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      Richard Bingham

      G2 to Lenham. Six takers for this 80 miler in ideal conditions. Out East along Pilgrims to Ryarsh, through the Mallings, Barming and the picturesque villages of East Farleigh and Loose . Then followed the ten mile gallop along the ridge and we were soon sitting in Lenham village market square enjoying the sun with Pippa’s excellent coffee and cakes

      The return ride is also a joy with a cracking 25 miles of flatlands through Headcorn, Staplehurst, Marden and Hadlow – special thanks to Bert for some really strong pulls through this section. The easy way up via Plaxtol and some of us peeled off for Sevenoaks . 80 miles at 17.5 with 3,700ft. The riders out were Jo, Bert, Russ, Paul, guest rider Pete Glanfield and me

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      G4 to Lingfield enjoyed the warmer conditions, although the riders discipline left a lot to be desired.By the time we reached the top at Grays Lane, two riders had had enough. Although the group were not going very fast, we had a tryout new rider with straight handlebars who I new from experience would find the distance a problem. So it was as predicted, the climbs were the culprit. Our two “off the front” riders had done the damage, causing two further ambitious riders to charge off along Pilgrims Way. Unfortunately for them, I called the group to heel as we needed to shorten the ride.
      A short steep climb would delete several miles from the total distance, giving us all all a 4 mile run down Cudham Lane, instead of the Polhill climb with the speeding cars as company. 45 miles, 13.5 mph. Climbing not recorded.

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      Martin Rowling

      The first G1 ride of the year was a Box Hill loop with plenty of flat country lanes on the way out and some tough hills for tired legs on the way back.

      At the G I was joined by Dave, Gary, Jomo, Graham and Bill with Steve joining us at the top of Ide Hill. The sun was shining, the roads dry and the pace high from the start. There was some good through and off with everyone taking strong turns in the breeze and we were soon approaching Box Hill from the south.

      Graham turned just before we reached Box Hill, in order to get home at a decent time, while the 6 of us carried on towards the start of our hilly return home.

      Gary and Jomo were off like a rocket up Zig Zag Road, over taking cyclists and cars and were soon out of view. The rest of us made it to the top in good time where bottles were refilled and lungs given a minute to recover.

      The return leg was just as fast with everyone looking strong. Gone were the flat roads and hill after hill lead us to Wouldingham and the long drag up Station Road. The only thing that kept me going was hanging on the Bill knowing that Botley Hill farm was not far away… coffee, cake and beers at Botley Hill made the ride feel less painful.. well mainly the beers!

      By the time I had crawled home I’d covered 72 miles with 4,500 feet of climbing at an average of 18.4mph.

      Great day of riding and time to put my feet up with a beer and watch the Giro.

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        Bill Fitzgerald

        Basically what Martin said.

        Great ride, group, weather and coffee stop.
        A decent pace outbound with some rusty thru and off skills on display, but I’m sure we’ll nail them as the weeks go by.
        Throwing a new hill into the mix was interesting with Station Road to Woldingham really testing your pacing skills.

        Well done everyone and a good ride well led Martin.

        PS – Hope you heal quickly Roy and bleed the council for the cost of the wheels.

        Cheers all


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      Steve Rodgers

      Hope you’re not too shaken up, Roy – wish you a speedy recovery.

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      Claire Clarke

      Sorry to hear about your crash Roy, hope you and the bike are OK and you both heal quickly. At least you were well looked after by club mates and the restaurant staff. Take care. Claire

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      Nick Patow

      The early Saturday ride attracted 8 this morning, with a mix of optimistic clothing on show.

      John C, Grant R, Simon V, Ian G, Steve B , Alistair D, Roy and myself.
      Colin was due to join us, but a puncture on the way to the start put paid to that, although we did see him later in the morning riding the route in reverse.

      A quick summary of the route was out via Ide Hill, over to Penshurst and on to Fordcombe. From here we headed for Chiddingstone and on towards Baileys Hill. The group was evenly paced, and all were riding well.

      Here the weather gods turned on us with a block of rain falling heavily, it eased a bit by the time we got to the top, or was that the trees ? but by the time we were descending towards Riverhill the rain was very heavy, and the roads awash with water.

      With the group spread out amongst the traffic, and whilst approaching the first roundabout on the way to Dunton Green, Roy was a victim to a large pothole in the road hidden within a puddle. Luckily Roy escaped with cuts and grazes, but in the immediate aftermouth the bike inspection revealed the impact had not only caused two punctures, but also totalled both his carbon wheels.

      For my part, in returning to the scene not aware of what had happened, I’d like to thank Alistair and Ian for taking control of the situation so quickly. Ian was returning from the Steakhouse having secured an offer of a warm dry place for Roy to wait, whilst Alistair was setting off home to jump in the car to come straight back to get Roy home. Ian stayed with Roy until Alistair arrived, and from messages I’ve seen this afternoon both were brilliantly looked after by the staff of the steakhouse (Miller & Carter), who gave them coffee, and patched Roy up.

      Once Roy was inside with Ian, the remaining five set off to get ourselves home and showered, trying as best we could to stay warm/warm up again, not an easy task for Grant I’d imagine, who was in short sleeves having removed them from his jacket due to getting too hot earlier in the morning. Hopefully we are all now warm and dry.

      In terms of personal injury Roy was pretty lucky today, but has suffered some serious damage to his bike. Does anyone know or have experience of claiming vs councils for costs of damage due to potholes ? (Photo’s of the offending hole have been taken)

      Please be careful one and all, especially if caught in one of these heavy springtime downpours, as the dangers quickly become hidden.

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