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Saturday 2Up 10 - Q10/24 Grain (GS Avanti) - Riders Only

About the event:

Created by Johnny Edwards

Date: Saturday 23rd June 2018
Start Time: 3:00pm
Marshaled by: GS Avanti (us!)
Course Details:

NB: A rear light is required for every time trial

Please arrive at least 30 mins before the first rider leaves to stand a chance of riding. 

If you need to co-ordinate lifts please write below. Please indicate your intention to ride via the RSVP mechanism

As this is a 2 up pairs event, please co-ordinate your requests for (or declare) your pairings below.


  1. DaveB

    We have 150 members and struggle to get 6 marshals . Every marshal is paid £10 towards expenses, per event.
    Steve Rogers Pusher Off One
    Lee Staples Pusher off Two
    Tony Lee Vey Starter Watch
    Ian Soper Finish Watch and Signage
    Dave Bettinson Finish Watch and Signing On

  2. Steve Rodgers

    anyone else going to be able to make this?
    I will be – and given we’re organising I’d be happy to push off or do start time and then ride.
    Who’s up for being my team-mate? 🙂

    Come on folks – let’s see your pairs here.

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