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CC Bexley Reliability Trial - 18th November 2018 (0900 start)

About the event:

Created by Tony Le Vey

A number of people have expressed an interest in taking part in this – its an event that the club has supported in the past. There are two distances; The 100km route starts at 0900 and the 50km route at 1000.

It’s very reasonably priced at just five pounds, but the good news is that the club will be picking that up (i.e. its free!). Enter on the day…

Chris Dines has kindly agreed to coordinate matters on the day, so I will leave him to update everyone from here on. It would really help if you could show your attendance beforehand and state which distance you plan to do (I’m sure Chris will be doing the 100km, so if you are doing 50km, you may need to register before 0900…)

For those riding from the Green to the Trial link below – meet at 8am to get us there for about 8.45 in time for sign up etc

Here’s the actually Bexley RT download link for the 100km event:



  1. Nick Patow

    Change of plan for me. I’ll be meeting a few other riders at the Buff pub in Green Street Green at 8am to ride over there up Warren Road. It’ll be a slower pace to that likely to be leaving the G.
    Jim if you’d like to join this bunch I’ll look out for you at the Buff.

  2. Chris Dines

    Hi. We might have as many as 30 Avanti Riders for the Bexley RT (and please register on the website event page if not already).
    To simplify things, I am coordinating our entries. I will have entry forms, which I will complete in advance (if you send me the required information – either email at message through the site or message via WhatsApp). Riders can set off from 9am, and I will be there at Horton Kirby Cricket Club from 8.30am As long as you have made some effort with club kit (leeway allowed for conditions!), I will be paying all of your (£5) entries, on behalf of the club. I will be setting off last – and at an easy pace. You will need to provide me with:
    • Your Address
    • Contact Number
    • Target time (for the 100km, it’s 4hrs, 4.5hrs, 5hrs).
    See you Sunday

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