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Club Open Day Rides 14th October 2018

About the event:

Created by Tony Le Vey

We are planning to hold the second Club Open Day rides for 2018 on 14th October 2018. Coffee and cake on the club…

It would be good to see as many club members as we can out on the day (in club kit please!).

Could I ask that ride leaders for that date modify their routes to stop for refreshments at Speedgate Café? (normal meeting time at the G – generally 0900 for a 0915 start, although G1 & G2 normally leave 0900 sharp).

We may also need some extra ride leaders that day, so if you are willing to help with your particular ‘G’, please let your ride leader know. Hopefully, everyone can arrive at roughly the same time (not an exact science and difficult to plan I know…).

This is the perfect opportunity to stretch the legs and try the ride home from the café with a different group (hopefully a quicker one?!) Normal rules apply for club rides (no-one gets left behind, aside possibly from G1?), so why not give it a go?

As I am not around on the 14th, Lee Powell will be the contact man on the day.


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