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CANCELLED!!! Saturday 10 - Q10/24 Grain (7 Oaks Tri)

About the event:

Created by Steve Rodgers

Date: Saturday 12th May 2018
Start Time: 3:00pm
Marshaled by: 7 Oaks Tri
Course Details:

NOTE: From 2017, a rear light is required for every time trial (even day time events). No light, no time/points.

First come – first served, so suggest you aim to arrive at least 30 mins before to sign up.

If you need to co-ordinate lifts please write below.
Please indicate your intention to ride via the RSVP mechanism


  1. Chris Dines

    Being positive Steve – light rain, but only a light wind (pushing you home).. Wind can be hideous on this one at times!
    Hopefully a good Avanti turn out and lots of points. We are tougher, so turn out in the bad weather 🙂

  2. Steve Rodgers Post author

    lift available from Sevenoaks area if anyone is thinking of attending.
    Would be a good opportunity for people not usually into TTing – quiet road with average speed cameras – and not many people usually make it out – so good chance to score points. Simple route too and usually a very fast return!

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