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G2 100km Marden loop

About the event:

Created by Graham Channon

What happened to the warm weather? Forecast currently saying 5ºC and windy with a slim chance of rain.

Depending on the weather plan is to loop out via Eynsford to Loose, down to Marden then return via Plaxtol. We can easily take a short cut.

Click here to download route


  1. Tony Le Vey

    Ha! I started off five seconds adrift at the bottom then sat on your back wheel all the way up! Usual style….
    Bill, that reminds me – I must charge the bike up!

    Sam cruised up last time…. oh to be young again!

  2. Chris Dines

    Not sure how you set it up, but reckon Col de Knatts Lane should be a club Strava segment challenge. I just looked on Strava, and it’s less than 1km but has peak gradient at 40%!!! Can’t be right? Anyway, Richard Short scrapes first out of 29 Avanti riders, at 3:35. I don’t know how you did it Tony (thought I overt-took you at the final metre 🙂 ) but you are in 19th at 4:59 and I am at 20th on 5:05. You’ll be a marked man Sunday!!! Don’t think either of us will be challenging for first place though. Sam was within 2 seconds of Richard.

  3. Chris Dines

    Tony – just realised you are talking about Knatts Lane – round two!! It’s inclusion alters my approach to the ride. It’s a real challenge for some of us…….but all down hill after that. Sort of.

  4. Tony Le Vey

    Not 100% sure about this, but erring on the side of ‘Attending’… where’s a ‘Maybe’ when you need it??!!
    I see you’ve put THAT hill in again… more huffing and puffing…! I love it really…

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