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Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill (GS Avanti) - Helpers Only CANCELLED

About the event:

Created by Johnny Edwards

Requested arrival time: Ideally 20-30mins before start time.
Minimum Number of helpers required: 8 required

This calendar entry is for TT helpers donating their time to run this GSAvanti event. The actual TT Event starts at 6.45pm, so please aim to be there from around 6.15 if possible.

If you are offering your assistance (anyone is welcome to do so), please could you also mark this as “I’m attending” (and add a comment if required).
This really helps both Dave Bettinson (Time Trial Manager) and Ian Soper (General Secretary – incl. TT events) in planning the event.


  1. Alan Jarrett

    Hi Tony, At this time I need everyone who confirmed or is trying there best to be there. First one for me organising so not as laid back as Dave 🙂 If every ‘maybe’ turns out we will have a couple too many. I will save the marshal points closest to the start/finish for volunteers like yourself who may arrive at the end of sign-on, other-wise we may need to redirect Avanti riders to those positions..

    This is my list:
    Confirmed – Alan Jarrett (Signage, Sign-on, Finish Watch), Simon Clarke (Starter Watch), Chris Dines (Finish Watch), Lee Staples (Pusher Off) – Marshals – Dave M, Tony LV, Sam D
    Unconfirmed – Rob G, David H

    Start Watch and Pusher-Off can also ride. If we get too many helpers (fingers-crossed) there might be an opportunity to ride, so bring bikes if you fancy the chance.

  2. Tony Le Vey

    Alan – do you need me for this evening (if the event takes place)?
    I can be there, but it won’t be until very near the event start time… if you would prefer, I can go straight to a designated marshal point and text you to confirm my arrival?

  3. Alan Jarrett

    Many thanks for the offers to help, especially those that have confirmed availability here or by email, see you all on Thursday evening. As this is my first time organising, I don’t have a feel for how many ‘maybe’s’ will also turn out! At the moment we are 2 short of a full compliment so it is worth bringing your bike just in case we are over-subscribed.

  4. Tony Le Vey

    I may be wrong, but I think you’ll find Paul Baldwin is not with the club any more (at the time of the KK he was working in Dublin!).

    If you’re short (of people that is) I can just about make it for the start at a push. Hence, somewhere Orpington end would be preferable…

  5. DaveB

    Marshals for this event as per Annual Marshals Programme.
    Paul Baldwin (Badgers Mount RAB) Bill Fitzgerald (last left turn near pub)
    Mark Bishop (Hewits RAB) David Haines (signage, collect from ? TBA )
    Hamish Brown (Bridge car Exit with stationary Flag)
    Simon Clarke (Starter Watch) If you cannot make it on 25/04/2019 at 18.30
    Martin Davey (Pusher off) Start is 18.45 YOU MUST ORGANIZE YOUR
    Chris Dines (Finish Watch) REPLACEMENT. A list will be available shortly.
    Alan Jarrett (Assist Finish Watch)

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