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Old Portlians CC Reliability Trial (START CHANGED TO 1000)

About the event:

Created by Tony Le Vey

Start delayed to 1000 due to weather. Hall opens at 0900.

Extra hour in bed!,

Hall Opens at 0800. First Group rolls out at 09:00



Due to the fact we used a little less budget than envisaged at the Sydenham RT last week, it has been decided that the club will pay the entry fee for ALL GS Avanti riders who wish to participate. I cannot be at the start to administer this, so we have agreed with the organisers that this will be sorted out after the event (Michael Fowler and Paul King from Old Portlians CC are aware of this and will send us a list of participants afterwards).

Therefore, please fill in the form at the start, but do not pay.

The only stipulation remains that you must wear club kit (making you instantly recognisable as an Avanti rider at sign on). If you do not have suitable club kit for the conditions, could I ask that you have an Avanti kitted rider vouch for you at the sign on (we only want to pay for GSA participants after all!).

(NOTE also that I am sending a preliminary list to organisers this coming Friday evening, so if you are even thinking of taking part, please mark your attendance here)

Enjoy the ride!



  1. Tony Le Vey Post author

    Fifteen free places up for grabs again – those who didn’t get a free place last week will have priority, with the remainder of places going into the hat (if we have more than fifteen as of close of business 30th January 2019).

    NOTE: I will need some help here as I am unable to make the start and pay the reddies – could somebody step in for me? Its five pounds entry per person so the total maximum outlay is seventy five pounds. Treasurer Lee will refund you this very quickly…
    I will provide the list of names nearer the time…

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