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G3 Solo out and back ride to Markbeech. Staggered start 09.30 to 10.30

About the event:

Created by Alan Else


  1. Alan Else Post author
    Here is the suggested solo ride out and back to Markbeech.(42 miles). Or turn back at Chiddingstone for a shorter ride.
    Remember that you can still spread the corona virus even if you have no symptoms, but if you do decide to go out, go on your own and keep your minimum 2m distance from others, even if you stop. Only ride at a speed at which you are in full control – the last place you want to end up at this time is in hospital! If you see Avanti riders, or others, give them a friendly wave and a thumbs up to keep up social contact.
    All welcome, but stagger your start between 09.30 and 10.30 to avoid bunching up. Most of all – enjoy riding the bike in the sunshine (let’s hope)

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