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      Bill Fitzgerald

      G2 – Newdigate (Henfold Lake Fisheries Cafe)
      Myself, Martin R, Richard B, Chris M, Jo-Jo, Adam D, Matt W, Bert H & Russ K.

      9 of us departed the G shortly after 9am heading off via PolHill, Pilgrims, Tandridge, Horley etc and made our way to Newdigate.
      As advertised the pace was higher than usual. With the majority of the group being G1 riders the pace was decent with the headwind not helping and partly to blame in causing some splits. Reaching the cafe in good time we enjoyed the rebuilt cafe with so-so quality of coffee but nice lemon drizzle cake 🙂
      Meeting Jim N at the cafe we returned as a group of 10 and enjoyed a certain amount of tailwind which thankfully made any higher paced efforts a bit easier. Following a recent period of hard rides Russ K called it a day on riding in the group and made his own way back. Hope you got back ok Russ.
      Riding slightly slower following the split we continued to retrace our route riding well as a group and seeing Jo-Jo not only secure several top 10 strava spots but also a couple or so QOM crowns. Excellent work Jo.

      A thoroughly enjoyable ride with a good group and despite the strong headwinds it was a really good workout. If the cafe could just upgrade their coffee a bit it would have been an A* ride LOL.

      With more G1 riders than G2 today and possibly regularly we may need to consider a separate G1 ride on days like today or at least make sure we discuss potential speeds and agree if separate groups need to be agreed on. To help understand this requirement it would be good to know up front if anyone has a need to consider a slower pace etc, that way we can discuss as a group and split or adjust the intended pace if need be.

      Today’s ride: 75.5 miles, 4h rs 2 mins, 3.8k ft climbed, ave speed 18.7mph.

      Well done today everyone, great riding.


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      Charles Lockwood

      G4 had 4 takers to start with: Sandra and Chris returning from Prudential duty and Ken back from an injury layoff. We met up with Ian on the way as he’d picked an early puncture before getting to the G. We headed off towards Polhill where it was good to bump into Brian Bulmer who was back out on his bike.

      We carried on to Ide Hill and then. to Hever and Edenbridge before our coffee stop in Oxted. After a good chat we headed back along Pilgrims and up Polhill.

      A tad windy so very grateful that everyone took turns at the front.

      An uneventful but thoroughly enjoyable ride. I recorded 42 miles at 14s.

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      Claire Clarke

      Sat – I’m hoping it was the windy conditions and the fact that it’s holiday time, and not something I said, but we only had 5 takers today: Simon V, Adam D, Steve B, Bert H and me. We headed out to Eynsford via Worlds End Lane, Well Hill and Crockenhill. We’d just started heading up Bower Lane when the ‘puncture’ shout came, from Steve. He set about changing it and when I thought he was nearly finished I set off up the hill so I wouldn’t slow everyone down. I got all the way to the end of Bower Lane and no sign of anyone, message from Simon – the repaired tyre had gone flat so attempt number 2 was happening! By this point it had started to rain and I was getting cold so decided to ride up and down the flatter part of Bower Lane when I met Adam. Together we did a few reps before the others appeared. Everyone was rather wet and cold by this point and we considered shortening the ride, but no-one seemed in a hurry to get back so we carried on. It did dry up and I think I dried out! The route took us to Heaverham, Pillar Box Lane, Ightham Mote, back to the bottom of Plaxtol, up to Crouch and back to the Pilgrims Way via Borough Green. Finally Shoreham and Shacklands before a later than usual arrival at Belmondos for a well earned coffee. Bert also had a puncture which resulted in a rather large slit in his tyre. Simon came to the rescue with his ‘tyre boot’ and we were soon on our way. At least this puncture was in the dry and I think even a bit of sun. One disadvantage of the nice quiet lanes, lots of debris! Thanks to all for a good ride, once I’d warmed up, and keeping the pace sensible so I could keep up. But, special thanks to Adam for big turns on the front and protecting us from the wind. And thanks to Steve for the coffee.

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      Alan Else

      Smooth tarmac, gravel, off road, cobbles, fresh tar, footpaths and a church yard: the G3 ride to Aylesford Priory had it all – a full cornucopia of delights, so I hope prospective members Liam and Rebecca enjoyed it, the last having ridden up from Borough Green in the morning to meet us at the start. The weather too was a mixed bag of sunshine, showers and gusty wind, but warm enough to dry us after the rain. A straightforward alternative route took us through Shoreham, Kemsing and Heaverham to Wrotham, where a short wait for Alan to tighten his handlebars caused a slight deviation up the aproach to Wrotham Hill, with a detour around Trottiscliffe to Ryarsh, where, at the second attempt, we took the right turn to West Malling, East Malling and over the old stone bridge at Aylesford to a welcome refueling stop at the Priory. There, we finally diagnosed the source of the rattle on Sadie’s bike – a loose valve stem in an oversized valve stem hole in the rim, easily curable with sticky tape rather than a new bike – and Keith having sorted out Liam’s pedal tension to prevent further falls, we started back through Offham , Basted and Borough Green, mending Rebecca’s puncture on the way, then Pilgrims Way and Polhill. 10 riders, 53 miles, 15.2 mph and a lot of good natured banter.

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