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    G4 were well represented with 6 riders. We decided to change our destination to Brookside Garden Centre as Hadlow College had a special event and would be difficult to enter the facilities.Brian was recovering from some nasty hospital examinations, Jenny benefitted as we kept the pace quite low as some riders had not ventured out since before the “Beast from the East”.I felt OK and dug a little deeper from Bat & Ball to the top of Polhill where we all regrouped. Well over 40 miles in total, weather very acceptable. Sorry for the late write up but have only got back on line after suffering from a typical Virgin Media 7 day black out. NOT SURE HOW THE WEATHER WILL BE THIS COMING SUNDAY !

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    Michael Coulton

    A great ride out to Llama park today we even saw some Llamas ! Lots of lumps on the way out and quite a few more on the return.
    Some great lanes which I have not riden before through the hills and villages which were enjoyed by all.Good to see Chris D back in the saddle going well, thanks to Simon for leading and the group for a great ride. Another bike clean needed !

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    Bill Fitzgerald

    With Mother’s Day duties with my little girl today I headed out for a solo loop yesterday morning.
    Dressed in Nanoflex and Gabba for some expected rain it was pleasant to remain dry.
    Simple loop taking in a coffee at Edenbridge then back via Ide Hill.
    Gradually getting in more miles but still behind schedule.
    Easy does it, just glad to be outdoors – 46 miles, 2,195ft, ave mph 17.
    Hope you all had enjoyable and safe rides.

    Maybe hear about some of them at tomorrow night’s club social evening?


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      Tony Le Vey

      Thanks for leading this one Simon. Strong riding from the whole group and good company! Fast finish for the three of us down to the G… BTW Chris may have questioned the hills but who was first over the top most of the time? Good to meet new member Rob… fitted in perfectly to the 3’s. See you again soon…

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        Chris Dines

        Yup – would be great to see Rob join.

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    Simon Lumsdon

    G3 was well attended this morning with Chris, Mick, Tony, Lee, Ken, Keith, new member Rob?, Yvonna and Jim. The route was over to the Llama park and Chris grumbled about the hills out and back! Lee and Ken decided the pace was too high and turned at Ide but the rest of us cracked on at a decent pace. Chatting to Jim going up the Ashdown forest made it pass quicker than expected and we arrived at the llama lark ready for some welcomed coffee and cakes. All went well on the way back until Keith had to pack near Bough Beech reservoir due to a broken collar bone 2 weeks ago. 60m at 15’s and all agreed a good ride in mild weather. The roads were shocking though from the recent bad weather, very badly broken up.

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      Chris Dines

      A great trip out and a nice group – well led Simon.I loved getting out for a proper ride finally.
      As you know Mr Lumsdon, I was grumbling at your description of the “flat route” back :-)…..hmmmm!

      75 miles door to door for me, and 5,500ft of ascent. Really enjoyed meeting a few people I’ve not cycled with before.

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    Nick Patow

    A brief meeting at the G with Graham Channon and Marek who were heading for Rye, and the Early Saturday Ride was back on the road.
    There was a cast of eight this morning. Joining me was John C, Neale N, Andy Mc, Simon P, John M, Colin P and Alistair D.

    Having failed to start my Garmin properly, but not realising what I’d done wrong, I needed to check the route right from the start with those who had downloaded it. Thank you to those who helped here.
    Up Cudham lane, then over to Shampan before dropping down to Pilgrims Way and across to Oxted we went, with the group riding well together and communicating as necessary as and when it got a little stretched.

    When we popped out at the A25, we were entering the flatter rolling part of our route, roughly 22km of largely decent road surfaces without any significant uphill, all the way across to the bottom of Hever Castle. Every time this route is ridden the pace picks up a little here, and today (what with turning away from the head wind), was no exception. Colin and Alistair moved to the front, both looking very strong whilst pulling the group along behind them. Things came to stop for the only puncture of the day which came conveniently at just about half way, so providing an ideal food stop opportunity, whilst breaking the faster section into two pretty much equal sections.
    As we approached Hever the message was coming through that the pace had been pushing one or two a little bit too hard, and an adjustment was duly made to keep the group riding together more comfortably.

    Ide Hill however split the pack as always, but a regroup at the top and a few moments of rest for all set us up for the final leg. Down to Sunridge, then over and up Polhill we went, before a final regroup for the eight at the top.
    Here we said goodbye to Alistair as he headed home, whilst Andy peeled off at the bottom of Rushmore. John M and Simon headed straight for their cars at the G, so it was just the four of us who rolled to the “official finish line” of the Saturday ride, being the door threshold at Belmondos.

    It was good to be back out on the bike with Avanti after the recent bad weather (although my Strava says different !). Thanks to all for the good company throughout, and to those who shared the time on the front on a windy morning. Thanks to John C for picking up the coffee tab.
    Simon P’s G to G Strava ride says we did 66km at 26.4kph with 700m of climbing. My “Indoor” effort is slightly different though.

    Enjoy Mothers Day tomorrow one and all.

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