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Tuesday Group Ride

About the event:

Created by Lee Staples

Tuesday Group Ride between 1 – 3 hours dependent upon time of year / conditions.

BBC Weather for Orpington
Sunrise Lights are always advised!!

The rides will alternate weekly between a Chain Gang Tuesday and Hard Hills, but if weather is bad will default to a winter route.
The rides are mixed ability; stronger, skilled riders must accommodate and help out other riders.

Meet up and be ready to go at 19:30 hours outside Central Auto Centre, Green St Green.

Please note if less than 4 RSVP listed as Attending by 17:00 hours on the day, the ride is cancelled, unless otherwise stated on Tuesday WhatsApp Group. If you regularly change RSVP from Attending to Not Attending or MayBe your RSVP shall not be counted towards future Attending RSVP, please use MayBe.

If you have any comments or question on the ride please post on
Please note you must be self sufficient ie have suitable spares, lights, clothing and fuel.


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