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Early Saturday Ride - A ride round to Hubbards......

About the event:

Created by Nick Patow

Meeting from 7:45 at the G for an 8am start, the ride will take in a loop round to Hubbards before making its way back to Belmondos.

Please indicate attendance, download the route and be willing to help if numbers are high.

Thank you


  1. Alastair Wood

    Looks like you escaped the worst of the weather, I canned it when I saw mudguard request. Any recommendations? Ditto overshoes
    Hoping for better weather next week – will try to get a ride in midweek (on a dry day) too!

  2. Alastair Wood

    I keep quite a keen eye on the forecast especially at the weekend for my sailing pursuits and we don’t like sailing in the rain any more than riding in the rain. There is a band of rain coming through overnight but it looks like the back end will be hanging on into the morning, but only reporting 0.1 or 0.2mm per hour between 8 and 11 which may mean nothing or just mist/dampness in the air. Hopefully that is what we will see when we open the curtains in the morning. There is another damp spell late afternoon…
    Separately it is a couple of degrees less than the last few weeks 11/12 C, and I have not got much of a feeling for how much to get layered up – got my club jersey now so that needs to be seen!! Tips gratefully received 🙂

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