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Ride London 4th August - Club Teams

About the event:

Created by Tony Le Vey

The club has secured two team places for Ride London on 4th August: one mixed team of two females and two males and another all female team.

Hence, we are looking for six female and two male riders for the event. Please register your interest before Monday 20th May. If there are sufficient numbers we will go to a ballot; I will arrange a draw and the lucky people will be announced shortly afterwards.

Please note the following:

  1. You must be a member of British Cycling. If you’re not and wish to be considered, join soon!
  2. The club does not pay for this (I think its £69 per person…). Those who are lucky enough to get a place will be forwarded a link to complete the registration themselves
  3. Registration MUST BE COMPLETED by 31st May

Please register your interest here…



  1. Tony Le Vey Post author

    The draw has been made by some of my colleagues in the office today:

    1. AK Lloyd
    2. Jo Stephens-Smith
    3. Sadie Barron

    1. Simon Heaton
    2. Subhash Chaudheri
    3. Jonny Edwards
    4. Simon Parker
    5. Chris Thompson
    6. Vinnie Raulinaitis

    SO, the mixed team is AK Lloyd, Jo Stephens-Smith, Simon Heaton and Subhash Chaudheri.

    Reserves are Sadie Barron and Jonny Ed, then Simon Parker and so on…

    I’ll send the web details etc. over tomorrow some time (out late this evening!)

    Congratulations and commiserations in equal measure!

    We still have work to do for the all Ladies team… i’m hanging out for another couple of days in hope… if we get enough Sadie is automatically in…

  2. Claire Clarke

    Hi Tony. If we only need one more girl to make up the 6 then I’m happy to be considered, but if you have enough then rule me out. I’ve done it before and will have to join BC, which is even more money!

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