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Early Saturday Ride

About the event:

Created by Nick Patow

Use this event to coordinate with others who might be out this Saturday


  1. Alastair Wood

    No but quite similar to the one we did the other week past Dowbe, Biggin, down somewhere near Titsey, Oxted along Pilgrims and back up somewhere. I’m sure Nick must have many in his Arsenal of routes we’ve done before.
    At least we need to avoid going due South as much as poss and going to far past Orpington as we will be pushing into it…

  2. Alastair Wood

    Henry has “agreed” to go on the front to take the brunt of the wind, but we should be ahead of the worst of it. It is from the south (SSW) so if we can keep to E-W roads along the top of the downs then drop down and back W-E then we should not be head into it too much. The worst of the wind is coming in after 11/12 by which time we should be back, and rain likewise in the afternoon…

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