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Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill (GS Avanti) - Helpers Only

About the event:

Created by Johnny Edwards

Requested arrival time: Ideally 20-30mins before start time.
Minimum Number of helpers required: 8 required

This calendar entry is for TT helpers donating their time to run this GSAvanti event. The actual TT Event starts at 6.45pm, so please aim to be there from around 6.15 if possible.

If you are offering your assistance (anyone is welcome to do so), please could you also mark this as “I’m attending” (and add a comment if required).
This really helps both Dave Bettinson (Time Trial Manager) and Ian Soper (General Secretary – incl. TT events) in planning the event.


  1. DaveM

    Having said I can help on this event, I’m afraid I have to withdraw. I’m having a medical procedure on the 24th which will need a general aneathetic, which means I will be unfit and unable to drive on the 26th. I’ll try and lend a hand later in the season.

  2. DaveB

    Thanks everyone for volunteering, we need many marshals on this route.
    Ian Soper will do signage and assist at finish.
    Need Start timekeeper ( simple job )
    Pusher off ( Able bodied )
    Finish Timekeeper (experience required)
    Signing On ( Dave B )
    Other marshals:required at:
    Badgers Mount 1
    Hewitts RAB 1
    Left turn on A224 ( London Road to Badgers RAB 1
    Bridge at Polhill 1
    RAB at bottom of Star Hill 1
    Left turn to finish 1
    I will co-ordinate on my return from Majorca.with all marshals, prior to, but including Wednesday 25th April.

  3. Bill Fitzgerald

    Sorry guys, I can’t get back from Croydon in time for these earlier starts.
    Once they start kicking off after 7pm I should stand more of a chance.
    Cheers and good luck

  4. Tony Le Vey

    I’m pretty much the same as Bill – I cannot guarantee getting home from London in time. At a push I might make it but no guarantee… likewise, when the starting time moves to 7pm I will be in a better position to help out. Apologies…

  5. Johnny Edwards Post author

    As per my email to Dave B and IanS, Chris Hansen hasrequested to be first rider off, as he needs to get away for an appointment straight after. Please could this be scheduled in?

  6. Simon Heaton

    I’d like to ride this one, but depends if my wife can get home from work on time, will be easier for me to commit to helping when events are later in the evening.

    I take it everyone is aware of the road works and temp traffic lights on Old London Road?
    Is that not a show stopper for TTs?

  7. Simon Heaton

    Just chatted to Rob G, he spoke with the workmen today and apparently they are taking them away today so hopefully all will be clear just in time!

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