G2 Ride Sun 24th June – Let’s Ride!

Hi all…nothing posted yet, but I’m sure some of us must fancy riding this Sunday! I’m riding Saturday, but doing the double sounds like a plan. Anyone fancy leading? I can lead one of my loops, but I don’t currently use GPS/Bike Computers so would be the old fashioned way…Leave comments below! Russ K

G2 Tulley’s Farm

Steve to lead G2 on the same route as G1 to Tulley’s Farm. You might even fancy trying G1 out and G2 back. G2 pace ~16mph 25-27kmh We won’t be pushing beyond anyone’s capabilities and we’ll stick together all the way. Route to be posted but it’s around 60 miles and pretty flat so. – Read more…

G2 Basted Ride

Chris Dines leading.  60 miler out through Knatts Valley taking in nice lanes around Basted. This is a route on largely minor lanes, with some nice climbs to test the legs. There is one 10 mile flat section, ideal for a bit of through and off. Quite a few hills so don’t expect anything more than – Read more…

G2 – Llamas + Rich + Heato

Simon Heaton + Richard Short are lined up to lead G2-paced ride(s) out to the Llama park – 60 miles. Not the same fellas that had nationwide fame for wandering onto the train tracks earlier in the week. Same route as G1 –