire for leading our Saturday group. I must admit I wasn’t too disappointed to see some of the faster riders head off in Nick’s group :). The big news was that word had obviously spread about John C’s relentless, “on and on” tempo and in a hostile move, has now been signed by a rival battery sponsor. “Duracell” John is now “Every Ready” John. Still pretty effective! Yvona “stop-a-lot” (for one week-end only) was having a series of mechanicals, the most amusing of which was sitting in the road cleaning her cleats, but given the option of sitting on the side in squelchy mud, was pretty understandable.

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      Nick Patow

      Thanks to you too Claire. I really appreciated you coming forward again to offer to lead when the numbers were looking so high. It makes things so much easier to know we’ll have leaders in place armed with the route. Sorry you missed out on your coffee. Hopefully you’ll get a decent one and maybe some cake today if you’re out.

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    Nick Patow

    Oh, forgot to mention, poor Michael from Belmondos had to chase Dave B and Graham C out the shop as they (inadvertently) left without paying ! Error corrected , and no doubt a big tip left by way of apology, it was time to head home.

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    Nick Patow

    A game of cat and mouse…..

    I’m not sure, but think maybe this route triggers something in the Avanti subconscious. The last time I put it up as a Saturday ride back in the summer, we had to ride as three groups as 20 or so turned up. This time 18 were at the G.

    John C, Claire C, Simon C, Andy Mc (new) Simon V, Neale N, Yvona, Martin D and John M.

    Graham C, Dave B, Julian S, Bill F, Russ K, Gary P Steve B, Simon P and Me.

    It all went wrong for me and my tired legs at the splitting of the groups, when none of the faster boys I hoped to wave off at the start on their own had the route in their gamins. That meant I was “leading” them, whilst Claire had taken the duties for the regular group.
    My “leading” lasted about 2k up the road, concluding 20 yards up Stonehouse Lane ! However, I was required to stay close enough to the front to guide my flock, as with a couple of well known “lost sheep” sitting at the front, it meant we couldn’t afford to leave the turns to them.

    I got to the top of Fackenden (last), to find the loss of Dave B off the front proving a concern for the group. We found him though by guessing right on the turn option he’d taken, but it meant we skipped the down and up of Magpie Bottom, much to Russ’s disappointment.
    Down to and along Pilgrims Way we went, where Gary asked for a quick food stop at the junction with Exdown.

    With the early stop it wasn’t long before Claire’s group rolled by, with the ride leader herself shaking her head in disbelief at our lack of endurance. However, Simon P had been struggling, feeling unwell so was in the process of turning for home. (I can confirm he made it back safely).

    Shortly after setting off again we went past two of Claire’s group, with Yvona oddly, sitting in the road ?, but happily waving us on. Then in Wrotham we past the balance of Claire’s group, so were back in front on the road.

    Onwards we went and over to Offham for the far point of our ride, but as we turned Russ punctured, and we got to see Claire’s group again as they sailed past us. Believing our chance of securing the coveted seats inside Belmondos had slipped away, a slightly defeated peloton got rolling again across the lumps back towards Plaxtol. With everyone apart from me looking strong we were making good progress, and as the roads again became familiar, the pace crept up a little. Thanks for holding back for me though.

    In the end there was to be one final twist in the chase to coffee, as on the way down into Seal we again went by Claire (and some of her group) mending their own puncture. Waiting dutifully a little further on were the rest of them, so now we were back in front and heading for the indoor seats !
    With everything remaining on Steve B’s bike this week, nothing was to stop us claiming the warmth of the final indoor space in the cafe. Unfortunately, Belmondos was so busy, Claire’s group could not get a seat, and having turned down the chance to “dine alfresco”, had to make their way home without a caffeine fix. 🙁

    The mystery of Yvona sitting in the road lay in a cleat full of mud and “the middle of the road being the best place to remove it”
    (in case you were wondering).
    Like my legs, my garmin wasn’t really up to the job today, so no data from me, but thanks to all for the company and support today. Finally welcome to Andy Mc, who joined a club ride for the first time today. A quick word I had with him at the finish confirmed he is keen to join the club, so well done to all who made him feel so welcome.

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    Steve Rodgers

    Afternoon all.
    I combined my errands with pootling around on my commuter bike this morning and afternoon.
    20kgs of extra weight on panniers and only 2 gears makes for a fun ride up the hills.
    The Avanti GSat crew were spotted in Seal village this morning – look forward to reading about their ride.

    See some of you tomorrow at The G!

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