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Brighton Big Dog - Saturday 11th August 2018

About the event:

Created by Steve Rodgers

It’s our annual trip to The Brighton Big Dog on Saturday 11th August.

All the usual suspects will be attending but it’s a fantastic opportunity to dust down your mountain bike and join us.

It’s one of the UK’s best MTB courses with challenging climbs and thrilling descents – for this reason I would recommend you have confidence riding your MTB off road. 

Please click your attendance button so we can then organise teams and travel.

All info on The Big Dog website click here

Click to enter here


  1. Johnny Edwards

    Steve et al.,
    The “click to enter” link infers that are now entering individually rather than as team bookings (as per previous years)?
    Could anyone confirm if there is intention to enter as pairs again (and therefore should not enter now)? I for one fancy pairs again.

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