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    Steven Butler

    Oh Cripes Mick! Sorry to hear that mate and we all hope you make a speedy recovery.
    Quite an eventful Saturday ride too… I couldn’t persuade our glorious ride leader JC to write anything mildly amusing about it. So, not to usurp but merely to scribe for the record. JC formed two groups at the G with Adam agreeing to lead an advance party (apologies – I cannot recall all of the group) up the A21 towards Bromley and left into Shire Lane towards Biggin Hill not quite as per the advertised route. Russ turned up tardy, just as we (Me, John C, Marek S, Bert H, Rob G, Claire W, & Graham?) the second group were rolling out towards Old Hill as part of JC’s cunning plan to get back to Belmondos first – should have remembered it would be shut being a Bank Holiday. Russ couldn’t be dissuaded from joining us, resolutely refusing directions to catch up with the first group further up the A21. So, we sped up and over Old Hill, the plan worked and we never saw Adam’s group again. A good well disciplined ride followed at quite a pace, being fairly flat. Everything was going so well until we were approaching Edenbridge, a couple of miles out and bang – Rob G’s front wheel tacked down a rut like a scalectric, de-tyred and sent him crashing to the floor (cracking the back of his helmet) with Russ braking hard and running into him and bike, with a graceful dying swan mid air move (think Chris Ashton scoring a try for England) over the handlebars and into the rough for a softish landing on his back. I managed to swerve the carnage and pull up. Rob being super tough, soon recovered and picked himself up and set about trying to straighten his severely buckled front wheel. looking like a medieval blacksmith with the pox at the anvil (man that has got to hurt in the shower), he utilised a pair of field gates to clamp the wheel and bend it back just enough to run through the forks with the brake opened out. We all managed to set off again slowly with Rob’s bike now resembling a circus act, at this point with safety in mind heading for Edenbridge Station for Rob and Claire’s pre-arranged rescue recovery. We parted company once convinced Rob would be ok and the remaining few; including a miraculously unscathed Russ, headed off back to the G for coffee at Poppy’s. It turned out to be a day for revelations, miracles and we all felt blessed to make it back safely – in fact we were; a street preacher complete with full size mobile crucifix, shook hands and blessed us all out side Poppies (the owner even wished us well on the way out – spooky!). As for revelations, it turns out that Marek has been labouring under the illusion that a cyclist can be the equivalent of a horsepower at 600Watts – in fact it is approx. 730 Watts per HP and so this news changed his outlook on life on this amazing day. Hope you recover from that nasty road rash soon Rob.

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    Michael Coulton

    Sunday’s 4 miles to the G.
    Looking forward to my Sunday G3 ride I left home at 8.45 to head to the G to meet Avanti. Approaching the roundabout at Belmondos I checked the surrounding traffic to head straight over from Orpiington a bus behind and a car on the left at Glentramin avenue junction which was staitonary I proceeded across the roundabout at approximately 15 mph.
    When directly in front of which I think was a Mondeo the driver put his foot down probably to beat the bus across.
    Seeing the bonnet come hurtling towards me I new what was about to happen.
    Being sent hurtling through the air and landing head first into the road (with thanks to my now dented giro helmet)
    A witness said I done a fantastic cartwheel from my head.
    Laying in the road for an hour before the Ambulance arrived not wanting to move due to neck pain. Thanks to the other Avanti riders who were passing for helping to guide the traffic and looking after my mess of a bike.
    Now sitting in Kings college hospital for a plate to be fitted to repair my fractured neck.
    Hoping no one else comes a cropper. Stay safe on them roads. Sometimes you feel like a target!

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      Alan Jarrett

      Terrible news Mick! wishing you a speedy recovery.

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      Simon Parker


      I hope the op goes well and you make a speedy recovery.

      Best wishes, Simon

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      Chris Dines

      Hi Mick – really sorry to hear you’ve had a bad accident. You obviously hit the deck with a bang. I hope the plate fixing goes well – you are in good hands at that hospital. Catch up soon.

      I had a long weekend in Flanders – more beer than planned, but plenty of miles in the wind. Carbon and Calorie neutral 🙂

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    Tony Le Vey

    Mick was transferred from the Princess Royal to King’s last night. I popped in to see him this afternoon. His head is bandaged and he’s wearing a fairly hefty neck brace. He has a fracture in his neck which will require a plate (operation later in the week) and has had 7 or 8 stitches in his ear to piece it back together. All in all a bit of a mess unfortunately.

    However, Mick being Mick, he was in surprisingly good spirits and still eating (don’t know where he puts it all). Hopefully he’ll be back soon.

    ROB G
    Rob had a crash on Saturday and apparently has some road rash and a stiff neck. Claire has administered ibuprofen and sent him to bed! Get well soon mate.

    I’ve also been alerted that Daryl Herridge had an accident on the way to the G a few weeks ago. Hope all is ok with him too…

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    What a deadful start to Sunday’s ride, seeing Mick Coulton lying in the road after a car had hit him sufficiently fast to send Mick and bike flying through the air. On inspection the nearside crank arm was bent under the bottom bracket.Police were in attendance, but fairly ineffective as club members had to stop traffic from attempting to push through. Further information about Mick’s condition would be appreciated.

    Fortunately the organized ride to Brookside (slightly delayed) went exceedingly well.8 members of mixed ability attended, including one member who we had not seen since September. I led until Basted Hill where several “Mountain Goats” took off for the preme. By the time we reached the next major descent towards 7 mile lane, one member called it a day.(trust he found his way home OK ) Following our usual excellent food and Service we were again delayed as someone had forgotten the code to their padlock.Despite Steve Chivers excellent help with a small file, another member sought help from a van driver who lent us a hacksaw.(Police were requesting help to locate several bike thieves dressed as cyclists)
    On the climb to “Piddlers Gate” Graham Channon politely passed through, followed a short distance later by G1 / G2 pursuers. A fabulous ride with various members helping out on the return journey as the headwind became more apparent. Approximately 45 miles at 14mph, climbing not recoeded.

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    Steve Rodgers

    Ride leaders – please write up the weekend rides.
    Everyone else – look forward to hearing about your rides.

    Sorry to hear that we had some nasty accidents this weekend – speedy recovery to everyone involved.

    I had a ride myself Saturday and Sunday – was good to bump into G3 at Flanes Wood and then Richard Liston in Plaxtol.
    Other than that – a very peaceful ride around the lanes on Sunday afternoon – half in sunshine, half in rain.

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