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About the event:

Created by Bill Fitzgerald

During Monday’s club meeting we reviewed the results of the recent social survey delivered via our weekly newsletter.

To keep up with a regular social scene we picked a common answer that could be implemented quickly and easily.

So, the next social event in our club calendar is a curry night. These have always been popular with club members, as it’s a chance to enjoy some good food, drink and also catch-up with fello w club members.

I haven’t been there yet, but I am informed that the Curry house in Farnborough village is nice and worth a visit.

Meet from 7pm onwards in a local pub (tbc), with a view to moving on to the Curry house shortly after 7:30pm.

Please indicate your attendance as usual.

Bill Fitzgerald


  1. Bill Fitzgerald Post author

    Hi all.
    Let’s meet in the ‘Change of Horses’ where the post KK social was held.
    The Curry house is about a 2 minute walk at the most by the local stores.

  2. Bill Fitzgerald Post author

    Hi all.
    Popped into the Indian restaurant on my ride tonight and booked the table just in case.
    See you at the ‘Change Of Horses’ from 7 onwards looking to leave there at 7:30.

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