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Evening 10 - Q10/26 Brands Hatch (GS Avanti) - Helpers Only

About the event:

Created by Johnny Edwards

Date: Thursday 19th July 2018
Start Time: 7:30pm
Marshaled by: GS Avanti (us!)
Course Details:

Requested arrival time: Ideally 20-30mins before start time.
Minimum Number of helpers required: 8 required

This calendar entry is for TT helpers donating their time to run this GSAvanti event. The actual TT Event starts at 7.30pm, so please aim to be there from around 7pm if possible.

If you are offering your assistance (anyone is welcome to do so), please could you also mark this as “I’m attending” (and add a comment if required).

This really helps both Dave Bettinson (Time Trial Manager) and Ian Soper (General Secretary – incl. TT events) in planning the event.


  1. DaveB

    Thanks Marek, need more help please, we must co-ordinate our efforts to run our events properly.
    All members who compete MUST volunteer to help in time keeping and general marshal duties.We have over 15 members who regularly compete yet they don’t all help. The club pays £10 expenses every time a member helps!

  2. Sam :D

    I’m available if needed, my knee still isn’t 100% so happy to take a marshalling spot if someone else wants to ride.

  3. Claire Clarke

    Hi Dave. Would you be able to confirm who is needed to help at this TT, just in case anyone can be spared to actually ride the TT. I don’t want to ride so can definitely help. Thanks, Claire

  4. DaveB

    We need 4 essential marshals:
    Marek – Pusher off (can ride last number if happy to do so)
    Mike Bishop – Starter Watch
    Claire – Finish Watch
    Ian Soper – Finish Helper Watch

    Dave Bettinson – Signing On
    Wrotham RAB not essential as Ian will use a sign.
    Remainder of volunteers can ride if they wish to – THANKS FOR YOUR RESPONSE !

  5. Sam :D

    Thanks guys. I’m afraid I’ve had to pull out as my knee isn’t feeling good for the spin out there this evening 🙁
    Hope it goes well!

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