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G2 - 70 Mile Marden Meander

About the event:

Created by Graham Channon

Weather forecast looking great for Sunday, dry with pleasant highs of 23ºC.

Join Chris D on a G2 paced ride down to Marden.

Mark your intention by clicking attend for either G1 or G2 – you can swap groups at the fuel stop @ 49 miles if you need a change of pace.

G1 If you like pushing the pace you should join this group where you’ll ride in rotation and be expected to take turns on the front. If the pace is too high G2 are just behind playing broom wagon : )

G2 If you want a more social ride where the group focuses on matching the pace of the slowest rider join G2 … stronger riders are responsible for watching their pace and not riding off the front and splitting up the group . . . too strong and you’ll be asked to focus your energy in G1 after the fuel stop!


  1. Tony Le Vey

    I’m on for this, so long as it’s G2 paced!
    If it turns out to be an elite bunch / G1 & G2 combo, I can always slip down to the G3 70 miler with absolutely no hard feelings!. I don’t want to repeat the blow up of a few weeks ago….. my aging / oversize frame takes a long while to recover !!! All together now………

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