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    Claire Clarke

    Sun G3 – 7 started on our trip to ‘Magic Lane’ and teapot: Carl B, Tony LeV, Toby M, Keith C, Rebecca W, Ian G and me. Yet another great route set by our ‘coach’ Alan. We all dutifully followed it out to Plaxtol and on to the nice flatlands beyond. A good 65’ish km of riding before we got to our cafe stop at Teapot Island. So far so good in terms of weather, I had even taken off the arm warmers! Nice lunch stop, then back out to the rain! Jackets on and we started to head for home. Unfortunately shortly beyond Brookside garden centre Ian realised he’d left his glasses on top of the bin at Teapot while he was putting on his jacket. So poor Ian sent us on our way and he headed back to retrieve the said glasses, which were luckily still on top of the bin. That left 5 of us, Toby had turned for home earlier in the ride. Rebecca waved us cheerio at Ivy Hatch as she headed home leaving 4 of us. A few miles later Keith opted to take a slightly quicker route home, leaving just 3, although we met Keith again just before the bottom of Polhill. Great ride, with Carl setting a very nice pace and pretty much riding the whole day on the front-thanks Carl, very much appreciated by me as I wasn’t feeling very strong today! The rain didn’t even seem too bad and by the top of Plaxtol we were all taking jackets off again as we were so warm. I now have one very dirty bike, and I promise next time I’ll be back on the full winter, mudguard bike!

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    Martin Rowling

    G2 had four takers today with Gary, Hamish and Dave joining me at the G. 50% saw fit to add mudguards to their steed, Dave made a half arsed effort with a rear only, while Gary was trying to convince us it was a dry ride as he smashed his way through the puddles up Cudham Lane. His argument would have been more convincing had he not been the only one wearing a rain jacket!!!

    We made our way up Cudham Lane, down Westerham Hill and then over Hosey Hill where we had a nice long stretch of relatively flat roads through Leigh, Hildenborough over to Plaxtol. The rain had kept its distance so we decided to reward ourselves with coffee and breakfast at the Plough. Breakfast done and with the wind and rain picking up, rain jackets were pulled out and a bee line made for home.

    A decent paced loop with good company and surprisingly little rain for the second Sunday running 👍🏼

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    Simon Vaughan

    Thanks for the write up Nick, exactly as I remember it. A great ride at a great pace.

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    Nick Patow

    What a difference a week makes…..

    Just five at the G for this week’s instalment. Colin P, Andy Mc, Simon V John C and myself.
    We were all sporting “the rain is coming” mudguards, but in the end it wasn’t too bad as we beat the weather and escaped with just damp conditions.

    As a group there was a resolve to get round ahead of the expected rain, and it manifested itself in a sprightly pace with everyone taking a turn on the front. Andy set the tone over to Chelsfield, before at the first sight of a hill John rose through the peloton to take up the charge. On the day, Bower lane was the first of three “closed roads” on our route, all of which proved to be no more than cones at either end with no sign of any work going on in-between !

    Tinker pot came and went, then on to Basted Lane and a three man breakaway set off to grab the honour of “first to peel a banana at the top” 🙂 It was during the stop that Colin took the opportunity to say how a glance at his HR had made him hold back whilst others “just rode away from him”. Suspicions were raised slightly by this, although nothing was said.

    The next 10/15 km however pretty much seemed to confirm a little bit of sand bagging had been witnessed on the early hills (Colin ?), ahead of the day’s signature climb up Hubbards ! Colin pulled us along all the way to Hubbards, then controlled the pace up there. The end result were new PB’s for Colin, Simon and Andy. A great effort witnessed from afar by me !

    The smell of the coffee was in the air at this point, as was the fear of rain, so there was no let up for the push homewards, with Andy Mc leading a neat and tidy group up Polhill, before the drop down to Belmondo’s

    With everyone in good form, evenly paced on the day and keeping together as a group throughout, it made for a really enjoyable ride. Thank you all for the great company.

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    Nick Patow

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