G2 Ride Sun 24th June – Let’s Ride!

Hi all…nothing posted yet, but I’m sure some of us must fancy riding this Sunday! I’m riding Saturday, but doing the double sounds like a plan. Anyone fancy leading? I can lead one of my loops, but I don’t currently use GPS/Bike Computers so would be the old fashioned way…Leave comments below! Russ K

G1/2 :50 miles on gritted roads with no cafe stop

Should be a beautiful morning for a club ride but very nippy. Will be on gritted roads exact route and pace to be agreed on the day.  Please let us know if you intend to be out as hoping for a quick getaway. Richard P.s If you’re worried about being out in the cold for three hours, check out this guy’s commute from Groombridge to Central London on Thursday morning via Rye!! 

SATURDAY 8.00 – G3 125 miles. Steve B leading

Keep your eyes open for plenty of opportunities for coast bound rides this month as the boys are in training for The Tour of Flanders. Steven Butler to lead G3 pace leaving at 8am Meet at the G for 8am kick-off sharp. Please mark you’re attending so we know whether to wait. Optional turning points for those tight on time, too – at Rolvenden and Rye.

WHITSTABLE G2 130 miles – Saturday 26th

130 miler this Saturday leaving from the Royal Oak at 7.30am to Whitstable led by Graham As next weekend I’m off to Flanders, riding on Mother’s Day this Sunday was going to cost me too many beer miles, so I’m planning to do another epic Saturday ride to the coast . . . this time Whitstable. Here’s the route: weather looking fab – not sure about the wind though! To avoid Maidstone and – Read more…

Rye G2 ROULEUR 100 Miler – Sunday 26th

Hi, As it’s Mothers’ Day, and we have an hour less time in bed (!) i have decided to go with the classic Rye Route. The Weather is looking great, so I expect us to be back by 2.30pm Chris Dines to lead – G2 pace Cafe stop at Rye Harbour Meet at the G for 8am kick-off sharp. Sevenoaks pick-up point at The White Hart pub, River Optional turning points for those tight on – Read more…

Extra Early Sunday Ride 45-50miles 8.30am start

Hey guys,   I am in need of finishing early on Sunday but still would like to get a G2 pace ride in. I am aiming for 45-50 miles spin round Kent with a 12.30pm finish time so there might be time to have a coffee stop. Not particularly fussed about this. I will select a route in the meantime (unless you have a stonking route that fits this criteria!). This is the route : – Read more…

G2 Tulley’s Farm

Steve to lead G2 on the same route as G1 to Tulley’s Farm. You might even fancy trying G1 out and G2 back. G2 pace ~16mph 25-27kmh We won’t be pushing beyond anyone’s capabilities and we’ll stick together all the way. Route to be posted but it’s around 60 miles and pretty flat so. Please register to let me know you’re attending.

G2 Basted Ride

Chris Dines leading.  60 miler out through Knatts Valley taking in nice lanes around Basted. This is a route on largely minor lanes, with some nice climbs to test the legs. There is one 10 mile flat section, ideal for a bit of through and off. Quite a few hills so don’t expect anything more than a 16/17mph average. My plan is that we have an optional coffee stop on the way back – at the – Read more…

G2 – Llamas + Rich + Heato

Simon Heaton + Richard Short are lined up to lead G2-paced ride(s) out to the Llama park – 60 miles. Not the same fellas that had nationwide fame for wandering onto the train tracks earlier in the week. Same route as G1 –

G2 Trevereux Hill

4 Elms Lumps n Lanes – lovely hilly route with hidden lanes – the icing on the cake is Trevereux Hill. Refreshment stop in 4 Elms. Route info: 60 miles with lots of hills to break up the G2 pace- plenty chance to test your hill climbing.

G2 Chiddingstone Loop at 16/17mph (Chris D leading

A shortish (45 mile) ride through great countryside with a few lumpy bits, plus an optional break at Chiddingstone Cafe. G1 doing same route, so you can always start with them and drop back if struggling. G2 will ride at a pace that all are comfortable with. The climbs are: Fackenden Down, Seal Chart, Toy’s Hill, Brasted Hill.

G2 Box Hill – 70 miles

Chris Dines will be leading G2 to Box Hill. As highlighted in our most recent Newsletter it is essential that you “please mark your attendance” as club numbers are on the up which may necessitate for us to arrange additional ride leaders. Please download the route onto your GPS unit – gives us a ‘forced recruitment option’ if we need additional leaders : ) Weather is looking awesome . . . sunny with mild highs of only 13ºc  (tailwind – Read more…

G2 Beals Barn BEWL – 70 miles

Andy will be leading G2 to Beals Barn – approx 70 miles. 4,000ft of climbing so estimate av speed 16.5mph. As highlighted in our most recent Newsletter it is essential that you “please mark your attendance” as club numbers are on the up which may necessitate for us to arrange additional ride leaders. Please download the route onto your GPS unit – gives us a ‘forced recruitment option’ if we need additional leaders : ) Weather is looking – Read more…

G2 Sunday Clubrun

Hello All. This weekend we again share our route with G1: A prompt start at 9.00 and a sub 60 mile route should see us home in reasonable time. The route has some pleasantly undulating terrain in the middle of it, but ands with a Star Hill shaped sting in its tail!

Sunday G2 ride – sociable winter miles 😉

As usual we’ll be rocking out from The Royal Oak @ 9am. Route will be uploaded closer to the weekend when we have a better idea of the weather. All suggestions welcome : ) A few pointers on winter riding: Please think about your fellow riders by fitting winter tyres to reduce your chances of punctures (more grip + puncture resistance) Two inner tubes/pump/co2. Mudguards if wet/rain forecast /  lights. Ride next to or behind – Read more…

Sunday G2 ride with Steve R

Hi all – I don’t get out on many club rides at the moment but this is my last chance for 2017 so I’ll be leading a social-paced G2 ride. Meet at 9am at The G for a depart shortly after (no later than 9:15) and we’ll do a ~50 mile ride. Forecast is cold but dry and not a lot of wind – so we should be fine even if there was interest in – Read more…

Sunday G2 wet ride to Teapot 40 miles

Yes, the news you’ve all been waiting for – Teapot Cafe is now open! This will be a G2 paced zone 2 ride (around 75% max heart rate) – wet and cold – so put your brave faces on! I’ll be there as long as the rain isn’t torrential – the website will be updated at 8.15am on the morning of the ride if it’s cancelled – so please check before you leave. Wrap up – Read more…


I’ve been off the bike for 3 weeks so taking an easy run down to Tea Pot. As forecast is cold hoping the later start will help by a few degrees. I can add a few lumps and loops depending on the group vote based on just how cold it is. Wrap up and see you at The Oak – cheers Graham

G2 Tulley’s Farm (Probably Damp!)

I will be leading a G2 paced ride to Tulley’s farm and back, using the V3 route: The pace will average between 16-17mph, aiming to be back by 1pm or so. The route is 58miles and mostly rolling, but as this is a Sam Special™ it might vary a bit 😉 Meet at the Royal Oak at 09:00 as usual. It’s likely to be a bit wet so bring your waterproofs and your mudguards. – Read more…

G leading G2 on the Kent Invicta Grimpeur

I’ll be at the Green @ 8.30 to escort G2 to the Otford start for the Kent Invicta Grimpeur 100 (don’t register interest on this page use link below) Weather looking rubbish at the moment and with rain and morning temps of just 3ºc (feels like 1ºc). If weather is like this assume I WON’T BE THERE – but let’s just hope things improve so check in Saturday evening : ) Audax start time in Otford – Read more…

G2 Yalding, The Classic Loop

G2 Easter Sunday Ride For those not licking the cobbles in Flanders, there’s some muffins and coffee for grabs at Tea Pot Island. This is the Classic Yalding route – 57 Miles 9am start from the G Mudguards if wet, please click attendance.

G2 Sunday 22nd Bewl loop

Chris and I leading a G2 ride – leaving the Green sharp at 9.00am. Beals Barn Gardens closed so to celebrate I’ve tweaked the route to take in a food stop @ 50 miles (near East Peckham – it’s a secret) – should be quite an epic outing with 75miles (120km) + 6,000ft (1,800m) climbing : ) Last week was a trial run using Strava route planner vs Ride with GPS – seemed to have – Read more…

G2 100km Marden loop

What happened to the warm weather? Forecast currently saying 5ºC and windy with a slim chance of rain. Depending on the weather plan is to loop out via Eynsford to Loose, down to Marden then return via Plaxtol. We can easily take a short cut. Click here to download route

Early Saturday G2 Duddleswell

G2 ride around Crowborough. A fair number of riders doing San Fairy Ann Sportive on Bank Holiday Monday so main reason organised G2 ride is on Saturday this week. 67m/105km and lumpy 5,500ft/1,700m. Click here for route Trying out Duddleswell tea rooms at the 40m/65km mark Will be about 4.5hr ride plus stop so a prompt 8.00 start.


We have a number of G2 riders doing the SFA Sportive this BH Monday so the planned G2 ride has moved to an early 8am start this Saturday. I’ve put this feed up in case people would like to open a discussion about arranging a ride Sunday, or just turn up and get social with the other groups – I’m sure G3 will be accommodating : )

G2 to Marden 98km 770m

Meet at 9am for a 9.15 start. Over the summer due to holiday commitments we will be loading up rides with a suggested route to download. Feel free to reorganize and lead rides based on attendance but download this ride in the first instance and if you wish to lead please make sure you come prepared with an alternative route on your GPS.  

G2 Ride Sun 24th June – Let’s Ride!

Hi all…nothing posted yet, but I’m sure some of us must fancy riding this Sunday! I’m riding Saturday, but doing the double sounds like a plan. Anyone fancy leading? I can lead one of my loops, but I don’t currently use GPS/Bike Computers so would be the old fashioned way…Leave comments below! Russ K

G2 G1 Sunday 24th June

No rides up for Sunday for G1 nor G2 this week – Graham and Chris are off to the Pyrenees avoiding the massive holes in the road caused by flooding and landslides! I’m out for a ride on Sunday but have to be home around midday. If there’s enough interest for a ride I’m happy to lead a short one or start off a short one that others find their way home from. Alternatively use – Read more…

G2 Trevereux Hill

G2-paced ride out along some lovely lanes from The G, descending Gangers, some more lovely twisty flowing lanes up to the mighty Trevereux Hill – traffic free and very steep! Cafe stop at 4 Elms – perhaps Ide Hill – or straight back home depending on the group. Meet at The G early enough ready to roll out at 9:00. I’ll lead (Steve R) – please download a copy of the route in case we – Read more…

G2 Sunday 8th July

Another weekend with a lot of riders away on holidays or events. Meet as usual early enough to have a bit of chat before departing at 9am.   I’m happy to lead another ride – what kind of route would be popular this week? Long, scenic and relatively flat – Lenham: We could do the Llama park route – G3 are going there… My original G1 open day route via Birling Hill: My crazy hill – Read more…

G2 Ride to The Boathouse Yalding

Graham’s leading a ride out to err . . . the newly refreshed Boathouse: Lumpy route out via Eynsford, the beautiful Knatts Valley followed by the Col du Knatts Lane. Loop via Loose back through Yalding for a stop at the Boathouse then a nice 25 miler home from there. Nice n sharp 9am start – about 65miles  

G2 100km Green Fingers Cafe

Chris leading a ride following the Old Port RT route extended to take in a fuel stop at The Green Fingers Cafe (within Ashdown Garden Centre). Fast social pace around 16.5mph depending on lumps. Leaving the Green @ 9am sharp. Weekend warriors or those pushing the pace too high will be asked to show off their skills in G1 on the return who are riding the same route : ) One review of Green – Read more…

G1 and G2 Sunday Coast Ride

Given the hot weather forecast ‘King of the Downs’ will be a bit of a tall order – so I’ve now tweaked a flatter route to Dymchurch which has plenty of shady lanes to keep us a bit cooler. Early 7.00am start to ‘beat the heat’! 190km + 1,100m / 120mile + 3,700ft Estimate speed 18.7mph/30kmh – 7.5 hrs inc food stop. Waterholes: Headcorn 36 miles Dymchurch 59 miles Headcorn 82 miles Teapot 95 miles – Read more…

G2 – 70 Mile Marden Meander

Weather forecast looking great for Sunday, dry with pleasant highs of 23ºC. Join Chris D on a G2 paced ride down to Marden. Mark your intention by clicking attend for either G1 or G2 – you can swap groups at the fuel stop @ 49 miles if you need a change of pace. G1 If you like pushing the pace you should join this group where you’ll ride in rotation and be expected to – Read more…

G2 Trevereux Hill

We last rode this on 1st July – just as the Tour de France was about to kick off, as the Vuelta is kicking off, it seems like a good time to tackle it again. Last time we had to take a diversion, this time we’ll run the usual route. Rain is forecast for later in the afternoon, so we’ll meet at The G and be ready to depart for a 9am start. Cafe – Read more…

G2 Box Hill 60 miles Monday 27th

Fancy a Bank Holiday Monday ride? Been chatting on WhatsApp (if you want to get involved with ride leading and routes this is the best place!) … people have things to get back for so we’re starting early 8am . . . quick coffee stop should still see us back for 12.30pm G2 pace and quite lumpy Route here: Start temps 14º (arm warmer/gilet ?) riding to 17ºC with very little chance of rain

Sunday G2 Tully’s 60 miles

Starting at 9am sharp. Popular route – the cake @ Tulley’s perhaps the reason?  Download Tulley’s here:: If we’re low on numbers we may combine G1 and G2 (at a G2 pace) – so I suggest you have the G1 (Staplehurst) ride available  

G2 – Classic Yalding Ride

Ride leader Hamish Brown 9am depart from the G Sorting RideWithGPS link asap, but for now here’s the Strava page Lots of chat on the G2 WhatsApp group Please show your interest via the usual options. Thanks

Cyclopark Training Session

Training session at Cyclopark, has been booked for Saturday 27th October 2018 14:30-16:30. The aim of the session is to introduce and improve cycling skill required for club group rides and time trials. Great session for riders just beginning and/or wanting to improve – practise existing skills. The session will be lead by certified British cycling coaches Lee Staples and Richard Liston. The Cyclopark is a purpose built traffic free environment, has great facilities (changing/parking) and – Read more…

G2 Sunday Ride – NEW ROUTE

First time newbie at this so please forgive any errors…… Weather permitting I’m leading a ride this Sunday from the Green at 9.00 going to Tulley’s Farm on the standard route lifted from the club site. Definitely a G2 pace (or slower!). Please can you try and get the route onto your machine/s as mine has a habit of going wrong. NEW ROUTE  TO TULLEYS MISSING OUT SMALLFIELD LANE POTHOLES: I’ve also re-routed – Read more…