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San Fairy Ann 118km Sportive

About the event:

Created by Graham Channon

San Fairy Ann Sportive on Monday 7th May 2018 (Bank Holiday Monday).

CLICK  the “I’M ATTENDING” button so we know you’re coming.

Start time: 0900.

Its a total distance of 118km from Marden, heading south-east past Tenterden to a feed stop on the edge of Romney Marsh.

The return is through Sissinghurst and Goudhurst with a long downhill back to Marden to finish. Also, it’s in aid of the Kent Sussex and Surrey Air Ambulance. What could be better…

For San Fairy Ann website info click here.

Video flavour bite click here.

View full route by clicking here.

You can register on the San Fairy Ann website £17.50 (£25.00 on the day). Please double check with Tony Le Vey before doing this.

People attending so far:
01 Tony Le Vey
02 Claire Clarke
03 Simon Clarke
04 Michael Coulton
05 Johnny Edwards
06 Alan Else
07 Graham Channon
08 Dave Barker
09 Marek Sasura
10 Claire Watson
11 Rob Grundfeld
12 Lee Powell
13 Russ Kearton
14 Nick Pattow
15 John Caine
16 Alistair Drysdale
17 Phil Gray
18 Chris Dines
19 Keith Cooper
20 Steve Butler


21 Johnny Edwards
22 Colin Pearson
23 Ian Daley
24 Bill Fitzgerald


  1. Bill Fitzgerald

    Hi Tony.
    I’m confused (ok so it doesn’t take that much), but I’m one of 19 registered as attending as per the instructions, but my name is not in the 20 above.

  2. Graham Channon Post author

    Hi Bill – annoyingly not everyone has registered their attendance on this page but have emailed Tony so the list is correct. So I’ve updated it to clarify . . . you’re number 24 . . . I will raise it with Tony as I’m sure the club will extend covering the entry fee to all those attending.

  3. Tony Le Vey

    HI Bill, Following on from Graham’s comments… This is the first time I’ve done this – i’ll try to make it smoother next time! To be honest, we got to 15 quickly, then increased the list to 20. Alan Else dropped out and has been replaced with Ian Daley (first on my reserve list…). That is the list I have submitted…
    I know that Colin P has entered separately…Question to Johnny and Bill – have you entered separately and paid the fee already?? If not, I would do so…
    I’ll have a word with Lee P and see if we can cover fees for the three of you (Yourself, Johnny Ed and Colin P)
    Cheers, Tony

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